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Stay Tuned ...

It's going to be quiet here for the next week, but all good things come to those who wait. And hell ... we're readers. We are MASTERS when it comes to patience. But unlike the long waits between books in a beloved series, you won't have to wait long to here from this weirdo. Over the next week, I will be working on a whole new design (it's nice to see a fresh new design every now and then), and clean up my TBR (and add so much more to it). Reviews will starts up again on August 10th! Expect reviews of The Bridge Kingdom series, the last book of the Serpent & Dove Trilogy, and more this month.

I want to take a tiny moment and thank all of you who visit this little blog ... website ... whatever it is. I went from have a few hundred views in a month to ... get this ... over


So hell yes, you all rock.

"See" you all on August 10th :) I hope you will like the new look

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