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Asterion Horse -
    Asterion horses are the most ancient breed of horses in Erilea.  Legend on Asterion horses is that they were made by the fae with the four winds - spirit from the wind, strength from the south, speed from the east, and wisdom from the west - all rolled into a slender-snouted, high-tailed, lovely horse.  

    While Celaena was riding Kasida, she describes the speed of the asterion horses as so fast, the wind burned her eyes.

    While all are incredibly sought after, mares are prized as their pedigree is traced through the female line.  

Demi-Fae - 

Fae -

Human - 

Witches -

    Witches are the resulting offspring of a fae and a valg, and are always born women.  They are immortal beings, and the only known way to kill them is to cut off their head.

    There are two types of witches - Crochan's and Ironteeth.   

Ironteeth Witch - 

    Ironteeth witches are mostly known for their retractable iron teeth that are sharp as a fish, and retractable iron nails, that can gut a person.  

    They love the thrill of the hunt, and while they do not need to do it to survive, do enjoy blooding and eating humans.  Ansel tells Celaena of a childhood friend of her sister's that was taken by an ironteeth witch, and when they went back to find her, all that there was left was ivory, picked clean bones.

Crochan Witch 

    The Crochan witches are gifted with ethereal beauty.

Stygian Spiders 

    The Stygian spiders live deep in the Ruhnn Mountains.  It is impossible to find the spiders - they find you.  They are described to be as large as a horse. 

    They make the incredibly rare and sought after spidersilk, but the cost of it is very hefty.  They typically ask for human flesh, years off your life, or dreams.  The only way to get back what you gave to the spiders is to kill the spider that consumed it.

    They are very dangerous, and only great warriors can defeat them.

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