The Christmas Blanket by Kandi Steiner

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The Christmas Blanket

by Kandi Steiner

Self Published

From bestselling author Kandi Steiner comes a cozy second-chance romance about love, loss, and adventure...

When I decided to surprise my family in Wellhaven, Vermont for Christmas, I never could have known that I'd get a surprise of my own -- in the form of an unexpected blizzard.

I haven't been home in four years, not since I left this town with my eyes set on adventure.

And my heart set on forgetting the only man I’ve ever loved.

River Jensen -- my ex-husband.

I don't plan on seeing him during my visit. I definitely don't plan on him saving me when my little rental car slides off the icy road. And the last thing I could have ever prepared for is being stuck in a tiny cabin with him, waiting out the storm.

Four years have passed since I've seen him -- the boy I loved, now a man I don't know at all.

But being stuck inside with him leaves us nothing but time together.

Everything about him has changed, and yet, he still has the same forest green eyes that have haunted me since I left. Back then, we were at an impasse. Back then, there was nothing left to talk about, nothing left to fix. Back then, the only choice I had was to leave and start anew.

But the more I re-discover the man I left behind, the more I question why I ever left at all.

And if I’m too late to find my way back home.


Steamy Romance Emotional


The Christmas Blanket by Kandi Steiner is a standalone romance novella, centering on Eliza and River, high school sweethearts, who married right out of high school, only to divorce a few years later when Eliza started to feel trapped in their small town life, and wanted to travel the world. Fast forward to present time, Eliza has decided to fly back to the states to surprise her family for Christmas ... not knowing she would be arriving in a blizzard. When she