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Dirty Like Us by Jaine Diamond

Dirty Like Us

by Jaine Diamond


Book 0.5 in the Dirty Series

What happens in Vegas… better stay in Vegas.

Maggie Omura has never been a gambling woman. As assistant manager of Dirty, the hottest rock band on the planet, she brings order to the lives of four crazy-ass rock stars.

But when the band lands in Vegas, a streak of bad luck lands Maggie in a bind—and in the penthouse suite, with the last man she’d ever want for a roommate.

Zane Traynor, lead singer of Dirty.

Rock god. Sex god.

Mistake waiting to happen…

And the only man who’d make Maggie a proposal so insane it just might work.

A night of chance.

An irresistible gamble...

It’s time for Zane and Maggie to go all in.


Rockstar Romance


Dirty Like Us is a prequel novella in Jaine Diamond's Dirty series. It mainly centers on the POV's of Maggie, the assistant manager of the world famous rock band Dirty, and it's front man, Zane. It's the last location of Dirty's world tour, and Maggie finds herself in a bind. With Jesse and Elle having yet another argument, Maggie gives Jesse her hotel room - but finds herself without a room. Her father is a co-owner of the hotel, so she goes to him to see if there is anything free. But with that comes the emotional damage and ultimatums her father dumps on her. He trades his penthouse suite for Zane's room - forcing Maggie to room with Zane. The worst roommate in the band for her to room with, due to his antics, and the temptation of succumbing to her attraction to him. When Zane and Maggie get into it, and he realizes Maggie is upset over so much more than the groupie girls he brought up, he comes up with a crazy plan to get Maggie's father to lay off her. But in the morning, when everything settles, will they regret what they did?

To be completely honest - I did not read this first. I don't typically read prequel's first. I tend to read the series, then go back and read the prequel. Just my way of going about things. But as I started in on A Dirty Wedding, on the first page, Jaine Diamond advises readers to read the prequel before continuing, so that's what I did. And honestly, as far as I was in the series, Maggie and Zane's relationship had been hinted at so many times, I just HAD to know what happened. So Dirty Like Us is a short novella, letting the readers of the other books know just what got Maggie and Zane in this mess (I'm being vague on purpose here). And while it was nice to get answers, I was left a little confused still. Perhaps because, to me, "the plan" didn't make a whole lot of sense. To me, it didn't truly seem like a solution to Maggie's issues with her father. Aside from that, I liked it. I enjoy Zane and Maggie's characters. Total opposites. Friends that get under each other's skin. And of course, because this is a Dirty book after all, you know there is steam, and it's great. They got great chemistry. But because this is a prequel to the series, and it's a novella, there is no resolution. You are left a bit annoyed at how things are left with Maggie and Zane, but it ends with a chapter from Jesse's POV, and his thoughts on his relationship with Elle and his decision in regards to her (more on that in the next book). A set up for what is to come, and a look into Elle and Jesse that gives the readers some perspective for the next few books.

Honestly, I personally would suggest NOT doing what I did. Read the prequel first. It's written in a way that if you start with the prequel with no knowledge of the series going in, you won't be confused. I think if I read it at the beginning, things would have been more clear to me going forward. It's a short read, and its entertaining and hot. A great introduction to the Dirty world.

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Maggie: “Zane,”

she said extra-politely,

Maggie: “please take this in the nicest way possible, but you need to fuck off right now.” Zane: “Are you fucking Coop?”

Maggie: “News flash, Zane. You’re not the only one who might want to do it in this stupid-fancy hotel suite, okay?”

Zane: “Jesus, though. Coop?”

She glared up at me, a storm brewing in her gray eyes. Then she growled. She actually growled, low in her throat, and I swear to Christ I almost came in my pants.

Maggie: “What the hell is wrong with Coop?”

Zane: “Where do you want me to start? For one, he’s not me.” Half a minute later, Coop opened it.

Zane: “Maggie!”

I thundered over him.

Zane: “Get your ass out here.”

Maggie: “Don’t let him in!”

Maggie called from inside.

Maggie; “He’s like a goddamn vampire. You invite him in, you give him power.” Maggie: "Maybe you could tell me why you’ve gotta crank the crazy on up to eleven. I mean, everyone knows you’re pretty fucking crazy all on your own… but get you and me alone in a room together, and Je-sus.”

He considered this a moment, looking completely unvexed. Then his gaze skimmed down to the gap in my robe where my thighs were on display, lingering a moment on my naked skin.

Zane: “Because I can’t fucking think like a sane person when you’re around and my dick is up.”

Yeah. We’d kind of established that already. But as much as I tried to pretend it didn’t happen, my pussy clenched at his words.

Admittedly, it was a stupid pussy. Which was why it didn’t call the shots. Zane: “The fuck is so funny?”

Maggie: “Nothing,”

I half-snorted.

Maggie: “Was just thinking how this night panned out exactly like I planned it.”

Zane: “Right. You’d be in there getting drilled by Coop right now, that it?”

Maggie: “Please,”

I said, popping another jellybean in my mouth.

Maggie: “Coop would never last this long.” Zane: “Weird or not, I’ll marry you.”

She stared at me, looking totally fucking bewildered.

Maggie: “Why would you wanna do that?”

Zane: “To see the fucking look on Dizzy’s face,”

Because I want you, I could have said. Because I’ve always wanted you and I’d do fucking anything to have you. Probably should’ve said it, since it was true. Zane: "Since the beginning, you’ve been my girl. Even though you didn’t know it yet. Far as I’m concerned, this is just making official what I’ve always known. I love everything about you, Maggs, even the stuff that annoys the shit out of me, and I’m never letting you go.” Maggie: “I’m not even drunk!”

He gave me a level look.

Zane: “Babe.”

Maggie: “I’m not!”

Pretty sure I was. Didn’t keep me from protesting the fact. Hard.

Maggie: “Look, I’ll brush my teeth. You won’t taste a thing.”

With that, I seized his toothbrush and brushed my teeth. He stood back, watching.

Maggie: “See?”

I spat in the sink and rinsed, then gave him a winning smile.

Maggie: “Minty fresh.”

Zane: “You used my toothbrush,”

he said, eying me with mock concern.

Zane: “You know that has cooties on it, right?”


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