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Wait For You by Jennifer L Armentrout Book Review

Updated: Jan 19

Wait for You

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Published by William Morrow Paperbacks

Book #1 in the Wait for You series

Some things are worth waiting for…

Traveling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten can escape what happened at the Halloween party five years ago—an event that forever changed her life. All she needs to do is make it to her classes on time, make sure the bracelet on her left wrist stays in place, not draw any attention to herself, and maybe—please God—make a few friends, because surely that would be a nice change of pace. The one thing she didn’t need and never planned on was capturing the attention of the one guy who could shatter the precarious future she’s building for herself.

Some things are worth experiencing…

Cameron Hamilton is six feet and three inches of swoon-worthy hotness, complete with a pair of striking blue eyes and a remarkable ability to make her want things she believed were irrevocably stolen from her. She knows she needs to stay away from him, but Cam is freaking everywhere, with his charm, his witty banter, and that damn dimple that’s just so… so lickable. Getting involved with him is dangerous, but when ignoring the simmering tension that sparks whenever they are around each other becomes impossible, he brings out a side of her she never knew existed.

Some things should never be kept quiet…

But when Avery starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls forcing her to face a past she wants silenced, she’s has no other choice but to acknowledge that someone is refusing to allow her to let go of that night when everything changed. When the devastating truth comes out, will she resurface this time with one less scar? And can Cam be there to help her or will he be dragged down with her?

And some things are worth fighting for…


Steamy #NewAdult Feel Good

Trigger* #Romance


This book deals a lot with the emotional trauma after rape. Please be advised.

Wait for You by Jennifer L Armentrout is the first book in the Wait for You series. Wait for You is centered on Avery Morgansten, a college freshman from the other side of the country, trying to escape from a past tarnished by something horrific that happened at a party. New state, new school, new life. Maybe some friends. What she didn't want was attention. What she didn't expect, or plan for, was gaining the attention of Cameron Hamilton, fellow college student, and one of the most chased after men on campus. Handsome, sweet, and funny, he makes Avery feel things she never thought possible. When her past comes ringing into her new life, it threatens to ruin everything. Unless she fights for it.

New Adult romance is usually a hit or a miss for me. Jennifer Armentrout, however, hasn't written anything I haven't liked as of yet. To be honest, looking at the cover, I would have never read it, if it didn't have her name on it. Wait for You did not disappoint. It didn't rely on the romance and sex of the story. It was very much a story of a woman struggling to not just survive trauma, but to truly let go, and live. It's sometimes messy, but there is a realness to the story that strikes true. Have I gone through what Avery has? No. Have I been put in positions that I was uncomfortable in? Sadly, yes. Most women have. The moments of panic and anxiety that Avery's character goes through are described honestly, and as a reader, while there were moments I wanted to jump into the book and say "What the fuck, Avery?", I also got it, and felt those things right along with her.

Avery is an interesting character to read, mostly because she is written to be your average, young woman. Intelligent, funny, and usually sweet, but vulnerable. Like most women, she is stronger and braver than she knows. Some of her choices drive me bonkers, but if I were in her shoes, I may have made the same ones as her. Cameron is just all kinds of swoon. I have a thing for dark hair, blue eyes, and pile on his patience, charm, wit and humor? Perfection. Avery and Cam together make a cute couple, and I totally enjoyed reading their journey.

Wait for You is a shining example of what New Adult romance should be. Young adults learned the ropes of life. A sometimes messy, sometimes great life. I don't think Jennifer Armentrout gets the credit she deserves. Literally every book of hers has been a hit, and I can't wait for the next one.

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Cam: "I've been living here for a while - like a couple of years with my roommate. You know, the fucktard who put poor Raphael outside."

Ollie: "Hey! I have a name. It's Senor Fucktard!"

Avery: "That's a very interesting pet."

Cam: "And those are very interesting shorts. What are they? Pizza slices?"

Heat swamped my cheeks

Avery: "They're ice cream cones."

Cam: "Huh. I like them. A lot."

I immediately let go of the door and crossed my arms over my chest. The corner of his lips tipped up. My eyes narrowed.

Avery: "Thanks. That means a lot to me."

Cam: "It should. They have my seal of approval."

Avery: "Well, it's good seeing you again, Cameron."

