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The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After by Julia Quinn

The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After

By Julia Quinn

Published by HarperCollins

Book 9 in the Bridgerton Series


But not just any family. Eight brothers and sisters, assorted in-laws, sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, (not to mention an overweight corgi), plus an irrepressible matriarch who’s a match for any of them… These are the Bridgertons: less a family than a force of nature. Through eight bestselling novels, readers laughed, cried, and fell in love. But they wanted more.

And so the readers asked the author…

What happened next? Does Simon ever read his father’s letters? Do Francesca and Michael become parents? Who would win in a Pall Mall grudge match?

Does “The End” really have to be the end?

Now, with The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After, Julia Quinn delivers eight sexy, funny, and heartwarming “2nd epilogues,” plus a bonus story about none other than the wise and witty Violet Bridgerton herself. So get to know the Bridgertons all over again—because Happily Ever After is a whole lot of fun.


Steamy Historical-Romance Sweet


The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After by Julia Quinn, is a collection of "second epilogues", for each of the Bridgerton siblings, as well as a short story on Violet being courted by Edmund Bridgerton, and her life after Edmund.

Because this is a collection of short stories, it is hard to review, as they all are fairly short. They do, however, give us a clear understanding on where the characters are, after they got their happily ever afters in their books, which, as an obsessive reader, I appreciate. Sure, I could always imagine where their stories end up, but I love the author's perspective more. All of the epilogues were very much what I would expect, and stayed consistent with the characters in past books. I think the story that hit me most was actually Violet's story. Julia Quinn ... how dare you make me fall in love with a character, knowing he died young? UGH. MY FREAKING HEART STILL HURTS!

No spoilers ... but let's just say, I completely understand why Violet never remarries. We get some questions answered in each family. Like, how many children does everyone have? Are Anthony and Kate still competitive? Does Francesca ever conceive? What was Eloise's reaction to finding out who Lady Whistledown was? Does Hyacinth ever find the diamonds? Do Gregory and Lucy have any more babies? And what purpose does Gregory find in life, other than being a husband and father? How did Violet and Edmund meet? Why doesn't Violet ever get remarried? All these questions are answered in this book. I promise you, its worth the read.

Favorite Moments

  1. Daphne and Simon making love in the middle of the day

  2. Colin mulling over the evil things he could do after Daphne fell asleep

  3. Simon's delight over discovering they were expecting again

  4. PALL MALL PALL MALL PALL MALL. Let's just say The Viscount Who Loved Me's second epilogue was the best

  5. Benedict and Sophie running to his studio to spy on Posy and the Vicar

  6. Colin's excitement to tell Eloise Penelope's secret, only to find out Hyacinth beat him to it

  7. Colin and Penelope deciding to stay at the inn for a couple of weeks to avoid Eloise and Hyacinth, and get to work on those grandchildren Violet wants.

  8. Learning that Phillip's children grew up well, and I loved Amanda's story meeting her husband

  9. Amanda and Phillip's conversation

  10. Francesca's story. Oh my heart!

  11. Hyacinth murmuring an apology to her mother when her daughter was driving her crazy

  12. Hyacinth finally "finding" the jewels

  13. Gregory and Lucy's oldest daughter helping name the twins

  14. Lucy waking up

  15. Violet setting a trap for "that Bridgerton boy"

  16. Edmund and Violet meeting again, and him asking her to dance

  17. Edmund and Violet's honeymoon

  18. The girls telling baby Hyacinth about their father

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Favorite Quotes

Simon: "How is it we have managed to have three girls out in society at the same time?"

Daphne: "Procreative industriousness at the outset of our marriage."

Simon: "Do you know what I'm thinking?"

Daphne: "If it's not about me, I'm going to be terrible disappointed."

Penelope: "Did she fall asleep?"

Colin stared at his sister in disbelief

Penelope: "I think she did."

Colin: "There are so many things I could do to her right now. Frogs, locusts, rivers turning to blood."

Penelope: "Colin!"

Colin: "It's so tempting."

Colin: "I hate it when you're right."

Penelope: "I know. Pity for you I so often am."

She winced and closed her eyes

Daphne: "Don't rock the bed. You're making me seasick."

Simon: "You don't get seasick."

Daphne: "I do when I'm expecting."

Simon: "You're an odd duck, Daphne Basset."

he murmured, and then stepped back to A) stop rocking the bed and B) remove himself from her immediate vicinity should she take exception to the duck comparison.

(There was a certain history to this. While heavily pregnant with Amelia, she had asked him if she was radiant or if she just looked like a waddling duck. He told her she'd looked like a radiant duck. This had not been the correct answer.)

He cleared his throat

Simon: "You poor, poor dear."

