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Character Art by Charles Bowater
Drawn for the Barnes & Noble Kingdom of Ash Dustcover

Assassin's Guild

    The Assassin's Guild is located in Rifthold, Adarlan, in a wealthy district.  The mansion is very unassuming, and no one knows that it is the Assassin's Keep. 

    The Guild has had a few different leaders in the span of the series.  First, there was Arobynn Hamel.  After his death in Queen of Shadows, Aelin Galathynius is briefly the head of the organization, after she forged his will, reinstating her as his heir.  She then sells the guild  to Arobynn's associates Tern, Harding and Mullin, making them the three kings of the assassin's.  

    The Assassin's Guild is responsible for the training of all the continents assassins, and gives them jobs, but really only has control from Eyllwe to Terrasen.  The Guild encourages brutality, and backstabbing, and teaches their assassin's to always watch their back.  They are encouraged to be cutthroat, are pitted against one another.  They are taught never to show weakmness.  

    Arobynn enforces all his assassin's to be educated, as words are as deadly as steel.


    The Dragon, The Swan, The Stag (The Lord of the North)

Four Winds

    Said to be what the fae used to create asterion horses.  Spirit from the North, Strength from the South, Speed from the East, and Wisdom from the West.


    A poison that causes paralysis in small amounts, death in large amounts.  It is used in The Assassin's Blade when Ansel poisons the Mute Master during her attack.

Golden Wolf

    Golden Wolf is one of the ships Rolfe is using to transport slaves.  Celaena infiltrates the Golden Wolf, knocks out the guards and ties up the captain, before  unchaining the slaves, and finding Dia to translate the plan to the rest of the people.

Harvest Moon

    Time of celebration.


    Loveless is one of the ship's that Rolfe has transporting slaves in The Assassin and the Pirate Lord.  Sam infiltrates that ship to take down the guards, and unchain the slaves.

Priestesses of Lani

    Women who devote their life to Lani, Goddess of Dreams

Rolfe's Magic Map

    Rolfe is known for the magic map that is tattooed on his hands.  The rumor is that Rolfe sold his sold to the devil in exchange for the map, which shows the locations of treasure, enemies and storms.  In truth, after becoming shipwrecked, he woke up to the Sea God standing over him.  The God asked him what his greatest wish was, and Rolfe told him he wanted to become the Pirate Lord of Skull's Bay.  The God granted his wish, in exchange for what he values the most.  When Rolfe woke up, he had the magical map on his hands.  When he returned home, he found out his mother and sister had died, after gathering the little money they had to rent a skiff to find him, which he later realized was the price for the map.  

    When magic wasn't accessible, the map didn't work.

Sessiz Suikast/The Silent Assassin's

    The Silent Assassin's are a group of assassin's established in the Red Desert.  Their leader is the Mute Master.  It is located between two massive sand dunes in the middle of the Red Desert.  Despite it's name, it's acolytes are not forced to take vows of silence.  They are taken by those who choose to, and the length of time is chosen by each person.

    Unlike the Assassin's Guild, The Silent Assassin's are a mix of both men and women, and are from countries and continents Celaena never even heard of.  Also, the assassin's and acolytes are free to come and go, and whether they will take certain jobs.  Celaena notes that the assassin's at the fortress seem peaceful and joyous, which is a big difference to how Arobynn's assassins are.  They are also not forced into debts at the fortress.  They all contribute to their lives at the fortress, and look to one another to learn.

    While there is a lot of freedom at the fortress, there are things acolytes must do.  Before training, everyone must complete a three mile run across the dunes while carrying two buckets across their backs to an oasis.  There they can swim, and take a break, but they must fill the buckets with water before making the three mile run back.  


    Ship-Breaker is a giant chain that hangs between the shores of the only entrance and exit of Skull's Bay.  If not lowered, it will take out the mast of any ship that tries entering or exiting, and will sink the ship.


    Silk that is spun by stygian spiders, that live hidden in the Ruhnn Mountains.  It is incredibly rare, as the spiders demand a hefty cost in exchange for the silk.  It is described as delicate as gossamer, and lovelier than silk, yet stronger than steel.  It looks iridescent, and glitters like the surface of the sea.

The Sea Dragon

    ONE:  The Sea Dragon is a tavern in Skull's Bay that Rolfe runs his business out of.

    TWO:  The Sea Dragon is also the name of Rolfe's ship.

Torre Cesme

    A great academy in Antica of healers and physicians.

Witch Wars

    Over 500 years before the events of Throne of Glass, the Crochan and Ironteeth witches went to war.  The three Ironteeth clans - Yellowlegs, Blackbeak, ******** - joined forces to overthrow the Crochan witches, which they do at a cost.  Before they kill the last Crochan Queen, she cursed the lands of the Witch Kingom, so that if Ironteeth banners were to fly on those lands, crops would not grow, animals would wither and die, and the waters would turn muddy.

    The Witch Wars destroyed a lot of the beautiful relics of the Witch Kingdom, leaving them in rubble. 

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