Cam: "Cam. And hey, we didn't almost run each other over. Look at us, changing up the pattern."

Avery: "That's a good thing. You should get back before Raphael pees on your hand."

Cam: "Would be worth it."

Cam: "Glad to see you make it to class this time. Though I kind of missed the whole running into each other thing. Provided a lot of excitement."

Avery: "I don't miss that. That was really embarrassing."

Cam: "It shouldn't have been."

Avery: "Easy for you to say. You're the one who got plowed. I was doing the plowing."

Cam's mouth opened. Oh my God, did I really just say that? I had.

Avery: "Why are you being so nice to me?"

A brow rose

Cam: "Is that a serious question?"

Avery: "Yes."

Cam: "Alright, I guess I'm just a nice guy. And you're obviously new - a freshman. You seemed a little out of it on Monday and then you ran odd, wouldn't even come into class and I -"

Avery: "I don't want your pity."

I was horrified. He was being nice to me because he though I was a freshman freak. Oh God, that was ...

Cam frowned and I mean really frowned.

Cam: "You don't have my pity, Avery. I'm just saying you seemed out of it on Monday and I figured we'd just be partners."

He stopped and his eyes narrowed

Cam: "I can see that you don't believe me. Maybe it was the cookie? Well, you refused to taste my cookies last night and honestly, I was going to eat the other cookie, but you looked so tired and sad sitting there, I figured you needed the cookie more than I did."

I couldn't tell if he was joking or not, but there was a distinct gleam of amusement in his eyes.

Cam: "And you're pretty."

I blinked

Avery: "What?"

That frown had faded as he opened the door, ushering me out of the class and into the hall.

Cam: "Do not tell me you don't know you're pretty. If so, I'm about to lose all faith in mankind. You don't want to be responsible for that."

Avery: "I know I'm pretty - I mean, that's not what I meant. I don't think I'm ugly. That's what -"

Cam: "Good. Now we've cleared that up."

Tugging on my bag, he steered me toward the stairwell

Cam: "Watch the door. It can be tricky."

Avery: "What does the whole pretty comment have to do with anything?"

Cam: "You asked why I'm so nice to you. It's mutually beneficial."

It sunk in and I stopped on the stair above him.

Avery: "You're nice to me because you think I'm pretty?"

Cam: "And because you have brown eyes. I'm a sucker for big old brown eyes."

He laughed

Cam: "I'm a shallow, shallow boy. Hey, it helps that you're pretty. It brings out the nice guy in me. Makes me want to share my cookies with you."

Avery: "So if I was ugly, you wouldn't be nice to me?"

Cam pivoted around, facing me.

Cam: "I'd still be nice to you if you were ugly."

Avery: "Okay."

A wicked grin slipped over his full lips. He bent his head down and whispered

Cam: "I just wouldn't offer you any cookies."

Avery: "I'm beginning to think cookies is a code word for something else."

Cam: "Maybe it is. And just think about it. If cookie was a code word, whatever it symbolizes, it's been in your mouth, sweetheart."

Part of me was slightly disturbed by that and the other part? A laugh bubbled up my throat and came out, sounding a bit hoarse.

Avery: "You are really ..."

Cam: "Amazing? Awesome? Astonishing?"

Avery: "I was going to go with bizarre."

Cam: "Well, hell, if I had feelings that might actually hurt."

I grinned

Avery: "I guess it's a good thing that you don't have feelings then, huh?"

Cam: "Guess so. You better hurry or you're going to be late to your next class."

Holy shit! He was right.

Cam laughed at my wide eyes and stepped out of my way as I charged down the steps.

Cam: "Damn, if only you moved that fast for my cookies, I'd be a happy guy."

Avery: "Shut up!"

Cam: "Hey! Don't you want to know what cookies is a code word for?"

Avery: "No! Good God, no!"

His laughter followed me into the hall and all the way to my next class.

Jacob: "I want to hear more about Cam's cookies."

Avery: "I should've never told you that."

Jacob: "Whatever."

Brittney giggled

Brittany: "I am so dying to know what cookies are slang for."

Jacob: "Probably his cock."

Avery: "Oh my God."

Brittany nodded.

Brittany: "Makes sense then. I mean, with the whole not sharing cookies with ugly girls."

