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Toxic Love by Jagger Cole

Toxic Love

by Jagger Cole


Book 1 in the Venomous Gods Series

I tried to outsmart the King of Sin. Now, I’m his.

Brutal, cold, and illegally gorgeous, Dante Sartorre isn’t just mafia royalty. He’s also the tyrant owner of the infamously deviant and members-only Club Venom.

He’s also my new husband.

In my defense, I wasn’t supposed to be the bride. But I sealed my fate when I saved my friend: by signing the Venom Devil’s marriage contract myself.

Now, he owns me. All of me…

But Dante thinks I’ll play the part of the obedient little bride he needs in order to keep his club. And he swears he’ll rip out every dark secret and bring me to my knees if I don’t.

Little does he know, this marriage has an expiration date.

And so do I.

You see, it’s not just the simmering heat between us that’s toxic. It’s not just the way I can’t decide if I want to geld him or lose myself in him.

It’s my blood and the secret sickness inside of me that’s poisonous, too.

So if you choose to know our story, you must know three things:

This is not a fairytale.

Dante is the Anti-Prince Charming.

And my name is Tempest Black, and I die at the end.



Violence, Death, Kidnapping, Trauma from sexual assault, Trauma from loss of loved one, Depression and suicide attempt, and drug use/overdose, Terminal disease


Before I begin, I would like to thank Jagger Cole, and Valentine PR, for sending me an arc of Toxic Love in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I think Jagger Cole is going to be a go to author for me when I'm in the mood for a mafia romance.

This is the second arc I have read of Jagger Cole's, and just like the first one I read, I loved Toxic Love. Actually, I think I loved it more than the first book.

It hit everything I look for in this type of romance. The story was interesting and immediately hooked me. The characters were both richly developed and had their own, gripping arcs. The romance built steadily through the book, and the chemistry was immediate and intense.

The sex?

Oh boy.

Also intense.

Were there things I predicted about how the story ended? Absolutely.

That did not matter though.

At all.

Because in all other aspects of the story, it felt truly fresh and unique.

If you love a darker romance, and especially mafia romance, I implore you to read Jagger Cole's books. His work, in my opinion, has been top notch for the genre. It's dark, it's intense, it's emotional and sexy. You will love it.



Coming soon!

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