The Legacy by Elle Kennedy

The Legacy

by Elle Kennedy

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Book 5 in the Off-Campus series

Four stories. Four couples. Three years of real life after graduation…

A wedding.

A proposal.

An elopement.

And a surprise pregnancy.

Can you guess which couple is which?

Come for the drama, stay for the laughs! Catch up with your favorite Off-Campus characters as they navigate the changes that come with growing up and discover that big decisions can have big consequences…and big rewards.


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Contemporary Romance

New Adult

The Legacy by Elle Kennedy is compilation of four, interconnected short stories from the main couples of her very popular Off-Campus series. We get epilogue-ish stories featuring Logan and Grace, Dean and Allie, Tucker and Sabrina, and our first couple - Garrett and Hannah. Four years after The Deal, we get an up close, touching, and humorous look at some of romance readers favorite couples.

I was soooo excited to finally jump into some contemporary romance, and with Elle Kennedy's Off-Campus crew! If you have read my reviews on that series (The Deal, The Mistake, The Score, and The Goal), you know I loved this series, I love Elle Kennedy's writing. And I'm so happy to report that The Legacy for sure continues the trend, and feel that these books first inspired in me. To begin, I don't know why I expected four, completely separate short stories, one for each couple. The magic in these books isn't just the romance - it's the friendships. So I am SO happy Elle Kennedy wrote these stories interconnected, so we get the crew together as much as possible. And of course a whole new character - Alexander - keeps the gang together too.

I'm going to go story by story to keep myself a bit organized here. Starting off we get Logan and Grace, and I love that their story is so ... realistic. It's been four years. Logan is in his rookie season in the pro's. Grace is finishing her final year of college. They love each other, and know they are end game. But there is one conflict, that both are silently suffering with, and that is time. As in, not enough time together. When Garrett advises Logan that he needs to prioritize some time for them to have some adventures, Logan plans a weekend getaway for him and Grace over New Years. It's perfect ... until they get caught in a blizzard, and get stuck in a ravine. What could have been a disaster, turns into an adventure, and I love these two together. Their banter is hilarious, their passion is A+, and the way this story "ends" ... superb. And perfect for these two.

The next couple featured is our favorite ex-manwhore Dean, and Hannah's best friend Allie, who are still going strong four years later. Dean is still a gym teacher at an all girls private school in New York, and Allie, is finishing up her final season on a hugely popular cable TV show. When Dean decides he wants to take the next step in their relationship - engagement - he is all in. But Allie is sure she isn't ready. Engagement leads to marriage and marriage leads to babies ... which she is definitely not ready for. I think the way this story plays out is also perfect for this couple. Dean and Allie were one of my favorite couples from the series, and I loved catching up with them. And can I just say, Dean's idea for Tucker's bachelor party brought literal tears to my eyes. It was just the PERFECT addition to this book.

Next up - Tucker and Sabrina ... and Jamie, who, is the freaking breakout star of this book. Yes, their daughter is a rambunctious, and busy three year old. Sabrina is about to graduate Harvard Law, and has multiple job offers to choose from. Tucker has opened up a second bar, and both are wildly successful. And now that Sabrina is graduated, they have decided it was time to tie the knot (which actually happens in Dean's story), and go on a ten day long honeymoon. Leaving behind their little princess is difficult, but Tucker is looking forward to spending ten days reconnecting and spending time with his wife - child free. Disaster after disaster occurs (some funny, some not) and some truths come to light, that actually felt so important to their story overall. One of the problems I had with their relationship in their book, was how easy going Tucker is, which I love, but it almost was at the expense of his happiness. When he is forced to open up and admit that --------spoiler-------> he is bored with the bars, and would like to consider something different, and that he wishes Sabrina was home more with him and Jamie, I wanted to fucking cheer. Yes Tucker! You need to be happy too. <------------- Don't think I'm not understanding Sabrina's side though. She is right. She isn't a mind reader. I loved how this story reflected some issues I had with their book, and faced them head on, and came to a solution. I love how it ended. Chef's kiss!