Then he fled.

Daphne: "You, Simon Arthur Fitzanulph Basset, are a good father."

He tried not to puff with pride.

Simon: "You forgot the Henry."

Daphne: "What?"

Simon: "Simon Arthur Henry Fitzanulph Basset."

She pffted that.

Daphne: "You have too many names."

Simon: "But not too many children."

He stopped walking and tugged her toward him until they were face to face. He rested one hand lightly on her abdomen.

Simon: "Do you think we can do it all once more?"

She nodded.

Daphne: "As long as I have you."

Simon: "No. As long as I have you."

Kate: "It is mine, all mine."

she chortled, in much the same tones she'd used during the previous month's Bridgerton family production of Macbeth. Her eldest son had casted the roles' she had been named First Witch.

Kate had pretended not to notice when Anthony had rewarded him with a new horse.

Anthony: "It was locked. My office was locked."

Kate: "Was it?"

Anthony: "I have the only key."

Kate: "Do you?"

His eyes widened.

Anthony: "What have you done?"

She flipped a page, even though she wasn't looking at the print,

Kate: "When?"

Anthony: "What do you mean, when?"

Kate: "I mean ... When. This morning? Or last month?"

It took him a moment. No more that a second or two, but it was just long enough for Kate to watch his expression slide from confusion to suspicion to outrage.

It was glorious. Enchanting. Delicious. She'd have cackled with it, but that would only encourage another month of double-double-toil-and-trouble jokes, and she'd only just got him to cease.

Anthony: "You made a key to my office?"

Kate: "I am your wife. There should be no secrets between us, don't you think?"

Anthony: "You made a key?"

Kate: "You wouldn't wise for me to keep secrets, would you?"

His fingers gripped the door frame until his knuckles turned white.

Anthony: "Stop looking like you're enjoying this."

Kate: "Ah, but that would be a lie, and it's a sin to lie to one's husband."

Strange choking sounds began to emanate from his throat.

Kate smiled.

Kate: "Didn't I pledge honesty at some point?"

Anthony: "That was obedience."

Kate: "Obedience? Surely not."

Simon: "Any chance you might be capable of refraining from profanity in the company of ladies?"

Anthony: "She's no lady. She's my sister."

Simon: "She's my wife."

Anthony smirked

Anthony: "She was my sister first."

Simon: "How do you tolerate him?"

She shrugged

Kate: "It's a talent few possess."

Anthony: "There will be no cheating."

Simon: "At least no new types of cheating. Previously established cheating techniques are permissible."

Daphne: "What is happening?"

Kate: "I do believe he's going to kill me."

Simon: "With so many witnesses?"

Anthony: "How did a puddle form in the midst of the driest spring of my recollection?"

Kate shot him another one of her annoying grins

Kate: "I spilled my tea."

Anthony: "An entire puddle's worth?"

She shrugged

Kate: "I was cold."

Anthony: "Cold."

Kate: "And thirsty."

Simon: "And apparently clumsy, as well."

Anthony glared at him.

She wasn't going to win - there was no chance of that now. But if she couldn't win, then by God, neither would Anthony. He deserved no glory this day, not after tripping her and sending her tumbling into the mud puddle.

Oh, he'd claimed it was an accident, but Kate found it highly suspicious that his ball had gone spluttering out of the puddle at the exact moment she'd stepped forward to reach her own b all. She'd had to do a little hope to avoid it and was congratulating herself on her near miss when Anthony had swung around with a patently false

Anthony: "I say, are you all right?"

His mallet had swung with him, conveniently at ankle level. Kate had not been able to out hop that one, and she'd gone flying into the mud.

Face down.

And then Anthony had ha the gall to offer her a handkerchief.

She was going to kill him.


Kill kill kill.

But first she was going to make sure he didn't win.

Anthony: "Colin! If you don't wish to find yourself a widower, kindly muzzle your wife."

Colin walked over to Penelope.

Colin: "I love you."

Kate: "Well. I suppose that's the end of the match for us."

Anthony: "I'd say."

Kate: "Brilliant job this year."

Anthony: "You as well. The puddle was inspired."

Kate: "I thought so. And, well, about the mud ..."

Anthony: "It was not quite on purpose."

Kate: "I should have done the same."

Anthony: "Yes, I know."

Kate: "I am filthy."

Anthony: "The lake's right there."

Kate: "It's so cold."

Anthony: "A bath, then?"

She smiled seductively.

Kate: "You'll join me?"

Anthony: "But of course."

Benedict: "You know, we might have a daughter one day."

Sophie: "I beg your pardon?"

