Half-Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout Book Review

Updated: Jan 22


by Jennifer Armentrout

Published by Spencer Hill Press

Book 1 in the Covenant Series

The Hematoi descend from the unions of gods and mortals,

and the children of two Hematoi pure bloods have godlike powers. Children of Hematoi and mortals--well, not so much. Half-bloods only have two options: become trained Sentinels who hunt and kill daimons or become servants in the homes of the pures.

Seventeen-year-old Alexandria would rather risk her life fighting than waste it scrubbing toilets, but she may end up slumming it anyway. There are several rules that students at the Covenant must follow. Alex has problems with them all, but especially rule #1:Relationships between pures and halfs are forbidden. Unfortunately, she's crushing hard on the totally hot pure-blood Aiden. But falling for Aiden isn't her biggest problem--staying alive long enough to graduate the Covenant and become a Sentinel is.

If she fails in her duty, she faces a future worse than death or slavery: being turned into a daimon, and being hunted by Aiden. And that would kind of suck.


Foul Language Young Adult Action

Some Steaminess Romance Emotional

Violence Mythology

Half-Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout is the first book of her Covenant series. The book is about seventeen year old Alex, who is a half-blood - meaning she is a product of a pure blood, a being from a god and a mortal, and mortal - and finds herself back at the covenant after being taken from there 3 years previously by her mother. In an effort to be able to go to school in the fall and fulfill her dream of being a Sentinel (a warrior that hunts down daimons), she must train all day, everyday for three months with pure blooded Sentinel, Aiden. There are strict laws forbidding romantic/sexual relationships between pure bloods, and half bloods, but that doesn't stop Alex from her years long crush on him. Then there is everything else ... recently orphaned, daimons hunting her down, old rivalries, and a once in a generation warrior suddenly popping up in her life, Alex's senior year will be anything but boring.

This is my first Olympian Gods series, weirdly enough. There are others I have planned on reading at one point or another, but never got around to it. That being said, if I had to pick a series to start off with, I'm happy I picked the Convenant series by Jennifer L Armentrout. The plot is stellar, and unique (as from what I have gathered from other similar series', its usually about the offspring of Gods and mortal, but in this case, it has little to do with the Gods, and more about the offspring of offspring.) This book starts off with a high amount of action, before dropping, which is an unusual start, but afterwards, the plot moves along consistently. There is no wasted pages, and everything furthers the story and character development along.

The characters are super likable. Jennifer L Armentrout is no doubt an amazing writer, able to write flawless stories and wonderful characters. Alex is strong, brave, and as with all of Jennifer's heroines, has claws. I love her attitude and mouth, even if it gets her in trouble more than anything. Aiden is a stand up guy. Kind of the angel on her shoulder, but he himself is tempted to break some of rules for Alex. He chooses the life of a Sentinel instead of living off his family wealth, and tries to raise his his little brother. He is a patient teacher to Alex, but doesn't take her crap either. He is a good mix, and I really enjoy him as a romantic interest. Without getting into too much detail, Seth is an interesting character. Also a Sentinal, but he has a bad boy vibe to him, that makes me think he is the devil on her shoulder. Sure, he is strong ... really strong. He is also arrogant. I am interested to see where his character goes in this series. I have this little feeling that there is going to be a love triangle between Alex, Aiden and Seth.

Half-Blood brings a lot of themes to the table. There is action, and romance, but there is a big theme here of class, and racism. People who are either chosen to become a warrior, and protect the pure-bloods, or become a mindless (literally drugged into a zombie like trance) servant, all because of the concentration of blood from the God's. Pure Bloods don't have it easy either, often forced to marry so continue a pure line (which leads to affairs, which lead to half-bloods). It's a great book, and I am so looking forward to the rest of the series.

Top 3 Favorite Moments

  1. Aiden stepping up to volunteer to train Alex

  2. Aiden telling Alex he remembers her too

  3. Aiden treating Alex's injured back

  4. (bonus) Alex and Aiden's fight, and first kiss

  5. (bonus) Seth and Alex making their Apollyon connection

  6. (bonus) Aiden and Alex almost having sex

  7. (bonus) Alex killing her mom, and giving her peace

  8. (bonus) The boat scene

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Favorite Quotes

I was going to make it - I had to make it. I'd be super-pissed in the afterlife if I died a virgin in this craphole.

