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Admittedly, I have been having a bad week. Yesterday, I was tired, and a little bit cranky, and I've been having trouble getting into a book or series lately after reading A Court of Silver Flame. What brightened up my day? This news. One of my favorite book series of all time, from one of my favorite authors, is being adapted by television. And while adaptions of beloved books are scary, there are some good signs this is going to be all kids of epic.

  • Sarah J Maas herself is co-adapting it with Ron Moore. In case you don't know, Ron Moore is the creator of Outlander. Outlander has been adapted to screen amazingly well, and with Sarah being heavily involved, I think fans will be happy. Outlander is still going strong, with season 6 currently in production.

  • It's being adapted by hulu, so it will not have the same constraints cable tv has. It will have the budget it needs to be given justice.

Are you excited for ACOTAR to make it to our TV screens?

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