Avery: "I don't think he really meant that. So, back to our history notes..."

Jacob: "Fuck history. Back to Cam's cock. Do you know, if cookies is a code word for cock, then that means his cock was in your mouth."

I choked on a chip and grabbed my can of soda, inhaling the liquid as my face burned.

Jacob: "Theoretically speaking that is. I don't know how you do it, Avery. If I lived across the hall from him, I'd be plastered to his front door noon to midnight. And I'd be all over his cookies. Yum."

Waving a hand in front of my face, I shook my head.

Avery: "You can have his cookies."

Jacob: "Oh, honey, if he swung batter-batter for my team, I'd be all over that in a heartbeat."

Brittany's eyes rolled.

Brittany: "Big surprise there."

Jacob: "What I don't understand is how come you aren't all over his cookies."

I opened my mouth, but Brittany shook her head

Brittany: "I don't think cookies mean cock. I think it might mean his balls being that its plural and all."

Jacob burst into loud laughter

Jacob: 'Then that means his balls were in your mouth theoretically speaking! Damn, that's some dirty baking."

I gaped at the two. Was this typical conversation?

Avery: "Oh my God, can we please stop talking about his cock and balls or I'll never be able to eat cookies again. Like ever."

Ollie: "I'm skipping, but Cam doesn't have a class until this afternoon, so he's a good boy."

Avery: "And you're a bad boy?"

Ollie's grin was contagious

Ollie: "Oh, I'm a bad, bad boy."

Cam: "Are you listening to me?"

Avery: "Huh? Yes! Yes. Totally."

His grin turned knowing, and I wanted to crawl under a prickly bush.

Cam: "Yeah ... so, you haven't been on a date?"

Avery; "What?"

Cam chuckled softly.

Cam: "You really haven't been listening to me at all. You've been too busy staring at me."

Avery: "I have not!"

My entire face burned with that little fib and I hastily focused on where the couple had been. They were gone now.

He nudged my shoulder.

Cam: "Yes, you were."

I screwed up my face

Avery: "You are so beyond the acceptable level of arrogance."

Cam: "Arrogant? I'm just stating the truth."

Cam tossed his notebook to the ground and leaned back on his elbows, eyeing me through his lowered lashes. That damn, insufferable lopsided grin was on his face.

Cam: "There's nothing wrong with staring at me. I like it."

Cam: "Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart."

Avery: "Keep calling me sweetheart and you're going to be limping."

Cam's eyes widened

Cam: "Oh, listen to you."

Avery: "Whatever."

Cam: "We should do it."

Avery: "Do what? Go home? I'm all about going home, like right now."

Cam: "Go on a date."

Shaking my head, I bent and reached for my bag, but Cam s hot to his feet and grabbed it before I could get my fingers around the strap. I sighed as I held out my hand.

Avery: "Give it to me."

Cam: "I'm trying to."

I shot him a disgusted look.

Avery: "Can we go yet?"

Cam: "Can we go on a date?"

Avery: "Good God, you don't give up."

Cam: "Nope."

I laughed, couldn't help it, and his smile spread in response to the sound.

Avery: "I'm sure there are plenty of girls who want to go out on a date with you."

Cam: "There are."

Avery: "Wow. Modest aren't you?"

Cam: "Why should I be? And I want to go out on a date with you. Not them."

Avery: "I don't understand why."

His dark brows rose.

Cam: "I can think of a few reasons. You're not like most girls. That interests me. You're awkward in this really ... adorable way. You're smart. Want me to list more?"

Avery: "No. Not at all. I don't want to go on a date with you."

Cam didn't look surprised by my response or undaunted.

Cam: "I figured you'd say that."

Avery: "Then why did you ask?"

Cam: "Because I wanted to."

Avery: "Oh. Well. Okay. Glad you got it out of your system."

His brows knitted

Cam: "I haven't gotten it out of my system."

Avery: "You haven't?"

Cam: "Nope."

He flashed a charming grin

Cam: "There's always tomorrow."

Avery: "What about tomorrow?"

Cam: "I'll ask you again."

I shook my head

Avery: "The answer will be the same."

Cam: "Maybe. Maybe not."

He reached out and tapped the tip of my nose.

