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A Christmas Disgrace by Dee Palmer

A Christmas Disgrace

by Dee Palmer

Self -Published

Book 3.5 in the Disgrace Trilogy

also in the Hell Hath No Fury Anthology

An erotic Christmas short story, catching up with Dominant Jason Sinclair and Dominatrix Sam.

Can be read as a hot little standalone or you could always dive right into the delicious Disgrace Trilogy to warm your kindle right up this festive season.



Christmas Romance


"An erotic Christmas short story, catching up with Dominant Jason Sinclair and Dominatrix Sam."

I never would have found this little gem of a Christmas story, if I didn't read the Hell Hath No Fury Anthology (full review of that coming in January). I almost skipped it - just because I haven't read the series it is a part of - but Dee Palmer said it could be read as a stand alone, so I took the chance. And I really liked it. For multiple reasons. The characters were interesting, and likeable. The story itself was entertaining, not something I was expecting in a Christmas themed short story, but Dee Palmer did a good job. And the sex ... amazing. It's not all just BDSM in this short story, and has a rather delicious and unexpected conclusion.

If you just want a short and a little dirty Christmas story to read, you can easily read this without reading the other books in the series. But I won't be surprised if you do what I did, and immediately add the series to your TBR.

Jason: "Flattery will get you everywhere, Mrs. Sinclair."

Sam: "Oh, good. So what's in the box?"

Nodding at the small box suspiciously out of place on the top of the chest of toys.

Jason: "Nice try, Sam, but I said patience, and I meant it. Do I need to gag you, too?"

Sam: "Might be an idea, unless you want me to bite your cock off."

Jason: "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that, or I will have to get the cane out, and then you'll have to explain to Roman and Madi why their mummy can't sit down for Christmas dinner."

Sam: "Sir,"

I bow my head with renewed and timely contrition.

Jason: "Better."

Sam: "Oh, God,"

I sigh, when he finally releases my lips.

Sam: "Please."

My plea escapes on a breathy exhale before my brain is really engaged. My head is a fog of coursing desire, lust, and desperation. I'm a little embarrassed at how quickly I'm begging, and honestly, I usually have more control.

Jason: "Oh, baby, so soon? What's got you so horny?"

Sam: "Sexy Santa with Satan's tongue, taunting me with his massive erection and orgasm denial ... hmm, now let me think?"

Jason: "Oh, good. Sass. Let's get you to the bench."

Mary: "Wait, Sam! You have to fight this. You can't let Stephanie get away with it."

Mary urges.

Sam: "Oh, don't worry, she won't."

A devious smile spreads like hot wax across my skin.

Jason: "Oh no, I've seen that look."

Jason chuckles.

Sam: "What look?"

Feigning innocence, I place my hand to my chest and flutter my lashes.

Jason: "The, 'someone's going to be needed arnica' look."

Jason: "People are always going to judge, Sam; you know that. This is the first time I've seen you riled like this, and I have to wonder if this means every time Roman gets a setback you're going to reach for the hot red leather strapless cat suit and matching bullwhip to sort the problem."

He turns to face me and steps up close and very personal. His aroma washes over me, all manly scent and minty freshness. His eyes darker, and a wicked curl tips his lips forward.

Sam: "I might."

I brazen.

Jason: "Lucky me."

Milly's mum: "Oh, my god, that's fantastic. My husband is going to flip. We had the best sex we've had in years last night, we were both so turned on,"

Milly's mum blurts.

Sam: "Oh, right, we're into sharing already."

Jason: "You're not sleeping here, Will. One Christmas miracle is all you get."

Jason yawns deeply, causing a chain reaction in the room.

Will: "I know, and it was fucking amazing. Thank you."

Sam: "You're welcome."

I say, smiling against Jason's bare chest. His arms constrict a little tighter. I feel Will kiss the back of my head.

Will: "No, seriously, you guys are amazing. Rock fucking solid, and I'm jealous as hell. Happy for you both, obviously. I couldn't be happier, I love you both so much, but still, I'm fucking jealous, too."

Jason: "Then go and find someone, Will. It's a big ass world,"

Jason grumbles.

Will: "You really think there's another Sam out there?"

Jason: "No, no, I don't."

Will: "So, what am I supposed to do?"

Jason: "Beats me, brother. Sounds like you're shit out of luck."

Sam: "What time is it?"

Flopping back against Jason, I roll my head to his chest and close my eyes for just a few seconds more.

Jason: "Four-thirty."

He chuckles, stroking my hair. He trails his fingers all the way down my back as far as he can reach.

Sam: "Gah, nooooo. That's too early."

The sleepy grumble morphs into a face-stretching yawn and a secret smile.

Jason: "No such thing when Santa's been."

Jason is on the floor with Roman, trying t o fix some part of the castle he's constructing, but the part keeps popping loose.

Jason: "I'm gonna need something small and heavy to hold it down while the glue sets."

he mutters.

Roman: "Oh, oh, the pine cone is heavy ... I'll get it."

Roman leaps to his bare feet and scurries out of the living room and up the stairs. I think the alcohol and exhaustion has dulled my senses, because it didn't even register until Roman is back in the room proudly holding my butt plug in his hand like a trophy.

Sam: "Oh, god, we are bad parents."

Groaning into the cushion. I can hear Will laughing his arse off and Jason chuckling.

Jason: "Not bad parents, it could be worse."

Jason's effort to keep a straight face is laughable.

Sam: "How exactly?"

Jason: "Well, at least it's not used."


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