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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving, Book Nerds!

I know it's been oddly silent here the last few days. I try to get a review out every other day, but alas, it's not working out for me at the moment. Apparently, adulting has to come first. Ugh. Plus, the Ruthless Boys books are girthy (hehe.) and are taking me slightly longer to get through. I just wanted to jump on here while my cheesecake is baking to let you know I'm alive, a review for Broken Fae is in the works, a special post reviewing the Limited Edition Blood and Ash books from Fairyloot, AND wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. If you are not Canadian, Happy Day to you. lol.

Thankful for:

  • My annoying husband (don't worry, I annoy him, too)

  • My children, those stinkers.

  • My best friend, who makes me laugh everyday

  • My job, that funds my book addiction

  • Authors, who put themselves out there, for better or worse, so that we all have a chance to escape reality for a bit.

  • Health. And vaccines.

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