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A Greene Family Vacation by Piper Rayne

A Greene Family Vacation

by Piper Rayne


Book 6.5 in The Greene Family Series

Greene Family Vacation Itinerary…

Ticket holders:

17 adults. 5 children.

Departs from Anchorage, Alaska

Arrives in Maui, Hawaii

Reports of arguing with the TSA’s at the airport, three drunk grandmas, siblings fighting, a tooth fairy, two celebrities, one sunburned redhead, a wild blonde running the halls and one unexpected layover in San Francisco.

Enjoy your trip!



Well this little novella was fun!

I didn't love it.

But it was fun!

I have a problem though. A big problem.

It has to do with the timeline of this series. There are some big continuity errors that took me so far out of the story, I couldn't get over it.

It's not a small error.

At the time of this vacation, it hasn't been long since the end of the last book, where Fisher and Allie's twins were not very old ... maybe 6-8 months? Anyways, they are still this age in this novella.

Which makes sense, right?

At the end of My Sister's Flirty Friend (this is Jed's book where he finds out he has a three year old daughter), we find out Allie is pregnant with the twins. 5 months along, to be exact. So by time Allie and Fisher's babies are born, the oldest Jed's daughter Emelia would be is 4.

In this book the babies are 6-8 months old.

Emelia is somehow seven years old.


I get that authors miss things. There is no way to remember every little thing in a big series like this. But this is why authors keep all this information in a notebook, that they can reference. It may seem like such a small thing. After all, this is contemporary romance, not a fantasy. Details can be a bit blurred and it not affect the story. But that is a big jump. It took me out of the story altogether.

Not something you want when you are this invested in a series.

Aside from that, it wasn't bad. We get some couple updates. It sets up some future couples. It has some great family moments that make this series great.

But that error. Ugh.

I shake my head.

Mandi: “Is that going to happen to us when we get old?”

Clara: “That we become hornier than we were as teenagers? If we go off of that retirement home, then yes.” When I’m about ten pages into a book that I have no idea what it’s about, a dark shadow appears over me and I figure, bingo, I’ve hooked a guy’s interest. I lower my sunglasses and look up over the rim, only to find Cam holding two fruity-looking drinks with umbrellas in them.

Chevelle: “What are you doing?”

I seethe.

Cam: “Thought you might be thirsty?”

He sits on the lounger at my side and sets both drinks on the table between us. I glance at the bar and almost everyone is looking, but they quickly turn away.

Chevelle: “What did you do?”

Cam: “Well, since you decided to make a spectacle of yourself, the guys at the bar were all betting who could get a date with you.”

I stare blankly, so he continues.

Cam: “And of course, I told them you aren’t available.”

Chevelle: “Cam!”

I whisper-shout.

Chevelle: “What did you tell them?”

He shrugs his muscled shoulder.

Cam: “I told them you’re my girlfriend, but we’re keeping things on the down low because we’re here with your family. And I’m your brother’s best friend and…”

I hold my hand up to get him to stop.

Chevelle: “Why would you do that?”

He looks at me as though it should be obvious.

Cam: “They’re only looking for one thing.”

Chevelle: “I’m only looking for one thing!”

He rolls his eyes.

Cam: “Trust me, you dodged a bullet. They were talking about your ass, your breasts. They’re only interested in your body.”

He sips his drink and raises it toward them. They all laugh and quickly turn as soon as I look.

Chevelle: “So what?”

Cam: “Come on, Chevelle, there’s more to you than just that, as much as you try to hide it. You need someone who loves your mind too. Your brothers would kill me if I let you sleep with one of those douchebags.”

Chevelle: “I’m going to kill you,” Adam: “Cam!”

I interrupt them, ignoring the look in my sister’s eyes while she’s looking at Cam. I don’t like it.

Adam: “You gave him a hundred dollars.”

Chevelle’s smile widens.

Cam: “He’s had a rough life. The kid deserves it.”

I shake my head.

Adam: “That’s what he’s going to expect every time he loses a tooth now.”

Cam: “Well, maybe you should be more careful when you’re picking someone to play a supernatural creature next time.”

He winks. Logan: “Baby, you’re the most gorgeous woman here.”

I scoff and keep walking.

Logan: “I’m serious. And you could wear a bikini. You should wear the marks Noah gave you with pride.”

Nikki: “Come on, Logan, I don’t want anyone to see those.”

They’re fading, but they’re still there.

Logan: “I want to kiss each and every one because they’re proof of you giving us a healthy baby.”

I cover my stomach even though the black Lycra swimsuit does it.

Nikki: “I just miss my old body.”

He takes me in his arms and pulls me into his chest.

Logan: “I don’t. Not in the slightest. I like this one better and I’ll like the next one after you have our second child even more.” Molly: “I’m pregnant.”

I place my hand on her stomach.

Jed: “We’re pregnant.”

Molly: “Then can you take throw-up duty now?” Kara: “I work for a sex toy company.”

Clara: “Oh, that’s awesome. Do you get free samples?”

I ask, completely jealous.

Kara: “Yeah. My boss is the best. She says we can’t sell them to the masses if we don’t use them on our ourselves first.”

Clara: “Share the wealth sometime.”

Ashton: “She can share them all because she’s got me now and I’m bigger than all those vibrators she gets,”

Kara: “You know it, babe.”

Kara gives me an expression as if to say, Whatever, I just go with it. Then she leans in and says under her breath,

Kara: “Men are such simple creatures.”


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