And lastly ... Hannah and Gerrett's story. And I won't lie, I was excited enough for this one that I stayed up WAYYYYY too late to finish the book. Ended with a little ugly cry, and woke up feeling hung over, but I digress. By time we get to this story, we know what it will be about from the other stories. And I loved every moment of this story. The tension alone - GAH! I can't get into this story without spoilers, so if you have read it, highlight the text, and read my thoughts. If you haven't, what are you doing? Go read it, and come back! All I can say - The Legacy has multiple meanings. Hannah and Garrett are still going strong, and both successful. And things that were never resolved in the Off-Campus books are resolved here. Okay, spoiler time ---------------spoiler------------> I fucking loved this story. Hannah and Garrett are too perfect, so I loved them having a true, realistic conflict, that strengthens their relationship. I loved that it was something I related to. I was a teen mom. Obviously wasn't planning on having children any time soon. So automatically, I related to Hannah's fears of an unplanned child, and telling the father. Doesn't matter if you love each other. A child is a big deal - especially if unplanned. I didn't even tell my now husband I was concerned about being pregnant, so when I told him, it was a big fucking shock. How it ends, also very relatable for me. Because just as we came around to being the parents to one - an emergency ultrasound after some unexpected bleeding lets us know that we were having two babies. And I tell you now ... sixteen years later, and I can still remember the shock. Aside from this, I fucking loved that we are finally getting a little closure on Garrett's childhood trauma. Garrett's shame over his abuse is understanding, and drives me crazy at the same time. So him going public with it, especially in hopes that other children can find help in those circumstances - well, I cried. Go Garrett! <----------------.

The Legacy was a wonderful conclusion to these characters and their stories. We get beginning legacies, continuing legacies, and ending them. We get realistic issues that these couples face, and heartwarming conclusions. We get romance, and friendship, and we get to see the gang together, for better (weddings) or worse (Alexander). We get that stellar banter Elle Kennedy is great for, and a little steam on the side as well. Honestly, The Legacy fulfilled all the hopes I had for a book with short stories, and I can't wait to see where Elle Kennedy goes next!

  1. Logan making a bet he couldn't lose

  2. Alexander

  3. Happy New Year in the car

  4. Logan and Grace!

  5. Dean practicing hi proposal with Garett and Logan

  6. The Bachelor party <3

  7. Coach's speech

  8. Iris overhearing the guys wondering about Coach's sex life, and her confirming a few details.

  9. Allie's dad

  10. Allie walking in on Logan naked

  11. The proposal

  12. Sabrina throwing Alexander in the sea

  13. The coconut

  14. Garrett's apology to Hannah

  15. Garrett finally deciding to tell the world the truth about his father

  16. The surprise

Grace: “Oh my God. Let’s get out of here and finish this somewhere private?”

Logan: “No. I want you now.”

Grace: “Now?”

Logan: “Mmm-hmmm.”

I rest one hand on her slim waist, moving my palm in a teasing caress.

Logan: “I hear the ladies’ room has real big, private stalls…”

She presses her own palm to the center of my chest. Not to push me away, though. She teases me too, while her hot gaze roams the length of my body. Then she slants her head and asks,

Grace: “What would your girlfriend say about that?”

I give her a dirty smile.

Logan: “She’d say…hurry, John, I need to come.”

Grace moans again.

Logan: “That’s what I thought,”

I mock, but my girl doesn’t look fazed. Sometimes it’s hard to believe she was once that nervous, babbling freshman whose dorm I accidentally wound up in. That the sweet Grace Ivers I fell for is this fearless woman in front of me, the sexy vixen who’s about to let me fuck her in the bathroom. Granted, Grace picked this bar and researched the cleanliness situation of the bathrooms before agreeing to tonight’s roleplaying exercise. So, yes, she’s still that weird girl I met years ago. She just also happens to be my hot, sex-starved girlfriend. I take her hand and pull her off the stool. I’m still hard as a rock and in need of relief. Judging by her shallow breathing, she’s as aroused as I am.

