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Prey by Hannah McBride


by Hannah McBride


Book 2 in the Blackwater Pack Series

That was then…

After escaping her birth pack, being kidnapped, and nearly dying on the mountain, Skye has found a home in Blackwater. Surrounded by friends and family, and her mate, she's ready for her final semester at Granite Peak Academy to be a lot quieter, and a lot more uneventful, than last year.

…this is now

When shifters from the academy are taken, Skye and her pack are forced to return to Blackwater. With the Spring Summit looming, Skye will finally have to face the demons of her past if she wants to have a life with Remy.

Things aren’t what they seem

Skye is done running and ready to fight for her future. She'll do whatever it takes to protect the ones she loves ... even if the threat is from someone she trusts.


Steamy New Adult Action-Packed

TRIGGER Supernatural


TRIGGER WARNING: Storyline involves flashbacks of sexual assault, and bullying.


Prey is the second book in Hannah McBride's debut series, the Blackwater Pack series, and centers around Skye Markham, a new member of the Blackwater pack, and mated to the future Alpha, Remy. She is looking forward to her last semester of high school at Granite Peak Academy - expecting it to be more peaceful than the last one. That is, until more female shifters go missing, and this time from the Academy. When students are returned home for their safety, Skye is in for more trouble, when Blackwater is accused of kidnapping her mother, her aunt, her cousin, and herself. She will need to face her past to protect her family and pack, whether she is ready for it or not.

Oh, fellow book nerds. I'm addicted. I'm addicted to Hannah McBride's Blackwater Pack series. For a shifter/romance story, that could easily be cliché, Hannah manages to keep is original and interesting, without bordering on cheesy. Her mix of very human issues, such as sexism, and abuse, with the supernatural fantasy of werewolves and their politics, makes it feel more adult in nature. Speaking of politics - it's a very risky thing in books like this. In other books, I have found myself often frustrated with how much information I am getting on the hierarchy/politics of a world, and not getting enough action to sustain my interest (kind of like Shadow and Bone). Hannah McBride was able to mix a lot of "world building" in this book, while not letting the action slide. For a fairly new writer, I am impressed. I've seen well known and beloved writers unable to maintain that balance. I found myself frustrated with only three things: typos, repetition, and a wee bit of predictability. I get that many self-published authors don't get the benefits of going through a publisher in terms of editing. I am a pretty forgivable reader, so it won't stop me from reading her work, because she is truly a talent. It does bring me out of the story though, which is frustrating. Secondly, she needs to find other words to use in her steamier scenes. Every kiss Skye gasps, opening up to Remy, and after a while, it gets boring. My last gripe, and it truly isn't a big deal - was that the story was predictable. It didn't take much for me to know (spoilers) ----------------> that Maren was taken, and not injured in an accident. Or that in the end, we find out that Daniel is Sky's brother (there were brotherly vibes for sure), and that her father was part of an ancient line of shifters. The speed of Skye and Remy's mating bond made me suspect it, and when many of the blackwater couples started mating after Skye and Remy's consummation, I just knew it. <----------------.

Despite those very minor frustrations, I practically threw my kindle when I realized the third book isn't out till the 16th. And sure, that's a few days away, but still. That ending, and I have to wait. UGH! So if you are looking for a shifter romance, with lots of steam, and a good story, you will love Hannah McBride's Blackwater Pack Series. Now, I just have to wait until the 16th.

  1. I love Gabe asking Skye how his favorite kid was <3

  2. Katy and Larkin's support after Skye's embarrassment over Remy seeing one of her memories

  3. LOVE that Remy fought his natural urge to mark his mate FOR MONTHS, just so Skye could have the choice.

  4. Remy and Skye finally consummating their bond

  5. Skye showing off her mark to everyone

  6. Skye and Daniel saving Tate, and sticking it to Trace

  7. The Council recognizing Skye and Remy as mates

  8. Skye learning who her father was

  9. Rhodes and Larkin's bonus scene OMG

Larkin: "Rhodes!"

