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Sam Cortland

Male | Human

Loyal to Assassin's Guild

Lived in the Assassin's Keep, Rifthold

Born in Rifthold

17-18 | Deceased

Died in The Assassin and the Empire



Unnamed Mother 

Unknown Father


Love Interests
Celaena Sardothien (The Assassin's Blade)


Physical Description

Sam is described as being physically fit, with dark brown hair and eyes.  He is very handsome.




Before Book Events

The Assassin's Blade

For Book Walkthrough, click here.

    When we first meet Sam in The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, he see that he is loyal to Arobynn and the assassin's, but is combative with Celaena, due to his jealousy over Celaena being chosen as Arobynn's heir.  As Celaena gets to know him more, though, we learn that he isn't as loyal to Arobynn as he first appeared to be.  He, like Celaena, is disgusted by Arobynn wanting to get into the slave trade, and offers his help in freeing the slaves.  He tells Celaena that he thinks Arobynn sent them to Skull's Bay to get them out of Rifthold, because he was hiding something from them, and that he knew more about Ben's death than he was letting on, but Celaena didn't want to believe that.  He suggests they run away after freeing the slaves, but Celaena doesn't want to spend her life hiding from Arobynn.

    When he tells Celaena he has feelings for her -

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