A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas Book Review

Updated: Jan 24

A Court of Wings and Ruin

by Sarah J. Maas

Published by Bloomsbury

Book 3 in the Court of Thorns and Roses series

Looming war threatens all Feyre holds dear

in the third volume of the #1 New York Times bestselling A Court of Thorns and Roses series.

Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin's maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit – and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well.

As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords – and hunt for allies in unexpected places.

In this thrilling third book in the #1 New York Times bestselling series from Sarah J. Maas, the earth will be painted red as mighty armies grapple for power over the one thing that could destroy them all.


Steamy High-Fantasy Thrilling

Violence New Adult Action-Packed


A Court of Wings and Ruin is the third book in Sarah J Maas' A Court of Thorns and Roses series, and once again features Feyre, High Lady of the Night Court, her mate Rhysand, and her chosen family. This book starts a few weeks after the last book ended, with Feyre now playing her part as spy at the Spring Court. When war is imminent, Feyre must not only align with allies and foes alike, but also look in unexpected, dangerous places for any hope at all for both the Fae and Mortal realms.

Wow. Just wow. I have read a lot of books that involve war, but it usually isn't war as much as some squabbles between the hero and the enemy. This is probably the first time in a long time where I felt there is an actual war. A Court of Wings and Ruin has many elements in it. Secrecy and carefully laid out destruction. Alliances and friendships being forged. Bargains and compromises. Revelations. We get a lot of that. Power and destruction. Violence and brutality. And on the personal front, love and passion, broken hearts, redemption, denial. This book has it all. It's a big book, and not one of those pages is wasted. A Court of Wings and Ruin ties a lot of loose ends, and leaves some unanswered questions for the future of the series to tackle. Specifically regarding Nesta and Elain. I'm fairly sure there is a mating bond not yet made, but there between Nesta and Cassian, and I am all for it. Elain, I predict that there will be a love triangle. She seems to have a connection with Azriel, and he with her, and I so want that because Azriel has pined for Mor for 500 years. He deserves happiness. But Lucien, her mate, does too. After years of heartbreak after his family killed the fae he loved, he deserves it too. UGH!

Where the first book was Feyre and Tamlin's relationship, and setting up Feyre in Prythian to eventually become Feyre Cursebreaker, and the second book is Feyre healing from Amarantha's torture, and eventually learning to live again, to forgive herself, and finding her mate in Rhysand, this third book is really Feyre, in her element. A strong, intelligent, compassionate woman, but no push over. Not any more. She is a blend of her human self, and fae self, and while I feel like her story is really complete now (although I know this isn't the last book in the series), I do wish we got a proper farewell of her and Tamlin. Don't get me wrong. Rhys is perfect. I love him. Tamlin was a jerk in the last book and Feyre was right to leave him. BUT Tamlin's actions in this book really showed that while he is so angry with Feyre, he still loves her. And I just wish that we could have gotten a moment where they could look at one another and decide that one day, they could become friends. Tamlin really came through in this book, but it ends with him alone. His court is in shambles. His best friend Lucien won't stay with him now that he knows his mate resides with Feyre, and Feyre is in love with Rhys (rightfully so).

I have enough empathy left for Tamlin to want his character to get a happy ending.

Rhys ... oh Rhys. What a perfect specimen. What can I say about him that I haven't said before. I really feel like now, he has given enough, and like Feyre, his story has ended. It makes sense that the next novel (that comes out in January 2021), centers around Nesta and Cassian. And much like Rhys and Feyre, I am ALL. FOR. IT. Come on. Think of how intense their relationship will be, with Nesta's and Cassian's personalities. It's going to be insane.

In the end, A Court of Wings and Ruin was brilliant. Truly brutal in many ways, as war is in real life. Characters really coming into their own. I think the only flaw is that the book ended a little too ... perfectly. And I was really trying not to spoil, but, here we go ...






Spoiler ahead. You've been warned.