He gestured to the lovebirds on the lawn

Benedict: "Just that this could be excellent practice for me. I'm quite certain I wish to be an overbearingly protective father. I could storm out and tear him apart from limb to limb."

Sophie winced.

Benedict: "Challenge him to a dual?"

She shook her head.

Benedict: "Very well, but if he lowers her t o the ground, I am interceding."

Sophie: "He won't - Oh dear heavens! Oh my God."

Benedict sighed, then flexed his fingers

Benedict: "I really don't want to injure my hands. I'm halfway through your portrait, and it's going so well."

Sophie: "No. Don't. Oh, my. Maybe we should do something."

Benedict: "You're not on the ground yet."

Sophie: "Benedict!:

Benedict: "Normally I'd say to call the priest, except that seems to be what got us into this mess in the first place."

Penelope: "I'm going to kill you."

Colin: "Of that, I'm certain. Truly, the only question is when."

Penelope: "Colin!"

Colin: "Might be sooner rather than later. But in truth, I thought I'd go in an apoplexy, brought on by bad behavior."

She stared at him.

Colin: "Your bad behavior."

Penelope: "I didn't have bad behavior before I met you."

Colin: "Oh, ho, ho. Now that is rich."

Penelope: "I think we're here."

He looked out the window, then back at her.

Colin: "And you needed to inform of this by taking a weapon to my body?"

Penelope; "It was my elbow."

He glanced down at her arm

Colin: "You, my dear, are in possession of exceedingly bony elbows."

Penelope: "Who would have thought we'd both marry within months of each other? Weren't we meant to be old crones together?"

Eloise: "We can still be old crones. We shall simply be married old crones."

Penelope: "It will be grand."

Eloise: "Magnificent!"

Penelope: "Stupendous!"

Eloise: "We shall be leaders of crone fashion!"

Penelope: "Arbiters of cronish taste."

Hyacinth: "What are the two of you talking about?"

Eloise: "You're far too young to understand."

And she and Penelope practically collapsed in a fit of giggled.

Penelope: "I don't know what Eloise was talking about. Men are abysmally simple creatures."

Colin: "Well ... yes."

Colin: "Oh, Penelope, don't you want to have some fun?"

She flushed scarlet

Penelope: "Not here."

He laughed aloud at that.

Penelope: "I wasn't talking about that."

Colin: "Neither was I, as a matter of fact, but I am pleased that it comes to mind so readily."

Penelope: "What did we do to earn her forgiveness, then?"

Colin: "We, she mentioned something about the timely delivery of grandchildren."

Colin grinned.

Colin: "Are you blushing?"

Penelope: "No."

Colin: "You are."

She elbowed him in the ribs.

Penelope: "Revenge. She says my secret was bigger than hers."

Colin: "It was."

Penelope: "She says she's owned a boon."

Colin pondered that

Colin: "She probably is."

Penelope: "To even the score."

He patted her hand.

Colin: "I'm afraid that's how we Bridgertons think. You've never played a sporting game with us, have you?"

Penelope moaned.

Penelope: "She said she is going to consult Hyacinth."

Colin felt the blood leave his face.

Amanda: "With what were you bribed for your presence this afternoon?"

Mr. Farraday: "I, too, was thwarted. I was told I'd escape my cousins."

I let out a snort of laughter at that.

Mr. Farraday: "They attacked just as I was departing."

Amanda: "They are a fierce lot."

Mr. Farraday: "I was outnumbered."

Amanda: "I thought they didn't like you."

Mr. Farraday: "So did I. It was the only reason I consented to the visit."

Amanda: "What exactly did you do to them when you were children?"

Mr. Farraday: "The better question would be - what did they do to me?"

Amanda: "Is it scary being a parent?"

Phillip: "The most terrifying thing in the world."

Phillip: "Your mother said that you had a gentleman caller this afternoon."

Amanda: "And four of his female cousins."

He looked over at me with arched brows, a silent scolding for making light of the topic.

Amanda: "Yes. I did."

Phillip: "Did you like him?"

Amanda: "Yes. I did."

He digested that.

Phillip: "I'm going to have to get a very large stick."

Amanda: "What?"

Phillip: "I used to say to your mother that when you were old enough to be courted, I was going to have to beat away the gentlemen."

Amanda; "Really?"

Phillip: "Well, not when you were very small. Then you were such a nightmare I despaired of anyone ever wanting you."

Amanda: "Father!"

He chuckled

Phillip: "Don't say you don't know it's true."

I couldn't contradict.

Phillip: "But when you were a bit older, and I started to see the first hints of the woman you would become ... Good Lord, if ever being a parents is terrifying ..."

Amanda: "And now?"

