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Happy Holidays!

I want to take a moment to wish you all Happy Holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, or you don't, this is a special time where we can all reconnect with our family and friends, and hopefully recharge a bit before the new year.

Speaking of recharging, I've already started, by hanging out at home in my brand new hoodie 😍. When reached out, and offered to send me something to review, I was a little nervous, but I am SO glad I agreed. No lie - this is my new favorite hoodie. It is SO soft inside, I haven't wanted to take it off. I've worn it around the house. I've worn it shopping. I have even worn it to work! I'm obsessed with my new sweater, and I promise you, you will love their products as much as I do now.

If you want to gift yourself some comfortable bookish merch this Christmas, check out I promise you won't regret it! They have the cutest designs and their clothing is SO COMFORTABLE! sent me this sweater in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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