Zodiac Academy: Shadow Princess by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Zodiac Academy: Shadow Princess

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti


Book 4 in the Beasts and Bullies Series

After the events of the Lunar Eclipse, Tory and Darcy must learn to deal with the darkness which shadows their lives.

With a secret binding them to Darius and Orion, they must find a way to all work together for the greater good. But some things are easier said than done...


Age Recommendation:



Urban Fantasy

Romance/Bully Romance

Zodiac Academy: Shadow Princess is the fourth book from Caroline Packham's and Susana Valenti's Beasts and Bullies series, and centers around the Vega twins - Darcy and Tory - The Heirs - Darius, Seth, Max and Caleb - and their Cardinal Magic Professor (and Darius's sworn guardian) - Lance Orion. After the events from the last book, Darcy and Tory are now tied to Darius and Orion. Keeping the secrets of the darkness that is now in each of them is harder than they thought, and it forces them to work together. Of course, working with your enemy for the greater good is easier said then done. Bonds are formed and ripped apart in this Zodiac Academy book.

Guys. How did I end up in this tangled web. I went from reluctantly liking this series, to spending every free moment of my days reading this - admittedly way too long - books. This was one I was looking forward to, because the end of the third book has SO much shit happening, that I just knew we were heading to plot thick waters. I also knew from some milk spoilers that this book epically pissed off a lot of Zodiac Academy fans, and I needed to know why. Before I get into THAT, I want to discuss my thoughts on story. It's still a fun and interesting premise. It's still a little too heavy on pointless writing, BUT does get better. A decent chunk of time actually does go by, and we aren't having to read a play by play of each person's day. Thank god. We are getting to see these characters in different situations, and it's giving them a bit more depth. ----------spoiler ----------> Orion and Darcy's relationship in the hands of Seth added a layer of discomfort and ache for my favorite people in this series. While I didn't believe Seth would tell anyone, we got less Darcy and Orion because of it, and that's a bummer. I will admit, that I think Orion could have put his anger aside long enough to talk to Darius earlier and save poor Darcy all the grief Seth was giving her. Tory and Darius's relationship was so hot and cold this book, it killed me. The part where they have sex ON HER FATHER'S THRONE was insanely hot. And fuck, yes I root for them, but much like Tory, I also hate them together. I GET why fans are angry with Tory for her decision during her and Darius's divine moment, and yeah, I'm annoyed about it. But I also get it. We might be four books deep now, but it's only been four months since she met Darius. In that time, they may have been drawn to one another, and they may have had the hottest sex either of them have ever had - but their relationship with one another has been nothing but Darius dragging Tory through the dirt, almost killing her, and feelings for each other that they hated themselves for. These two characters had too much pride to be put in that moment and make that decision. It kind of had an aura of "karma is a bitch". Do I hope this changes both of them for the better. So much so. I also hope that this is a test, and they are the first to get a second divine moment. Because if not - fate is cruel as fuck. <--------------------

After the intense cliffhanger ending of this book, I didn't even care that I needed to, you know, sleep. I dived right into that fifth book, because shit is about to get so real in this series. I just hope it doesn't make my heart ache too much. Cross fingers for me (and yourself, if you are reading this series too).