Rhodes: "Baby girl, I'm trying to help you save time."

Larkin: "By putting away my pajamas?"

He gave her a shrug

Rhodes: "It's not like you'll be wearing them, so why pack them?"

Skye: "Safe isn't a place, Remy. It's not this school, or in Blackwater, or any other place. Safe is you."

Katy: "Are you sick of me apologizing yet?"

Skye: "Are you sick of acting like a brat yet?"

She choked on a laugh.

Katy: "Yeah. I think so."

Sky: "Then we're good."

Skye: "Thanks."

Katy: "For protecting your virtue? You're welcome."

Skye: "How do you know my virtue isn't long gone?"

Katy: "Is it?"

Skye: "No."

Katy: "See? I saved you."

Katy: "I really am a fuck up."

Skye: "But you're our fuck up. And we love you."

Remy: "Skye, you're the strongest person I've ever met. If you need my support, you have it. Always. I love you, and I'll be with you every step of the way, but your strength is your own.

Skye: "No offense, Mom, but I think I have the birds and the bees talk handled."

Her mouth flattened.

Mom: "You definitely aren't a bird of a bee sweetheart."

Katy: "Don't let a memory trick you into forgetting who you are, or how far you've come."

Skye: "I'm yours. I want to be yours in every way."

Skye: I choose you, Remy. Now, yesterday, tomorrow, and every single day I'm alive."

Remy: "If we do this, I'm never letting you go, Skye. Ever. Are you sure?"

Skye: "Even without the bond, you're the guy who taught me how to love, Remy. You're the one who taught me how to live when I didn't know how. The only world I want to discover is the one that you're in with me."

The spike of pain rolled into the orgasm ripping through me until I thought I would never come back down.

Which was fine by me; I was happy to live amongst the moon and stars if Remy was with me.

Linden: "Forcibly marking my niece in a pathetic attempt to stake your claim on her is childish. Like a dog pissing on its favorite toy. The Council will see through this."

Skye: "Forcibly? I can assure you that I was a willing participant all,"

I pretended to count on my fingers

Skye: "five times."

Remy: "Anything worth everything requires a fight."

Skye: "So, I'm worth the fight?"

Remy: "You're worth a million wars. I'll fight for you every day for the rest of our lives."

Remy: "We need to get ready for the party. But tonight, you're mine."

Skye: "Lock the door, skip the party."

He lifted his head, a teasing frown on his face as he lightly tsked under his breath.

Remy: "We can't do that."

Skye: "We can totally do that. It's my birthday party. Consider yourself the only one invited."

Luke: "Mighty thankful my girl has a friend like you."

Gabe: "That's why she's my favorite kid."

Remy: "Right here, Dad."

Gabe: "I don't remember you figuring out a way to free Luke and save Tate."

Remy: "I recorded the message!"

Remy said with a laugh, shaking his head.

Gabe: 'It's not a competition, son."

Remy: "You're ours. You're Blackwater. No one can take you away."

Rhodes: "Fine. One quickie, but only because you clearly need it before you can get any work done. You're insatiable."

Oh, I was the insatiable one?

Challenge, accepted.

I shifted easily, fluidly, standing up and arching my brows.

His gaze heated, sliding across my naked body, lingering on the swells and dips he loved to tease, torment, and devour.

He took a step forward, and I planted a hand on his chest to hold him off.

Larkin: "My camera?"

Now he lifted his brows, his grin unstoppable.

Rhodes: "Lark, that's kinda kinky. But sure, I'm down."

Larkin: "Ha, ha."

Rhodes: "I probably should have brought a blanket."

Larkin: "You brought me here to take pictures, not have sex."

Rhodes: "Baby girl, sex was always one the agenda tonight. Although, I kinda pictured it against a tree. We could try that."

Larkin: "Tree bark is the last thing I need exfoliating my butt."


Check out the rest of the Blackwater Pack series

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