I think if Amren remained gone, it would have felt a little less perfect. The inner circle is mostly unscathed, while so many others died. It just felt too convenient. But what do I know. Sarah Maas has other twisted ways of breaking readers hearts (I'm still bitter over Tamlin, despite being 100% in love with Feyre and Rhysand.) And let's be honest ... I don't think I would have ever forgotten Sarah Maas for killing off Rhysand, Cassian, or Azriel. So even if it ends a little too perfectly, it's fine, because I know the story is continuing. There is still more to go.

A Court of Wings and Ruin is kinda ... perfect. You need to read this series!

Favorite Moments

  1. Feyre saving Lucien from Ianthe, killing the Hybern twins, and Lucien and her leaving the Spring Court

  2. Feyre announcing out-loud for the first time that she is High Lady of the Night Court

  3. Rhys and Feyre reuniting

  4. Azriel's flying lessons

  5. The alliance meeting. Just everything about it.

  6. Feyre leading Ianthe to her death

  7. Varian kissing Amren

  8. Feyre saving Elain

  9. Azriel giving Elain his knife

  10. Feyre, Nesta and Elain's father coming through

  11. Nesta covering Cassian's body

  12. Elain, Nesta, Feyre and Amren killing the king of Hybern and his army.

  13. Tamlin giving Rhysand his life, and telling Feyre to be happy

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Favorite Quotes

Jurian: "They're curious. It's not every century that the contested possession of a female launches a war. Especially a female with such ... talents."

Feyre: "Perhaps if you'd bothered going to war over Miryam, she wouldn't have left you for Prince Drakon."

Feyre: "I wish I had been there to stop it. I should have been there to stop it."

Lucien squeezed our linked arms as we rounded a hedge, the house rising up before us.

Lucien: "You are a better friend to me, Feyre, than I ever was to you."

Lucien: "You know Tamlin can be ... sensitive about things."

Feyre: "He can also be a pain in my ass."

Feyre: "Don't ever tell Tarquin you know me well."

Her brows rose.

Feyre: "There is a blood ruby with my name on it."

Alis squeezed my hand

Alis; "Blood rubies or no, you will always have one friend in the Summer Court."

Feyre: "And you will always have one in mine."

Lucien: "You were right. That girl I knew did die Under the Mountain."

I wasn't sure if it was an insult, but I nodded all the same

Feyre: "At least we can agree on that."

Lucien: "My father will hunt you for taking his power if he finds out, and kill you for learning how to wield it."

Feyre: "He can get in line."

Lucien: "Elain loves this lord's son."

Feyre: "She says she does. Nesta - Nesta thought the father and his obsession with killing faeries was bad enough to raise some alarms. She never voiced the concern to Elain. Neither did I."

Lucien: "My mate is engaged to a human male."

Feyre: "I'm sorry if -"

Lucien: "I want to see her. Just once. Just - to know."

Feyre: "To know what?"

Lucien: "If she is worth fighting for."

Lucien leaned his head back against the rock wall behind us.

Lucien: "And then I'll ask your mate how he survived it - knowing you were engaged to someone else. Sharing another male's bed."

Feyre: "I am High Lady of the Night Court."

Even Eris stopped sneering. His amber eyes widened, something like fear creeping into them.

Lucien's brother: "There's no such thing as a High Lady."

A faint smile played on my mouth.

Feyre: "There is now."

I caught Cassian's gaze, finding pride glimmering there - and relief.

Feyre: "Take me home."

Then to Azriel

Feyre: "Take us both home."

I said to the Autumn Court's scions

Feyre: "We'll see you on the battlefield."

Cassian: "Hello, Feyre."

My throat tightened to the point o f pain, and I threw my arms around his neck, embracing him tightly.

Cassian: "I missed you, too."

Lucien: "What is this place?"

We all looked at him.

Feyre: "Home. This is - my home."

I could see the details now sinking in. The lack of darkness. The lack of screaming. The scent of the sea and citrus, not blood and decay. The laughter of children that indeed continued.

The greatest secret in Prythian's history.

Feyre: "This is Velaris. The City of Starlight."

His throat bobbed.

Lucien: "And you are High Lady of the Night Court.

Rhys: "Indeed she is."

