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All The Wrong Reasons by Jerilee Kaye

All The Wrong Reasons

by Jerilee Kaye


Book 1 in the Destiny's Games Duology

Adrienne prides herself for being smart, prim and proper.

She doesn’t go against the rules of society and refuse to even take a shot of Tequila. In other words: Conservative. Boring.

Instead of having fun and letting her spirit run free, she spent almost all her life trying to gain her mother’s approval, measuring up to her sister’s greatness, and proving herself worthy of her boyfriend’s love and attention. She’s been lying to everybody, including herself, about who she really was.

But no matter what she does, she just can’t seem to live up to their expectations. And then she got fed up and decided to let loose. For just one night. She left her eyeglasses, flat shoes, long skirt and knitted sweater behind.

In high heels and a dress that accented her long legs and curves, she went to a club by herself and decided to find out what it was like to have a good time. Her night couldn’t even be more perfect when Justin Adams, the city’s most sought after bachelor, a.k.a. most notorious playboy fell prey to the charms she didn’t even know she possessed.

Justin was every girl’s dream boat, but he never committed to a woman. He didn't date and didn't do relationships.

So, Adrienne thought after that night, she didn’t have to deal with him again. He would forget about her and her secret night of fun was safe with him.But what she did not expect is that Justin isn't about to let her go that easily. And what was supposed to be just a one night stand with the City's most wanted playboy became a full-blown secret affair.

In the eyes of her friends and family, she had a boyfriend named Troy. But within the walls of her bedroom, she belonged to Justin.

But her new-found bliss would be threatened by the secrets that Justin keeps and the past that her parents kept from her.

Soon, she will find out that she's been living her life with all the right intentions... but for all the wrong reasons.


Contemporary Romance


All The Wrong Reasons by Jerilee Kaye is the first book in her Destiny's Games duology, and centers around Adrienne and Justin. Adrienne is a successful writer for one of the countries most popular women's interest magazine, but other than work, and going out with her friends, Adrienne lives a pretty conservative life. She just scored herself an amazing condo in NYC, and is dating a family approved med student. Despite all this, her mother still rails on her, and makes her feel not good enough. After an argument with her mom and boyfriend, she decides for one night, to be free of all the rules, and go to a club. Where she meets Justin - New York's most sought after bachelor, and known playboy. Her one night of fun turns into a one night stand. Adrienne doesn't expect her neighbor, THE Justin, to recognize her when she isn't all dolled up - but he does. Their one night of passion turns to a weeks secret affair. When tensions rise, and Adrienne must choose between Justin, and the man that her mother picked out for her, Adrienne chooses Justin. But is their future together already over before it began, thanks in part to the secrets her family has kept from her, and Justin's own secret obligations?

A couple of years ago, I was in a big time reading slump. Like - years long slump. Where over a period of 8 years the only things I remember reading were Twilight, Sookie Stackhouse, and Fifty Shades. One night, while mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, I saw, probably for the hundredth time, an advertisement for the app called Chapters. It brings romance books to life, making them interactive. Out of boredom, I downloaded it, and I. Was. Hooked. It was how I found some I most favorite authors - Jennifer L Armentrout, for example. One of the stories I fell in love with, was this one. So I bought the book, and read it. And at the time, I loved it. Like, obsessively loved it. I bought the paperback of this, and the next book in the series, with the full intentions of one day rereading them, and reviewing them on here. So here I am. Reviewing it. And two years has apparently made a big difference in my tastes, because I. Couldn't. Finish. It.

How does a once beloved book become a DNF? I will tell you. But first, let me point out the good things. The story is unpredictable for the most part. I guessed who would show up in the end, but everything that got us to the end was surprising. The one other thing I like, is Justin. He is a sweetheart. I love that he always tells Adrienne that she is a fox. But there are things that keep me from swooning for him. Which leads me to what I hated this time around. And sadly, two of the reasons involve sex. Spoilers ahead!

During their first time, when Justin discovers he just took her virginity, he pulls out, takes the condom off, and proceeds to have sex with her. The author writes that unprotected sex will make her discomfort lessen. Um ... what? I have NEVER heard of this. My google search didn't enlighten me on that either. If anything, article after article says that condoms help make sex MORE comfortable for the female. It just doesn't sit right with me. Yes, its fiction, but its written in a way that makes it sound like fact, and that could be a dangerous thing if an uninformed person is reading this book. And from personal experience, because I was a dumb teenager who risked having sex with no condom and just the pill as protection - it still fucking hurt. The second thing is just unforgiveable. And I remember it made me uncomfortable the first time I read it, but I let the romance sweep me away, and I let it go. But I shouldn't have. When Justin and Adrienne are forced to take a time out due to Justin's family obligations, Justin knows that the only way his family will let him out of the arranged marriage is if he gets Adrienne pregnant. So what does he do? He has unprotected sex with Adrienne, in the hope of knocking her up - unbeknown to her. You know ... the woman who would have to be pregnant. Now listen. It all ends in a happily ever after, after she is - understandably - pissed after finding out that he knowingly knocked her up. She forgives him. They are in love, marry and have more babies. But lets be honest here. This is a form of rape. And while their happily ever after swept me away the first time, it didn't this time.

Then there is the shitty characters. And I mean - these people just suck. Adrienne is the main character, and I don't like her. Her inner thoughts don't match up with the successful woman she is supposed to be. Her family, while admittedly written to be assholes, are just terrible. And while it does turn out nice for her in the end, there are problems with her biological family as well - including Justin's. Specifically, both families forcing two people who a) don't know each other (presumably) and b) don't WANT to marry each other, to marry because THEY want their families connected. Ugh. And don't even get me started on her so called friends. Her friends took up too much page time in this book, and my brain mentally groaned every time they popped up.

But that isn't all folks! Nope! There is more! The writing is just ... weird! It's third person, but there is something off about it! It just doesn't flow well! And do you notice all the exclamations?! How could you not? I have never seen the exclamation point used this much, in ANYTHING I have ever read. There isn't a paragraph that goes by that that doesn't have one. And 99% of the time, it doesn't make sense for it to be there. There is nothing !!! about it.

I honestly don't know how I missed a lot of this on my first read through 2 years ago. Was it the Chapters App version that made me love the story, or was I just fully registering what I was reading? Is it age? Maturity? I don't know. But I'm left sad. Because I remembered this book, and especially the next one - fondly. And now I can't bring myself to finish them. And I have two paperbacks that I don't even want to donate, because God forbid some teenager reads it, and thinks unprotected sex will make their first time painless. Sigh. I hate writing reviews like this. But honestly, if you are interested in the story, download the Chapters App and check it out on there. It definitely not as problematic as the book is.

Justin: "You're a fox!"


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