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Poisonous Kiss by Jagger Cole

Poisonous Kiss

by Jagger Cole


Book 3 in the Venomous Gods Series

To save my father’s life, I’m being forced to marry a monster.

The world sees Gabriel Black as a golden god: successful, gorgeous, charismatic, and untouchable.

The good guy.

But I’ve peeked behind the mask and seen the brutal devil that lurks like poison under the surface.

And he knows it, too.

Now, I need a miracle—and money—to save my father’s life and pay off the crime boss he’s in deep with.

Gabriel needs a wife to further his political career.

It’s a match made in hell, to a secret psychopath who knows my darkest, most depraved fantasies.

And I’m about to learn the only thing more dangerous than being chased by a monster:

Falling for one.



Graphic descriptions of past trauma, and mentions of sexual assault. Plot heavily revoles around primal/CNC play (Consensual non-consent), BDSM, Dom/Sub dynamics, impact play, and very, very rough adult acts of a dubious nature. Also violence, murder, kidnapping.


Before I begin, I would like to thank Jagger Cole and his team, along with Valentine PR, so sending me an arc of Poisonous Kiss, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Holy. Shit.

That was insane.

This series seriously keeps getting better and better.

I don't normally gravitate to books with BDSM. Not because I am a kink shamer, but because I tend to find them poorly written, and not enough research done into the actual lifestyle.

I don't feel that with Jagger Cole's books, however. It doesn't feel like he uses the lifestyle as shock value. It's just ... a part of the story. These characters.

And while it's not my personal kink ... holy hell was this book hot.

Like ... insanely hot.

Nothing held back hot.

The best part isn't the steamy parts of the book, however. It's the actual story.

The overall plot, and the well thought out character arcs, sucked me in from the first page to the last.

Fumi's journey to finally giving in to her secret desires - despite feeling like there was something wrong with her - was fun to read. Her character flourished with her self-discovery. How can you not love a female character going after what she wants.

Which she does in more ways than one.

Because while Jagger Cole wrote a great dom/sub relationship, Fumi is no pushover.

And Gabriel? He was so fun to read. Again, not just because of the sex.

The whole package that was his character.

The high strung, slightly obsessive compulsive lawyer, who secretly doles out justice to the biggest monsters who manage to invade the consequences to their actions was a twist I was not expecting. His darkness I was not expecting.

It just added an extra element to the story that sucked me in.

I even had to sneak moments at work to read it, because it was just that good.

So far, this series has been a huge hit for me. I'm definitely continuing the series, and I can't wait dive in to more of Jagger Cole's work.



Dear Reader,

This book contains darker themes and graphic depictions of past trauma and mentions of SA. The plot heavily revolves around primal/CNC play, including BDSM, D/s dynamics, impact play, and very, very rough adult acts of a dubious nature.

I apologize for nothing.

Especially not chapter twenty-two.

In a just world, Sal would be strung up by his balls and dipped head-first into hydrofluoric acid over and over until his skin melted off, before being made to swallow his own severed dick.

I mean, I'm just spit balling here.

Gabriel: "You're using privileged information supplied by a client to compete against said client."

Fumi: "I'm not competing against her. She doesn't -"

Gabriel: "Harper verses the State of Georgia would disagree."

I swallow.

Fumi: "Mickelson verses the State of California overturned that ruling four years later."

Gabriel's lips curled slightly at the corners. He brings up a hand, the fabric of his Tom Ford suit straining at the shoulder as he takes his fingers over his chiseled, clean-shaven jaw.

The seconds tick by agonizingly slowly as I wither under his fierce stare.

Gabriel: "So be it."

Wait, what?

Fumi: "I ... I can audition?"

Gabriel: "Mickelson verses California would suggest so, Ms. Yamaguchi."

Gabriel: "HR has been aware of this for months -"

Well, that's obviously a lie. My gaze snaps to Rebecca, Crown and Black's HR director, half-expecting her to say something. She's just smiling neutrally.

That's when my eyes catch the diamond bauble on her wrist, the brand-new bag which looks a hell of a lot like an Hermes Birkin, and the shiny new Louboutins on her feet.

Mother. Fucker.

She's been bought.

My mouth twists.

Fumi: I'm sorry -"

Gabriel: "Don't. One, I know you're not. Two, it undermines your attack and weakens your defenses."

Fumi: "Oh, we're going to war?"

I quip sarcastically.

Gabriel: "We're getting married, Fumi."

He smiles grimly.

Gabriel: "Of course we are."

Fumi: "What?"

She smiles.

Woman: "Your waxing, miss. If you'd like to -"

Fumi: "Like a bikini waxing?"

Woman: "Well, most of our clients prefer us to take the whole -"

Fumi: "Nope,"

I shake my head, my lips tight.

Fumi: "That's not happening."

Her brows knit tight.

Woman: "Well, you're fiance, Mr. Black -"

Fumi: "Is welcome to come in himself and have his balls waxed if he's so inclined. I'm all set."

The woman bites back a laugh.

Woman: "Of course, miss. Shall I make a note of that in your client file?"

I grin.

Fumi: "Please so."

Fumi: 'I'd just better make sure his royal highness approves."

Tempest snorts.

Tempest: "Dude, I can't even imagine. The obsessive-compulsive king of control issues."

She grins at me.

Tempest: "Did you know he used to iron his fucking underwear when he was in high school? Facts."

I choke back a laugh as she shakes her head.

Tempest: "You might be marrying an actual psychopath, just a heads up."

I wipe away tears of laughter as I grin at her.

Fumi: "Thanks for the warning."

Gabriel: "My, my, my. What kind of dirty little whore gets this fucking wet being chased through a dark basement?"

He makes a tsking sound.

Gabriel: "I feel cheated, kitten. Did I even catch you? Or were you so fucking desperate for my dick that you let me drag you to the ground so that I could fuck your cunt like the cock slut you are?"

Monsters don't bring you water and painkillers. That don't run you bubble baths, or kiss you like you're a precious treasure they'd rather die than lose.

At least, most don't.

But mine does.

Fumi: "Yes, I fucking cook. Jerkface. Dinner's in forty-five minutes. Don't be late."

Gabriel: "Is it cereal?"

Fumi: "You're an asshole."

Fumi: "You have one hour to announce your resignation and get my husband out of that cell, you piece of shit. Oh, and it's not Ms. Yamaguchi. It's Mrs. Black, fuck-wad."

Hideo: "Did you fight?"

Gabriel: "No -"

I frown.

Gabriel: "Sort of."

Hideo: "Do you know the very first thing my Bella - Fumi's mother - said to me when we met?"

I shake my head.

Hideo: "Stop bothering me."


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