The Return by Jennifer L Armentrout Book Review

Updated: Jan 22

The Return

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Published by Spencer Hill Press

Book 1 in the Titan series

The Fates are cackling their bony asses off...

It's been a year since Seth made the deal with the gods that pledged his life to them. And so far, the jobs they've given him have been violent and bloody--which is kind of all right with him. But now Apollo has something else in mind for Seth. He's got to play protector while keeping his hands and fingers off, and for someone who really has a problem with restraint, this new assignment might be the most challenging yet.

Josie has no idea what this crazy hot guy's deal might be, but it's a good bet that his arrival means the new life she started after leaving home is about to be thrown into an Olympian-sized blender turned up to puree. Either Josie is going insane or a nightmare straight out of ancient myth is gunning for her.

But it might be the unlikely attraction simmering between her and the golden-eyed, secret-keeping Seth that may prove to be the most dangerous thing of all.

Because history has once again been flipped to repeat.


Steamy New Adult Exciting

Violence Mythical Action-Packed

Foul Language Romance

The Return by Jennifer L Armentrout is the first book in her Titan series, a spin-off from her fantastic Young Adult series, the Covenant Series. Unlike the Covenant series, the Titan series is NOT geared for young adult, but new adult ... meaning, yes, there is some descriptive steamy scenes and racy thoughts. It had to be done, with Seth as one of the main characters. Unlike Covenant, the Titan series bounces between two protagonists, so not only do we get Seth's perspective, but also a newbie to the series, Josie, who Seth is ordered to protect by Apollo. The Return is set a year after the events of the Sentinel, and after the deal Seth made with Apollo and Hades.

I should have known I would love this book, especially with it's more adult story line. The story is unique and captivating, with Seth and Josie having insane chemistry right off the bat. I was a little worried we would have some "copy and paste" situations from Covenant to the Titan series, but there isn't. Josie is her own person, with the vulnerability of a mortal, but the fire inside her Alex did ... with a MUCH better handle of her temper. The story is compelling, and draws you in, but the romance aspect of it is off the charts. I'm not just saying that because it's steamier than Covenant was. Seth and Josie have serious chemistry, much like Aiden and Alex do in Covenant, and that draws you in just as much as the story does. If you, like me, were wondering how Alex's deal in Covenant (particularly, the one that gives half-bloods equal rights with the pures) turns out, we get some of that in this book, and I have a feeling it's just getting started.

If you didn't like Seth in the first series (and I personally went back and forth on Seth, but in the end, loved him), you will like him now. Guilt for what he has done eats him alive, so much so, that even with what he did for Alex and Aiden at the end of Sentinel, and him becoming the God's "bitch" as he refers to it, he doesn't see any of the good he has done. He is a tool to be used by the Gods, and that's it. Until Josie gets under his skin. Josie, being raised as mortal and powerless, is essentially human. She is quiet and sweet, but most of all, lonely. Despite not being strong physically, she IS strong. She goes through a lot in this book, and it doesn't break her. Seth needs a person like her. Quiet strength, controlled temper, but feisty when she needs to be ... particularly when Seth pisses her off. :)

We also get to see some other side characters from the Covenant series in The Return, which makes me all kinds of happy! If you want to see how Marcus, Luke, and Deacon are, pick up this book! I will give one, small spoiler ... yes, Lucas and Deacon are still, very much, together.

The Return was everything I wanted it to be. Seth getting a redemption arc, a story-line pumped full of action, and a dash of romance and physical chemistry that leaps off the page. If you loved the Covenant Series, you will LOVE the Titan series as well.

