Storm and Fury by Jennifer L Armentrout Book Review

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Storm and Fury

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Published by Inkyard Press

Book 1 in The Harbinger series

Eighteen-year-old Trinity Marrow may be going blind, but she can see and communicate with ghosts and spirits. Her unique gift is part of a secret so dangerous that she’s been in hiding for years in an isolated compound fiercely guarded by Wardens—gargoyle shape-shifters who protect humankind from demons. If the demons discover the truth about Trinity, they’ll devour her, flesh and bone, to enhance their own powers.

When Wardens from another clan arrive with disturbing reports that something out there is killing both demons and Wardens, Trinity’s safe world implodes. Not the least because one of the outsiders is the most annoying and fascinating person she’s ever met. Zayne has secrets of his own that will upend her world yet again—but working together becomes imperative once demons breach the compound and Trinity’s secret comes to light. To save her family and maybe the world, she’ll have to put her trust in Zayne. But all bets are off as a supernatural war is unleashed…


Foul language Young Adult Exciting

Steamy moments Supernatural Emotional

Violence Romance

Storm and Fury by Jennifer L Armentrout is the first book in the Harbinger series, and is a spin-off of The Dark Elements series ... which I didn't know when I bought Storm and Fury. GAH! Starting Dark Elements today, but not reading it didn't hinder this story in the least. Storm and Fury is centered around Trinity, an eighteen year old girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders, hiding out in a community of her adopted family, Wardens, who happen to be Gargoyles. When her secret is found out, and someone she loves is in danger, nothing will stop her from saving him; not her failing eyesight, or her limited experience in the world. She teams up with Zayne, a warden that she has felt pulled to from the moment she saw him to help her navigate the world beyond the walls of her community.

This is a hard book to review and not try to give anything away. So it's going to be short. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book. I am obsessed with the LUX/Origin series, which is why I was drawn to Jennifer : Armentrout's other books. Gargoyles. I have never red anything with gargoyles in it. Never thought I would. I am so happy I got past that though, and gave this book a chance. I loved it. I finished all 512 pages in 12 hours loved it.

Awesome and unique story-line....Check.

Kick ass female protagonist...........Check.

Hot, pain in the ass love interest...Check.

Steamy and emotional scenes........Check.

It. Is. Awesome. It's clear Jennifer Armentrout has a gift for writing great chemistry between characters. Not just romantic pairs (although she does write epic dialogues between love interests.) No, she has a way of writing very distinct, defined chemistry between friends, family, and enemies. She is also great at featuring unstoppable, bad ass females. Case in point, Trinity. She lives with so many unknowns in her life, and yeah, she hates it sometimes. She also does what she needs to do. Zayne is all kinda of sweet and funny. A part of me is unhappy I started with this book, and not the Dark Elements series, because it's going to be hard reading him being interested in Layne. Roth is a fun read though in this book, so I think I can expect some laughs when I do read the series. NOT reading the Dark Elements series though, really puts you in Trinity's shoes, which I appreciated.

Storm and Fury was a fantastic read. The only fault I could find with it, was that I predicted who Trin's showdown at the end of the book would be with ... but everything else was a surprise ... especially the bond between Zayne and Trinity being explained (I was suspecting another reason for it), and what Trinitiy did to ultimate