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Inking Him And Other Shorts by Cora Carmack

Inking Him

by Cora Carmack

Published on her website for free

Short Story and extra scenes in the Losing It series

This GIF has nothing to do with this series, I just thought it was adorable. haha


New Adult Sweet



I don't care, I'm counting Inking Him for my letter 'I' in the Alphabet challenge this month. It's short, but it has chapters, so, I'm counting it.

I'm not really reviewing it, or the other shorts on her website, as I usually don't review anything unless it's over 100 pages long. I will say, that all her extra scenes and her short story Inking Him, are really sweet. So if you have read the Losing It series, you will enjoy these little moments in Bliss/Garricks, Cade/Max's and Kelsey/Jackson lives. Here are all the links individually (and I will tell you whether its a scene or a short story).

The One Where They Meet - Bliss & Garrick meeting, from Garrick's POV (scene)

The One Where They Meet ... Again - Bliss & Garrick's second meeting from Garrick's POV (scene)

The One Where He Changes His Mind - Garrick deciding to go for it with Bliss from Garrick's POV (scene)

The One About Sickness and Healing - Garrick taking care of Bliss when she has mono from Garrick's POV (scene)

The One Where Bliss Gets Her Way - Bliss and Garrick's first time from Garrick's POV (scene)

Of Mishaps & Moms - Bliss enduring her mother and future MIL while trying on her wedding gown (scene)

Inking Him - a short story, dual POV between Bliss and Garrick, about Garrick losing a bet and having to get a tattoo. (short story)

The One With Max in an Angel Costume - Cade's grandmother get's Max to be an angel in her church's Christmas play from Max's POV (scene)

The One Where Bliss Might Have Leprosy - A cute, funny scene where Bliss needs to take Hamlet to the vet .. and Hamlet is, well, Hamlet. From Bliss's POV (scene)

The One Where Hunt Get's Protective - a cute scene between Hunt and Kelsey when Kelsey gets herself in a pickle. From Hunt's/Jackson's POV (scene)

The One With Foreplay - Bliss and Garrick meet up at the bar where they met, and Bliss teases him with a book (specifically, Foreplay by Sophie Jordan). From Bliss's POV (scene)

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