Favorite Moments

  1. Seth confronting about Apollo about what and who Josephine Bethel is, and Apollo getting distracted by a lamp

  2. Josie waking up snuggled up with Seth

  3. Seth and Josie arguing at the Covenant in front of Marcus

  4. Seth chooses to stay with Josie as long as he can to train her

  5. DEACON AND LUKE (and Josie finding out Deacon and Apollo slept together)

  6. Seth massaging cream into Josie's bruised back

  7. Seth and Josie arguing about Josie admitting she wanted Seth, and their kiss

  8. Apollo popping in when Seth and Josie were fooling around

  9. Seth admitted to Josie that when he is with her, he doesn't feel like a monster

  10. Seth giving Josie a couple of "firsts"

  11. Seth saving Josie

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Favorite Quotes

Apollo: "I have another task for you. You need to leave for southern Virginia immediately. I'd snap your sunshine-and-rainbows ass there, but now that you've annoyed me, you'll drive the twenty or so hours to get there."

Seth: "What's in southern Virginia?"

Apollo: "Radford University."

I waited.

Seth: "Okay. You want me to enroll in college?"

Apollo tipped back his head and laughed so loudly, he actually whooped.

I frowned.

Seth: "What the hell is so funny about that idea?"

Apollo: "You. College. Using your head. That's what's funny."

Seth: "Gods. There's at least eight hundred square feet in here, buddy, you didn't need to land on my ass."

Apollo: "Whatever. Don't talk about it. Be the best issues-boy you can be."

Seth: "I don't have issues."

He tipped his head back and roared with laughter.

Apollo: "You have more baggage than United Airlines. Cross that out. You have more issues than Medusa, and that woman makes the inside of a c at lady's thoughts seem like a calming place."

Seth: "I hate you."

Seth: "Then get them together, power them up like it's a game of Super Mario, and get this shit over with."

Seth: "She's yours, isn't she? That girl back there? She's your kid."

Apollo's smile spread until he was flashing even, white teeth.

Apollo: "She is. And when her abilities are unlocked fully, she'll have every power that I do, not like Hercules or Perseus or any of the original ones who only had some of our abilities - we've figured out a few things since then. And that means she could turn you into a bush that smells like cat piss, so remember that when you're around her."

Seth: "Okay. We are getting off to another bad start. I have that effect of people."

Josie: "I can imagine."

I twisted to slide out through the opening, but as soon as my body twisted, his other hand landed on the wall, caging me in. My gaze swung back to him.

Josie: "This isn't cool."

Seth: "I know. I also have a problem with personal space. I really don't believe in it."

Josie: "I'm a demigod?"

He nodded.

The laugh burst out of me, and he drew back maybe an inch, cocking his head to the side as he dropped my arm.

Josie: "Okay. Did someone put you up to this? I mean, someone had to have -"

Seth: "Someone did put me up to this, but not the way you think. It was your father."

Josie: "My father?"

I laughed again, but the sound was rough.

Seth: "Yeah, your daddy. And your daddy is one of the biggest pains in my ass - in probably a lot of people's asses. He's Apollo, also known as the sun god, and he's a major dick."

Seth: "Do you want to touch?"

Eyes darting up to his face in surprise, I felt my body burn red-hot.

Josie: "E-excuse me?"

Seth: "You were staring at me for so long, I was asking if you wanted to touch."

Josie: "I don't want to touch. And I wasn't staring."

The half-grin spread

Seth: "You weren't?"

I shook my head

Josie: "No,I wasn't. I was just ... lost in thought. And it's ride to point out if someone is staring at you."

He arched a brow as he folded his arms across his chest. Yikes. More interesting muscle movement.

Seth: "Isn't it more ruse to be staring at someone?"

I could see a nipple peeking out from where his arms were folded. Who knew a nipple on a guy could be so ... attractive? The skin was flat, dusky, and the nip -

Seth: "I think you're wrong. And you're staring. Again."

Crap! I was. I forced my gaze to the forest-green comforter.

Josie: "I was not staring. I dazed off again. I have a habit of dazing off. So don't flatter yourself."

Seth: "I'm totally flattered."

I huffed.

Seth: "Are you going to freak out and run again? If so, I'd like to put some shoes on."

Josie: "Can you put on a shirt?"

A small grin formed.

Seth: "No."

Josie: "Does compulsion work on me?"

Seth: "It shouldn't. You're a demigod. But your powers have been bound, so who knows? I can give it a try. Take off your robe."

Her lips parted, and then her mouth gaped open.

Josie: "What the hell?"