Logan: “So what do you say?”

I ask, rubbing the inside of her palm with my thumb.

Grace stands on the tips of her high-heeled boots and presses her lips to my ear.

Grace: “Hurry, John, I need to come.” Logan: “What if it’s a bomb?”

Grace's Dad: “Then it will explode and we’ll die, and the atoms of which we are composed will find new uses elsewhere in the universe.”

Logan: “And Merry Christmas to us all!” Grace: “No! No. No. No. No, no, no, no.”

Her rageful gaze turns to me. She jabs her finger in the air.

Grace: “Get rid of him, John.”

Oh boy. Realization dawns as I approach the box. I have a pretty good sense now of what it contains, and—yep. It’s Alexander. Grace’s father wrinkles his forehead as I lift the porcelain doll from the cardboard.

Grace's Dad: “What is that?”

Grace: “No. I want him gone. Now.”

Logan: “What exactly would you like me to do? Throw him in the trash?”

She pales at the suggestion.

Grace: “You can’t do that. What if it makes him angry?”

Logan: “Of course it will make him angry. Look at him. He’s perpetually angry.”

Trying not to shudder, I force myself to look at Alexander’s face. I can’t believe it’s been almost seven blissful months since I’ve seen it. As far as disturbing antique dolls go, this one tops the list. With a porcelain face so white it looks unnatural, he’s got big lifeless blue eyes, weirdly thick black eyebrows, a tiny red mouth, and black hair with an extravagant widow’s peak. He’s wearing a blue tunic, white neckerchief, black jacket and shorts, and shiny red shoes. He is the creepiest thing I ever did see.

Grace: “That’s it. You’re not allowed to be friends with Garrett anymore. I’m serious.”

Logan: “In his defense, Dean started it,”

Grace: “You can’t be friends with him either. Tucker’s okay to keep because I know he hates this as much as I do." Logan: “And you think I like it? Look at this thing!" Logan: “Dean bought him a couple years ago at some antique auction. The listing said he was haunted, so Dean thought it would be hilarious to get the doll for Tuck’s daughter, who was, like, a baby at the time. Sabrina lost her shit, so she waited till Dean and Allie were in town a couple months later and paid off someone at their hotel to leave the doll on Dean’s pillow.”

Grace giggles.

Grace: “Allie said he screamed like a little girl when he turned on the light and saw Alexander there.”

Logan: “And now it’s a thing,”

I finish with a half-grin, half-sigh.

Logan: “Basically, we all ship Alexander to one another when the other person least expects it.” Text: SABRINA: I think the more important question is—what are Hannah and Grace gonna do now that we know their boyfriends are secretly banging in elevators?

HANNAH: I feel so betrayed.

ME: For real. They’ve been sleeping together this whole time and haven’t even let us watch??!?


SABRINA: !!?!!

ALLIE: !!!?? Logan: “I told you a long time ago—you’re it for me, Gracie Elizabeth. I’m going to marry you one day.”

Pleasure heats my cheeks. Logan’s not the most romantic man on the planet, but when he does express his feelings, he doesn’t do it halfway.

Grace: “Who says I want to marry you?”

I tip my head in challenge.

Logan: “Don’t you dare pretend we’re not forever.”

A smile breaks free. He’s right. I’m not that good of an actress.

Grace: “We’re definitely forever,” Logan: “You make me feel everything,” I finally reveal. “You make me smile. You make me hard. You drive me crazy. You make me feel safe.” Grace: “What if we starve to death?”

Logan: “We won’t,"

Grace: “What if we die of exposure and—oh my God. I just realized something. What if we’re being punished?”

He sighs.

Logan: “All right. I’ll bite. Punished for what and by whom?”