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Holiday Gift Guide for the Sarah J Maas Fan 2022 edition

There is a lot of Sarah J Maas fans out there, and because of that, a lot of SJM merch. Here are a few of my favorites below, that I know any SJM fan will love.

*Please note, I compile these shopping guides for my own fun and receive no compensation in the form of money or product*

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For the Books

*note* I have this book beau and I LOVE IT! To be honest though, I have 3 book beau's and I love them all. haha. And the page overlays ... OBSESSED!



Accessories and Pins

*note* I own the House of Wind phone grip, and it truly is amazing. Very comfortable, super stylish, and I have had NO issues with it falling off (like I have in the past with pop sockets). Need to buy the ToG and CC ones I think ....


  1. ACOTAR Western Woods tank by The Bookish Shop - approx $45 - $50 CAD + shipping

  2. To the Stars That Listen sweatshirt by KozyVibes - approx $57 - $77 CAD + shipping

  3. Thorns and Roses sweatshirt by ThePurpleCourt - approx $64 - $71 CAD + shipping

  4. House of Wind tee by ChapterCatchers - approx $29 - $33 CAD + shipping

Home Decor

*note - I recently purchased this bookshelf alley, and it honestly is one of my favorite items on my bookshelf. It really stands out on m SJM shelf


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