Seth: "Guess it doesn't work."

Josie: "You're a pervert."

I shrugged

Seth: "Been called worse."

Josie: "I bet."

Seth: "I can't stop you? You can't stop me, Joe."

Josie: "Don't call me Joe!"

Seth: "Sorry, Joe-sie."

Josie: "Oh my God, you're so annoying."

Seth: "Come here."

Digging in, I shook my head.

Josie: "Why?"

Seth: "Because it'll make me feel better."

Josie: "That's definitely not a good enough reason."

He chuckled again

Seth: "That wasn't very nice."

Seth: "How else do you expect us to get from here to Misery?"

Josie: "Missouri."

Seth: "Same difference."

Josie: "This isn't what it looks like."

I started to sit up, but the hand that had been in my hair slipped down the curve of my back in a slow slide that caused my breath to hitch and my toes to curl.

Seth: "It's totally what it looks like."

Erin arched a brow

My head whipped around. Seth gave me a lazy grin from where his head was propped up on the pillows.

Josie: "You're awake!"

Seth: "I have been."

Erin: "For a while. We were debating on waking you up or not. Especially when you were making those noises."

Josie: "Noises?"

Seth's hand was a heavy weight on the side of my stomach

Seth: "Yeah, it was kind of like little whimpers."

Heat blasted my cheeks.

Josie: "I d-don't make noises when I sleep."

Erin: "Yes, you do. Kind of like what a baby kitten sounds like."

My mouth dropped open.

She shrugged.

Erin: "It's cute."

It was mortifying.

Seth: "I would ask if you were hungry, but I assume you ate your fill of babies last night."

My eyes widened

Josie: "You ... eat babies?"

Her eyes rolled

Erin: "No, I don't."

She shot him a nasty look as he chuckled

Erin: "Asshole."

Josie: "You're my best friend, no matter what."

Her eyes squeezed shut briefly as she whispered.

Erin: "You're my best friend, too. No matter what."

Josie: "I was looking for my Nook, which I've now found. It's a requirement for any road trip."

Seth: "Nerd."

Her arm flew back as she prepared to swat me upside what appeared to be my head this time. I caught her arm before she delivered the blow.

Seth: "Do not hit me with that again."

Josie: "I'll hit you with it again if I want to."

Seth: "If you hit me with that again, I'm going to bend you over the back of this car, right in front of everyone and all the gods, and smack your ass like your momma should've done."

Her mouth dropped open

Josie: "You wouldn't dare."

Not even using any amount of strength, I tugged her forward, and before she could pull away, I circled my other arm around her waist, keeping her in place. My body immediately warmed in every place we were connected. She was a good head shorter than I was, but we lined up well enough in all the important areas. As focused as I was on all of her softness pressing against me, I forgot what the hell I was doing. Something about spanking her ass?

That was a damn good plan.

Seth: "I would so dare. And I would also really, thoroughly enjoy it."

She tipped her head back, lips parting as our gazes locked

Josie: "I would so not enjoy that."

I dipped my head, coming so close to kissing her that my groin tightened with need. The sudden rush was all-encompassing.

Seth: "I think the blush travelling across your cheeks tells me you'd enjoy it just as much as I would. Maybe more."

Lady: "They're on the house, honey. Take as many as you want."

She winked.

Lady: "I would if I was you."

Oh my God.

As if it was a tiny pit viper, I dropped the condom back in the basket, folded my arms, and refused to touch anything else in this place.

Seth: "Did you get enough condoms, honey?"

Josie: "Shut up."

Josie: "I'm going to kill Erin."

Seth: "I can get behind that, but I gotta ask why you want to kill her when you said you'd forgiven her."

Josie: "She didn't pack anything for me to sleep in."

Seth: "You can sleep naked. I'm not going to complain. And I'll sleep naked if it makes you feel better."

Josie: "Thanks for being so accommodating and supportive."

Seth: "I never got it before."

Josie: "Got what?"

Seth: "Why it's such a turn-on to see a girl wearing your clothes."

My eyes widened until they felt like they were going to pop out of my head.