Aiden: "Alex, the fact that you took down one daimon without training is remarkable. It was brave, but also foolish."

Alex: "Well, thanks."

Aiden: "You're not trained. The daimon could've easily killed you. And the one you brought down in the factory? Another fearless, but foolish act."

I frowned

Alex: "I thought you said it was amazing and remarkable."

Aiden: "It was, but you could've been killed."

Alex: "Why would you even care if I was killed? Why does Marcus care? I don't even know the man, and if he doesn't allow me to resume training, I'm as good as dead, anyways."

Aiden: "That would be a shame. You have all the potential in the world."

Aiden: "Alex. Don't ... let me down. Anything you do will come back on me. Do you understand?"

Alex: "Yes. Don't worry. I'm not as bad as Marcus makes me sound."

He looked doubtful

Aiden: "Fraternizing in the male dorms?"

I flushed

Alex: "I was visiting friends. Not like I was hooking up with any of them. I was only fourteen. I'm not a ho-bag."

Aiden: "Well, that's good to know."

Caleb: "Where the hell have you been? Three years, Alex? What the hell? Do you even know what half of the students said happened to you and your mom? We thought you were dead! I could seriously punch you in the face, like right now."

I could barely hold back my smile

Alex: "I've missed you, too."

Lea: "Well, look who's back? If it isn't our one and only high school drop-out."

Alex: "Are you lost, Lea? This isn't where they're handing out the free pregnancy tests."

Caleb: "Oh, boy."

Lea: "What happened to your face?"

Alex: "What happened to yours? You look like a damn Oompa Loompa. You should lay off the spray tanning, Lea."

Alex: "Let me pass, Caleb. I swear to the gods, I'm going to break her face!"

Caleb: "Back not even a day, Alex. Wow."

Alex: "Shut up."

Caleb: "It never fails to amaze me that being what you are - what we are - you still don't believe in the gods."

Alex: "No. I do believe in them. I just think they're absentee landlords. Right now, they're probably hanging out somewhere in Las Vegas, screwing showgirls and cheating at poker."

Caleb jumped away from me, his feet landing on the white and tan pebbles.

Caleb: "Do not let me be standing next to you when one of them strikes you down."

Aiden: "You should've been resting. Tomorrow won't be easy for you."

Alex: "You could always make it easy for me."

Aiden laughed. The sound was a rich, deep noise that would've brought a smile to my face in a different situation.

Like one in which he wasn't laughing at me.

Aiden: "Don't leave this room again tonight. I don't want to find out in the morning you burnt down a village while I slept."

Aiden: "First off: no drinking or smoking."

Alex: "Gee. That means I've got to kick the crack habit."

He stared down at me, clearly unimpressed.

Aiden: "You will not be able to leave the Covenant without permission or - don't look at me that way."

Alex: "Jeez, how old are you?"

Aiden cracked his neck

Aiden: "I turn twenty-one in October."

Alex: "Huh. So have you always been so ... mature?"

His brows furrowed

Aiden: "Mature?"

Alex: "Yeah, you sound like a dad. 'Don't look at me that way' or else."

Aiden blinked slowly

Aiden: "I don't sound like that and I didn't say 'or else.'"

Alex: "But if you had, what would the 'or else' be?"

I hid my grin with the bottle

He glanced to the side, frowning

Aiden: "Can you just not talk through this?"

I stood and stretched

Alex: "So, what am I learning today? I think we should start with anything that doesn't involve you kicking my ass."

Alex: "Aiden, I do remember my training. I know how to take a fall."

Aiden: "Do you?"

Alex: "Taking a fall is the easiest -"

My back slammed into the mat. Pain shot through me. I lay there stunned. Aiden loomed over me.

Aiden: "That was just a love tap, and you didn't land correctly at all."

Alex: "Ow."

Aiden: "You should've landed on your upper back. It's less painful and easier to maneuver out of. I thought you knew how to take a fall?"

Alex: "Gods."

Caleb: "You look hot."

I scrunched up my face

Alex: "You think this is hot?"

He laughed as he turned toward the door

Caleb: "No."

Alex: "I don't think your brother is very fond of me at the moment."

