Netflix's Shadow & Bone Episodes 7 & 8 Review

Just a reminder:

Star system for book to film adaptions:

1st star - The Story - Does it stay true to the books?

2nd star - Acting - Casting and Chemistry between actors

3rd star - Cinematography - Was it shot well? Do any shots add more to the story?

4th star - CGI/Costuming/Props - Did they bring the book to life? Is it how you imagined?

5th star - Binge-Worthy?



The Unsea

  • Darkling flashback makes darkling more understandable. After living that way, why wouldn't he want to save his people? Obviously there is that craving for power though that ultimately overrides it.

  • Inej and Jespers friendship 😍

  • The poor stag :(

  • Omg kazzzzzz

  • Those antlers look so uncomfortable. Like, I kinda want to gag.

  • "You could have made me your equal, but you made me this.". "Fine. Make me your villian.". Excellent fucking acting. Both of them. Top notch.

  • No mourners. No funerals. ♥️

This was a great episode. We get a little bit of Darkling history, we get to see lots of the baby crows, and some amazing acting in emotional scenes. That "Make me your villian" scene was amazing, and I got all the feels when we get to hear "No mourners. No funerals." My only issue, is the CGI could have been a touch better. It's Netflix. The stag could have looked WAY better.



No Mourners

  • Ughhhhh Matthias and Nina

  • Oh Aleksandr. Like most villians, they start off with good intentions, and then get sucked into an obsession with power. I have always hoped for a redemption for him, in the books, but Ben Barnes does such an excellent portrayal of the Darkling, that I don't feel that lingering hope for redemption.

  • Zoya saving Inej, and Inej saving her.

  • Kaz fucking Brekker saving Inej from volcra. With his cane. My fucking heart.

  • "The stag chose me."

  • That fight between Mal and the Darkling was great. Just physical fighting. Delicious.

  • "I need you.". Oh Kaz. INEJ DON'T BREAK HIS HEART!

  • "The deal is the deal."

  • Jesper listing what they learned made me laugh

  • 5 baby crows are on a ship! 5 baby crows!