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Kingdom in Erilea

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Leader:                Queen Aelin Whitethorn Ashryver Galathynius & King Consort Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius (Kingdom of Ash)

                             Lords of Terrasen (From Terrasen's fall, to Kingdom of Ash)

                             King Orlon Galathynius (before book events to the fall of Terrasen)

                             King Brannon Galathynius and Queen Mala Fire-Bringer (founders of Terrasen)

Loyalty:                Aelin Galathynius/Terrasen

                             Lords of Terrasen/Terrasen

                             King Dorian Havilliard I/Adarlan

                             King Orlon Galathynius/Terrasen

Language:           Unknown

Key Locations:    Orynth

                                  Great Library


Key Characters:  Aelin Whitethorn Ashryver Galathynius
                            Aedion Ashryver

                            Orlon Galathynius

                            Brannon Galathynius

                            Mala Fire-Bringer

                            Elena Galathynius Havilliard

                            Gavin Havilliard



Terrasen Politics

    Terrasen was founded by a fae named Brannon Galathynius and his wife - a goddess - Mala Fire-Bringer.  When Mala gives up her immortal body for a mortal one, Brannon and her conceive a daughter, who is Elena Galathynius.  When she marries Gavin Havilliard, Brannon and Mala gift the land of Terrasen to them as a wedding gift, making Elena the first Queen of Terrasen.

    Terrasen remains under House Galathynius until eight years before the events of The Assassin's Blade.  Previous to the events of the prequel, Terrasen was under the rule of King Orlon Galathynius, who was a much loved king.  The King of Adarlan - Dorian Havilliard I - in his mission to take over Erilia and rule over an empire - ordered for the Galathynius line to be assassinated.  King Orlon was murdered, and because he had no immediate heirs, the kingdom would have gone to the next in line, Prince Rhoe Galathynius.  The King of Adarlan also ordered the executions of Prince Rhoe, his wife Evalyn Ashryver, and their only heir, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius.  Aelin manages to escape with the help of Marion Lochan, making her the sole survivor, and rightful heir of Terrasen.  

    With the Galathynius line believed dead, the King of Adarlan claims Terrasen, and invades with his armies.

    Only eight years old at the time, Aelin almost dies in her escape.  The spirit of Elena Galathynius lures the nearby Arobynn Hamel from his bed and leads him to the almost frozen girl.  He offers her a choice: come with him and be trained as an assassin, or stay and take her chances on her own.  She chooses to go with Arobynn.  Aelin spends the next 10-11 years in hiding under the alias of Celaena Sardothien, trains under Arobynn, and becomes widely known as the best assassin in Adarlan by the age of sixteen.  

    By the time Aelin decides to shed her Celaena identity, and manages to get back to Terrasen, the Lords of the novle houses of Terrasen, who had run Terrasen under Adarlan's stewardship, and continued to after his death, refused to acknowledge Aelin as Queen opf Terrasen.  Aelin vows to bring an army to Terrasen, to save it, despite the Lords banning her from her rightful place.  She does so, calling in favors and friends she made as Celaena Sardothien.  When Aelin and her armies manage to defeat Erawan and the valg army, Aelin takes her rightful role as Queen of Terrasen, along with her husband, and now King Consort of Terrasen, Rowan Whitethorn.  

Terrasen Facts

  • When Brannon arrived on Erilea, Kingsbloom, described as a small red/orange flower so vibrant it took your breath away,  bloomed in mountains and fields across the entire kingdom.  It is now believed that if even one of the flower is found, the current ruller is blessed and their kingdom at peace.

  • Orynth, the capitol of Terrasen, once housed what was described as the best library in Erilea.  It was destroyed by Adarlan forces when the King of Adarlan made anything magic or related to magic illegal.  

  • The plains right before Orynth are called Theralis.  The final battle of between the empire and Terrasen happened on these plains.  Most of the Terrasen armies and commanders died on those plains, and it is said the streams ran red for days.

  • Most of Terrasen's people were magic wielders.

  • The Stag constellation remains constant in the sky, so that the people of Terrasen may always be able to find their way home.  


    Orynth is the capital of Terrasen, and is where the royal family resides.

    It once had what was described as the best library in Erilea, called The Great Library of Orynth, and it housed ancient books of knowledge and magic.  It was destroyed and burned when Adarlan conquered Terrasen, and made magic illegal. 

    Orynth also once had a school for magic users, called Devellin.  The students were slaughtered, and the school was also destroyed by Adarlan's armies.


    Illium is the first area of Terrasen Brannon Galathynius stepped on.  


    Perranth is the second largest city in Terrasen.   

Aelin's Connection to Terrasen

  • Aelin was born in Terrasen as Princess Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, the only child to Prince Rhoe Galathynius and Princess Evalin Ashryver Galathynius.  Aelin was the great niece to the king of Terrasen, King Orlon Galathynius.  

  • Aelin lived in Terrasen with her parents until their murders when she was 8.  She was found barely alive by an entranced Arobynn Hamel, who offered her a place in the Assassin's Keep in Rifthold, Adarlan if she agreed to train.

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