Phillip: "I suppose now I can only hope I raised you well enough to make sensible decisions. And of course, if anyone even things about mistreating you, I shall still have that stick."

Charlotte: "Uncle Michael!"

Francesca: "And I am instantly forgotten."

Michael: "Not by me."

Francesca: "It seems no woman is immune."

Michael: "How lucky I am, then, that I fall under the spell of only one."

Francesca: "Lucky for me."

Michael: "Well, yes, but I wasn't going to say it."

Francesca: "Yes, right there. Harder. Ooooooohhhhhh....."

Michael: "Why do I feel as if I heard this before, except that I was having much more fun?"

Francesca: "Just be quiet and keep rubbing my feet."

Michael: "At your service, Your Majesty."

Violet: "He's beautiful. He has your eyes."

Frannie nodded, and her smile was almost silly, as if she couldn't quite believe it.

Francesca: "I know."

Violet: "And your mouth."

Francesca: "And your mouth."

Francesca: "I think you're right."

Violet: "And your - oh, my, I think he has your nose as well."

Michael: "I'm told that I was involved in his creation, too, bit I have yet to see any evidence."

Francesca: "He has your charm."

Violet: "Come with me, little one. I have so much to tell you."

And behind her, Francesca turned to Michael and said

Francesca: "DO you think we'll get him back for the duration of the visit?"

He shook his head

Michael: "It'll give us more time to see about getting the little fellow a sister."

Francesca: "Michael!"

Violet: "Listen to the man."

Francesca: "Good heavens."

But she did listen.

And she did enjoy.

And nine months later, she said good morning to Janet Helen Stirling.

Who looked exactly like her father.

Isabella: "What are you whispering about?"

Hyacinth: "I wasn't whispering."

Isabella: "You're lips were moving."

Hyacinth: "Were they?"

Isabella: "They were."

Hyacinth: "If you must know, I was sending off an apology to your grandmother."

Isabella: "Grandmama Violet? Is she here?"

Hyacinth: "No, but I thought she was deserving of my remorse, nonetheless."

Isabella: "Why?"

Hyacinth:: "All those times. All those times she said to me, 'I hope you have a child just like you ....' "

Isabella: "And you do. Isn't it just delightful?"

Gregory: "Eloise Hyacinth or Francesca Hyacinth?"

Katharine: "Francesca Hyacinth. It has a lovely ring to it. Although ..."

Gregory: "Although ..."

Katharine: "It is a little flowery."

Gregory: "I'm not certain how one can avoid that with a name like Hyacinth."

Katharine: "True. But what is she does not turn out to be sweet and delicate?"

Gregory: "Like your Aunt Hyacinth?"

Katharine: "She is rather fierce."

Gregory: "Fierce or fearsome?"

Katharine: "Oh, only fierce. Aunt Hyacinth is not at all fearsome."

Gregory: "Don't tell her that."

Katharine: "You think she wants to be fearsome?"

Gregory: "And fierce."

Katharine: "I went to see the babies. Aunt Hyacinth said I could."

He nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

Katharine: "They're very sweet. The babies, I mean. Not Aunt Hyacinth."

Gregory: "No, no one would call Aunt Hyacinth sweet."

Gregory: "I saved the day."

Lucy: "You always save the day."

Gregory: "No. That's you."

Father: "Oh. Well ... I'm sorry to have to say it, but it's a lesson in life you'll learn soon enough. Boys are horrid."

Violet: "But ... but ..."

Mr. Ledger shrugged

Father: "I'm sure your mother will agree."

Violet: "But you're a boy."

Father: "And I was horrid, I assure you. Ask your mother."

Edmund: "Strange that I don't remember that about you."

Violet: "Do you remember much? Because I ..."

Edmund: "Don't? Don't worry. I take no insult. I never forget a face. It's a gift and a curse."

Violet: "How could such a thing be a curse?"

He leaned toward her with a flirtatious tilt of his head

Edmund: "One gets one's heart broken, you know, when the pretty ladies don't remember one's name."

And ... now she was in his lap.

Edmund: "I love you."

Violet: "Not as much as I love you."

Edmund: "You only think you know what you're talking about."

She smiled. It was not the first time they had had this conversation.

Edmund: "Very well. You may love me more, but I will love you better."

Violet: "You've never?"

He shook his head

Edmund: "I think I was waiting for you."

Eloise: "Is it a girl?"

Violet smiled and changed her position to show off the new baby

Violet: "It is."

Eloise: "Oh, thank heavens. We needed another one."

Violet: "I wasn't expecting the same kind of happiness I had with your father, but I would not settle for less. And I never found it."

She turned to look at Daphne, then reached out and took her hand.

Violet: "And as it happened, I didn't need it."


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