Cam: "And maybe you'll say yes. I'm a patient guy, and hey, like you said, I don't give up easily."

Avery: "Great."

Cam: "Knew you'd see it that way."

Cam tweaked the tip of my nose, and I swatted his hand away.

Cam: "Don't worry. I know the truth."

Avery: "The truth about what?"

Cam stepped back

Cam: "You want to say yes, but you're just not ready."

My jaw dropped.

Cam: "It's okay."

His grin turned cocky

Cam: "I'm a lot to handle, but I can assure you, you'll have fun handling me."

Then before I could muster up a response worthy of that statement, he tapped my nose once more and then shut the door in my face.

Avery: "I'm not going out with you, Cam."

Cam: "I didn't ask you at this moment, now did I?"

One side of his lips curved up

Cam: "But you will eventually."

My eyes narrowed

Avery: "You're delusional."

Cam: "I'm determined."

Avery: "More like annoying."

Cam: "Most would say amazing."

I rolled my eyes

Avery: "Only in your head."

Cam: "In many heads is what you meant."

Avery: "I do appreciate the eggs. I'm just surprised to see you here ... at eight in the morning."

Cam: "Well, to be honest, I was planning to woo you with my banana nut bread, but that shit ain't happening now. SO all I have left is my delicious eggs."

Avery: "It is really good, but you're not wooing me."

Cam: "Oh, I'm wooing. It's just all about stealth. You don't realize it yet."

Cam: "So, Avery Morgansten, I'm all yours."

I almost choked on the piece of egg

Avery: "I don't want you."

Cam: "Too bad."

Cam: "You're an enigma, Avery Morgansten."

I leaned against the counter, my eyes widening as he proceeded to eat half of the loaf.

Avery: "Not really. More like you are."

Cam: "How so?"

Avery: "You just ate four hard-boiled eggs, you're eating half a loaf, and you have abs that look like they belong on a Bowflex ad."

Cam: "You've been checking me out, haven't you? In-between your flaming insults? I feel like man candy."

I laughed

Avery: "Shut up."

Cam: "I'm a growing boy."

My brows rose, and Cam laughed.

Cam: "So, Avery ..."

Avery: "So, Cam ..."

Cam: "Whatcha doing Tuesday night?"

Avery: "I don't know. Why?"

Cam: "How about you go out with me."

Avery: "Cam."

Cam: "That's not a no."

Avery: "No."

Cam: "Well, that's a no."

Avery: "Yes, it is. Thanks for the eggs."

Cam backed up, lopsided grin in place.

Cam: "How about Wednesday night?"

Avery: "Goodbye, Cam."

I closed the door, grinning.

Jacob: "Fucking overachieving bitch."

I popped a red skittle in my mouth

Avery: "Sorry."

Avery: "What were you doing i n the Den? Don't you normally have class, like right now?"

His lips curved up at the corner and that damn dimple appeared.

Cam: "Yeah, I normally have class right now. But I wanted to see you."

Cam: "At these settings, you should be able to get a clear image of Saturn. Press this and it will capture an image."

Avery: "Okay. I don't think we're supposed to be getting an image of Saturn."

Cam: "Huh. Hey."

Avery: "Hey what?"

Cam: "Go out with me."

Avery: "Shut up."

Grinning I leaned forward, pressing my eye to the telescope. And all I saw was pitch black. Astronomy hated me.

Avery: "I don't see anything."

Cam: "That's because I haven't taken the lens off."

Cam laughed.

I jerked my elbow back. It connected with his stomach.

Avery: 'Asshole."

Cam: "Go out with me."

Avery: "No."

And then the dimple appeared in his cheek, and I let out the breath I was holding.

Cam: "There's always tomorrow."

Avery: "Tomorrow's not going to change anything."

Cam: "We'll see."

Avery: "There's nothing to see. You're wasting your time."

Cam: "When it concerns you, it's never a waste of time."

Jacob: "I'm kind of surprised he hasn't said anything to you about it?"

Avery: "why are you surprised?"

Jacob: "You guys are like attached at the hip -"

Avery: "No, we're not. No."

Jacob: "Okay, do I need to list how often you guys are together? I think it would be safe to assume that you knew about his plans and the size of his cock by now."

Avery: "Oh my God."

