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My Top 10 Series Reads of 2021

I love a good series. Like ... love. I would prefer to immerse myself in a series than a standalone. Worlds are more well thought, more character development ... you just can't get that in a standalone unless its a super long book. Below are my top 10 series' reads of 2021. You will notice there are some combined ones, but that's because they are spin-offs, and I consider it one big series.

10 (Will reread) - 1 (I want to live in that series)

10. Six of Crows/King of Scars (Complete)

by Leigh Bardugo

Notice the Shadow and Bone trilogy isn't on here? Yeah, that's not a mistake.

9. Harbinger Trilogy (complete)

by Jennifer L Armentrout

A hard won happily ever after for some of Jennifer's most popular characters.

8. The Plated Prisoner Series (ongoing)

by Raven Kennedy

A King Midas retelling that is incredibly unique. I can't wait to finish out this series

7. Nevernight Chronicles (complete)

by Jay Kristoff

A trilogy that both infuriated me, and intrigued me. It's been almost a year since finishing these books, and I got to say, with time, I ended up loving this trilogy.

6. A Court of Thorns and Roses (ongoing)

by Sarah J Maas

Yes, I read this series last year, but Silver Flames coming out in 2021 has this series on my list again.

5. Blackwater Pack Series (ongoing)

by Hannah McBride

This breakout author deserves MAJOR props for coming out with her first book, and getting such a following so quickly. One of the best authors I have come across in this last year.

4. Off Campus/Briar-U Series' (complete)

by Elle Kennedy

It started off as a deal between opposites, and ends with a legacy. One of the funniest contemporary romances I have read this year

3. Zodiac Academy (ongoing)

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

How a series starts off as infuriating, and becomes emotionally crushing, I have no idea, but this sister author duo have no doubt create a unique world and magic system that draws you in.

2. Bridge Kingdom Series (ongoing)

by Danielle L Jensen

One of the most intriguing series I have read that isn't fantasy based. The third book is out already on audible, but I won't be continuing until it comes out in print next year. I cant stand audiobooks.

1. From Blood and Ash/ASITE series' (ongoing)

by Jennifer L Armentrout

This is a combination of Jennifer L Armentrout's Blood and Ash and Flesh and Fire series, and both make it on my list this year because of The Crown of Gilded Bones release, and A Shadow in the Ember. Knowing that these two series are going to cross over at some point is thrilling, and I am so impressed with the world Jennifer has built here, while still sticking to her roots with modern characters, great banter and intense romance.

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