Deacon: "I doubt that. I'm sure my brother is very fond of you."

Alex: "You know what you said about your parents not wanting you to have this kind of life?"

Aiden nodded, a curious look on his face.

Alex: "I think - no, I know they would be proud of you, anyways."

He raised one eyebrow.

Aiden: "Do you think that because I offered to train you?"

Alex: "No. I think that because I remember you."

Aiden: "Alex?"

I turned around, figuring he's changed his mind and was going to order me to see Marcus in the morning and fess up to my bad behavior.

Alex: "Yeah?"

He brushed a lock of dark hair off his forehead and flashed that lopsided smile.

Aiden: "I remember you."

I scrunched up my face

Alex: "What?"

The grin increased to a full smile. And ... oh, man. He had dimples. The air in my lungs died.

Aiden: "I remember you, too."

Alex: "Who reads books that big for fun?"

Aiden lifted his head, pinning me with a bored look

Aiden: "Who talks to hear themselves speak/"

My eyes widened

Alex: "You're in a lovely mood today."

Aiden: "You need to work on your upper body strength, Alex Not your motor speech skills."

I glanced down at the dumbbell and pictured it flying across the room - at his face. But it was such a nice face, and I'd hate to ruin it. Hours went by like this. He's read his book; I'd annoy him; he'd yell at me, and then I would hop on another machine.

Sad as it was, I was kind of having fun messing with him and I think he was, too. Every so often, a small - and I mean really small - smile would grace his lips whenever I'd ask him an irritating question. I wasn't even sure he was paying attention to the book of -

Aiden: "Alex, stop staring at me and do some cardio."

Alex: "I hope that book of yours is on charm and personality skills."

Friends don't let friends act like ho-bags.

Aiming for the vulnerable spot under his rib cage, I almost squealed at how perfect my kick was going to be.

I never made contact

In one nifty swipe of his arm, he knocked me to the mat.

Standing above me, he actual smiled.

Aiden: "Nice try."

I propped myself onto my elbows, scowling.

Alex: "How come you smile when you knock me down?"

He offered his hand

Aiden: "It's the little things that make me happy."

I accepted and he hauled me to my feet

Alex: "Good to know."

Luke: "Did I get you in trouble today during practice?"

Alex: "No. I'm usually easily distracted. So it was nothing new."

Luke nudged me, grinning

Luke: "I can see why you are distracted. Too bad he's a pure. I'd give my left butt cheek for a piece of that."

Alex: "He likes girls."

Luke: "So? What's he like? He seems so quiet. Like you know he'd be good in -"

Alex: "Stop right there!"

I giggled, throwing up my hand.

Luke tipped back his head and laughed

Luke: "You can't say you never thought about it."

Lea: "Like going after my sloppy seconds? How cute."

A second later, I wrapped my hand around her forearm

Alex: "Hey."

Lea tried to pull her arm back, but I was stronger than her.

Lea: "What?"

I smiled my best smile.

Alex: "You're boyfriend just copped a feel. You obviously aren't doing it for him."

Caleb: "Never mind. I just need to hook up with someone else. Get this stupid whatever out of my system."

Alex: "That sounds like a solid plan."

Caleb: "Maybe I should just hook up with Lea again or someone else. How about you?"

I shot him a dirty look.

Alex: "Gee, thanks."

Alex: "Grandma Pipero, what did you tell my mom?"

Piperi: "If I told you, what would it change? Fate is fate, you see. Just like love is love."

She cackled as if she'd said something funny

Piperi: "What's written by the gods will come to pass. Most has already. Such as sad affair when children turned against their makers."

Alex: "Please. I need to know what you said to her. What made her leave?"

She tilted her head to the side

Piperi: "Don't you want to know about your truth, child? That is what's important now. Don't you want to know about love? About what is forbidden and what is fated?"

Alex: "I don't want to know about love."

Piperi: "But you should, my child. You need to know about love. The things people will do for love. All truths come down to love, do they not? One way or another, they do. See, there is a difference between love and need. Sometimes, what you feel is immediate and without rhyme or reason. Two people see each other across a room or their skin brushes. Their souls recognize the person as their own. It doesn't need time to figure it. The soul always know ... whether its right or wrong."