Rhys: "Ianthe ..."

Rhys lifted his brows

Rhys: "I assume her hand is courtesy of you, and not the commanders."

Feyre: "She fell."

I said sweetly

Rhys: "Must have been some fall."

Rhys: "You declared yourself High Lady."

Feyre: "Was I not supposed to?"

He released my arm to brush his knuckles across my cheek.

Rhys: "I've wanted to roar it from the rooftops of Velaris from the moment the priestess anointed you. How typical of you to upend my grand plans."

A smile tugged on my lips

Feyre: "It happened less than an hour ago. I'm sure you could go crow from the chimney right now and everyone would give you credit for breaking the news."

His fingers threaded through my hair, tilting my face up. That wicked smile grew, and my toes curled in their boots.

Rhys: "There's my darling Feyre."

Feyre: "Where. Were. You."

Rhys: "With Az only recently back on his feet, I took it upon myself to do some of his work."

I clenched my jaw

Feyre: "Such as?"

He leaned down, nuzzling my throat.

Rhys: "Don't you want to comfort your mate, who has missed you terribly these weeks?"

I planted a hand on his face and pushed him back, scowling.

Feyre: "I want my mate to tell me where the hell he was. Then he can get his comfort."

Rhys nipped at my fingers, teeth snapping playfully.

Rhys: "Cruel, beautiful female."

Rhys: "I missed you every moment."

Rhys said, leaning down to kiss the corner of my mouth.

Rhys: "Your smile."

His lips grazed over the shell of my ear and my back arched slightly

Rhys: "Your laugh."

He pressed a kiss to my neck, right beneath my ear, and I tilted my head to give him access, biting down the urge to beg him to take more, to take faster as he murmured

Rhys: "Your scent."

My eyes fluttered closed, and his hands coasted around my hips to cup my rear, squeezing as he bent to kiss the center of my throat.

Rhys: "The sounds you make when I'm inside you."

His tongue flicked over the spot where he'd kissed, and one of those sounds indeed escaped me. Rhys kissed the hollow of my collarbone, and my core went utterly molten.

Rhys: "My brave, bold, brilliant mate."

I'd opted for my Illyrian leather pants and a loose, white shirt - and a pair of embroidered slippers that Cassian kept snorting at as we flew.

When he did so for the third time in two minutes, I pinched his arm

Feyre: "It's hot. Those boots are stuffy."

His brows rose, the portrait of innocence

Cassian: "I didn't say anything."

Feyre: "You grunted. Again."

Cassian: "I've been living with Mor for five hundred years. I've learned the hard way not to question shoe choices. However stupid they may be."

Feyre: "It's dinner. Unless there's some battle planned afterward?"

Cassian: "Your sister will be there - I'd say that's battle aplenty."

Feyre: "Why do you bother, Cassian?"

Cassian: "Because I can't stay away."

Amren: "We are the same, you and I. Not in flesh, not in the thing that prowls beneath our skin and bones ..."

Amren's remarkable eyes narrowed

Amren: "But ... I see the kernel, girl. You did not fit - the mold that they shoved you into. The path you were born upon and forced to walk. You tried, and yet you did not, could not, fit. And then the path changes. I know - what it is to be that way. I remember it, long ago as it was."

Nesta: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Amren's red lips parted in a wide, serpentine smile.

Amren: "When you erupt, girl, make sure it is felt across worlds."

I slumped in my chair, resting my head against the back.

Something thumped in front of me. A bottle of wine.

Mor: "It's fine if you drink directly from it."

Rhys: "But I want you to feel comfortable pushing me, calling me out -"

Feyre: "When have I ever not done that?"

He smiled

Feyre: "I want you to do the same - for me."

Rhys: "Deal. But amongst our family ... call me on my bullshit all you want. I insist, actually."

Feyre: "Why?"

Rhys: "Because it's fun."

Cassian: "I hope you didn't exert yourself too much already, because this is really going to hurt."

Feyre: "Two Illyrian males making me sweat in one morning. What's a female to do?"

Cassian barked a laugh

Cassian: "At least you showed up with spirit."