Jacob: "Sorry. Sorry. Don't hit. Bitches be scary when they hit."

Jacob: "We totally support her going out with you."

Cam: "I like your friends, Avery."

Jacob: "Oh, we think she should. Like she should do it right now."

Brittany: "We also told her you weren't a serial killer."

Cam nodded

Cam: "That's a glowing recommendation. Hey, at least he's not a serial killer. I'm going to put that on my Facebook profile."

I smirked

Jacob: "And she compared you to Ted Bundy."

Avery: "I hate you. I didn't compare you to Ted Bundy. I just said that you never really know a person. Everyone thought Ted Bundy was a pretty cool guy."

Cam stared at me, amusement twinkling in his eyes.

Cam: "Wow. This just keep getting better."

Avery: "Sorry?"

He sighed, turning back to my friends.

Cam: "She keeps turning me down. Breaks my little heart."

I sighed

Avery: "He's not being serious."

Brittney: "He looks serious."

Cam made the most pitiful sound known to man, and I rolled my eyes

Cam: "And now she thinks I'm the next Ted Bundy."

Avery: "I don't think you're the next Ted Bundy."

Avery: "The Notebook? You own The Notebook?"

Cam: "What's wrong with that?"

Avery: "Oh, nothing is wrong with that. Its just such a ... uh, chick flick."

Cam: "I'm confident enough in my masculinity and sexuality that I can say that Ryan Gosling is just dreamy in this movie."

My jaw hit the floor

He started laughing

Cam: "I'm joking. I don't own The Notebook. Never watched it. Didn't bring any romance movies."

I rolled my eyes

Avery: "You douche."

Cam laughed again.

Text Message exchange:

Cam: Miss me?

Avery: No.

Cam: If u were Pinocchio, ur nose wld span the state.

Avery: Pinocchio? Sounds like your reading level.

Cam: Ha. U wound me. Deeply.

Avery: Though you didn't have feelings?

Cam: I lied. I have so many feels for u. When I lie something else grows on me.

I laughed out loud

Avery: Thanks for sharing

Cam: Ur welcome. Just keeping u updated.

Text Message exchange:

Cam: Fam showering me with affection. U cld learn frm them.

Avery: I think you get enough attention

Cam: I'm needy.

Avery: Boy, don't I know that.

Brittany: "So the next time I answer a late night booty call from Jimmie and I actually go over to his place, what will you do?"

Avery: "Punch you in the vagina?"

Brittany: "Exactly!"

Cam: "Hey."

Turning my head toward him, I raised my brows

Avery: "Hi."

Cam: "Go out with me."

I smiled.

Avery: "Shut up, Cam."

Avery: "Are you done dressing me like I'm your own personal Barbie?"

Jacob: "Bitch, if you were my Barbie, you'd be half naked."

Brit: "Whoa. That was..."

Jacob: "Really hot. I thought you two were going to rip off each other's clothes and start making babies right here on the dirty, beer covered floor. Like I was going to have to start charging admission for what was about to go down."

Brittany: "Fuck 'em."

I tipped my head back and laughed.

Avery: "Fuck 'em"

Brittany: "That's my girl."

Cam: "Avery?"

I swallowed

Avery: "Cam?"

Cam: "Go out on a date with me."

Avery: "Yes."

Jacob: "Whoever let me drink as much as I did last night should be smacked in the face."

Brittany: "Well, you let me spend 'quality time' with Jimmie, so whatever."

Jacob: "And how did that go? You looked like you were walking a little funny to the car."

Brit snorted

Brittany: "Yeah, you're giving Jimmie way too much credit. I left with you and when Jimmie did text me later, because hello, why wouldn't he? I didn't answer. I was a good girl."

Jacob: "Good, because if they guy isn't making you walk funny after sex, then he probably isn't anything to write home to mom about."

The moment we stepped out into the hall, Cam's apartment door flung open.

Ollie appeared, a cellphone in one hand and Raphael wiggling in the other.

Ollie: "Smile!"

He snapped a picture on his phone.

Ollie: "It's like my two kids are going to prom."

Both Cam and I were dumbstruck.

Ollie beamed

Ollie: "Putting this in my scrapbook. Have fun!"

Cam: "So based on your first date experience, would you go out on a second?"

Avery: "Like a second in general?"