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Zodiac Academy: Heartless Sky by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Zodiac Academy: Heartless Sky

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Self Published

Book 7 in the Supernatural Bullies and Beasts series

The winds of fate are shifting, and it finally seems like they’ve been twisted in our favour.

On the run and cast out from society, we’ve been forced to hide from the mad man who stole our throne. But as more secrets come to light and my sister and I work harder than ever before to reach our potential and claim our birth right, the end is finally drawing closer.

There is no turning from this path now. The curse chases on our heels as time rushes by and the blood drenched destiny of the man I love looms ever closer just like the monster who stole our throne.

We must prepare for the final battle, but three things are clear now.

The cards have already been dealt.

Blood will spill for a new future to rise.

And the stars themselves can’t help us.

The fight for the throne is upon us. All hail the heartless sky.

Age Recommendation:



Urban Fantasy



Zodiac Academy: Heartless Sky is the the seventh book in the Supernatural Bullies and Beasts series, and starts off immediately where we left off in book six, with our crew escaping the battle with Lionel and his followers, and arriving at The Burrows, the hiding place for the Royalist Rebels. While hiding amongst the growing army against Lionel, Tory and Darcy learn more about their powers, and train to dethrone the false King. Their bonds with the Heirs are closer than ever, they are happy and head over heels for their mates, and their army is strong. But war is bloody, and the stars seem against them. There is no turning back or hiding from fate.

I was afraid to read this one. If you have read Caroline and Susanne's work previously, you will know they LOVE to end their books with the reader in the midst of an emotional breakdown. I also saw many readers state on their readers group on facebook that they were devastated after that ending. So, while I was prepared to be wrecked, it didn't matter in the end, because I bawled my eyes out. It's been a week since I finished it, and I still don't feel okay. Aside from that, my thoughts are largely positive. So, according to Caroline and Susanne, they banged this book out in 6 weeks. I gotta say - almost 1000 pages long, they did a superb job. Seriously. I mean, I found a few typos, but this is a girthy fucking book, and they did it in 6 weeks. That's nutty. And they did a good job writing a book that is centered on almost a year with the rebels, training for war, and it not feeling like a training montage. They definitely focused on the relationships between the Heirs and the Vega's, while implying they are all getting stronger in the ways they need to. I was at least satisfied that Tory and Darcy were getting stronger, while thrilled that we got to see Darcy and Orion and Tory and Darius truly be together. You know what ... so much happened this book, and I need to list it out below to keep my thoughts straight. Remember, if you are okay with spoilers, or have already read the book, highlight between the arrows below to read on.

Darcy and Orion --------------------> I am SO SO SOOOOOO happy we get these two back together in this book. I continued with this series BECAUSE of Darcy and Orion, and I shit you not, I mentally SQUEALED when we FINALLY get them officially mated. Because fuck do they deserve it. But of course, fucking Lavinia had to fuck their lives up again. I know they will get through the consequences of Orion making that star deal that makes him Lavinia's slave, and Darcy will work through the guilt of what she has done under the curse. Speaking of curse, who else called that? I mean, nice try throwing us off with Darcy being under the covers in bed right after another murder, and it almost threw me off. <-------------------------

Darius and Tory ---------------------> Honestly, I was afraid he would never tell her about the deal he made with the stars, and I am so glad he did. It made his death by the hands of his father that much more brutal and unexpected. My hope is that the stars will ultimately bring him back because he died before his allotted time. But who knows? And Tory .... she has grown SO MUCH, and for this to happen ... ugh. I hope she channels that anger towards the right people and gets her justice. It's hard to say with Tory, because she tends to react in a way that I don't expect her to. <-----------------

Seth and Caleb --------------------> OMG!! The tension between these two is so consuming. And that blowjob scene? Delicious. I need these two to get past this misunderstanding and get together ASAP. Because is Rosalie is saying they are destined for each other, and with one more book to go, they must be mates. MUST BE! And I love that they each have their own friendship thing with Orion <3 <-----------------

Xavier/Sophia/Tyler ------------> Why was I NOT expecting a throuple? I should have figured that out, but noooooo. But can I just say, I am fucking FOR THIS. Xavier doming Tyler was insanely hot. Also ... the Jacob's Ladder dijazzling, and the fact that Ryder is the one that did it? Amazing. I'm worried about Xavier. I believe he will live, but I can't remember if wings grow back or not. I know hands and head doesn't. <-----------------

Lionel --------------------> while I groaned when I saw we got chapters from his POV, they ended up being delightful if you like seeing a bit of karma dumped on someone. I can imagine Caroline and Susanne thinking up ways to torture Lionel, and cackling as they wrote that scene. What he does to Xavier, and killing Darius .... he better get a brutal fucking death. <-----------------------

  1. Darcy and Orion. Sigh. And Seth interrupting, because it was funny.

  2. Darius and Tory reuniting

  3. Darius trying to make breakfast

  4. Seth showing Darcy his penis in his excitement to show his bite mark, and Orion losing his mind over it

  5. Orion and Darius still cuddle <3

  6. Darcy finding out about Seth fucking with Orion

  7. Darius trying to claim the treasure lol

  8. Xavier and Darius saving Xavier's herd

  9. The wedding, and Tory and Darcy's dresses

  10. Seth telling Orion his secret

  11. Seth's drinking game that totally backfired

  12. Orion in all the A.S.S gear

  13. Darcy and Orion at the library


  15. Geraldine in charge

  16. Caleb and Seth .... CALEB AND SETH!

  17. Xavier's prank on Gabriel. Amazing!


  19. Orion announcing to the rebels that he loves Darcy

  20. MATES MATES MATESSSSSS and no longer being power shamed

  21. Caleb catching Seth, Orion and Darcy in a weird situation lol


  23. Darius telling Lionel he married Tory, and when he is finished killing him, he will bow to her.

Geraldine: “And yes, he may be an Acrux, raised by the vagrant vagabond who has stolen the throne from the true queens, and yes, we may look at him and accuse him of being a cowardly creature with a spine as slippery as a sallion slug. But hear me this day, and hear me ever more, for Xavier Acrux has proved he will fight in the name+ of my lady Tory and my lady Darcy. He has shown that every glittering speck of his essence is devoted to the true cause, the rightful cause-”

Seth: “Can we hurry it along? I’m freezing my cock off here,” Orion: “What are you gonna do, throw me in prison?”

Orion asked her tauntingly.

Tory: “Nah, the punishment for that crime is hourly dick kicks,” Tory: “Are we seriously going to join the C.O.C.Ks?” Darcy: “You look a little lonely over there in the shadows,"

Orion: “I’ve always enjoyed the company of the shadows. Besides, I’m a Vampire. I don’t get lonely. Alone is what I do best.”

Darcy: “Well I guess I’ll just walk by myself then,”

I said lightly and he shot to my side so fast it made my head spin, a smirk twisting up the corners of his mouth as he took hold of my arm.

Orion: “Turns out, I enjoy the company of your shadow more than any other,”

he said in a low voice that set my pulse racing.

Orion: “So go ahead and walk away from me, Blue, but I’ll be right behind you.” Darcy: “This isn’t a classroom, Professor. If you want to teach me a lesson, you’d better do it with your hands.”

Orion: Fine by me.” Seth: “Woah, sorry. Didn’t realize things were getting Fifty Shades of Blue in here,” Darcy: “Shut it, Seth. If you stay here, you can’t be an asshole.”

Seth: “But being an asshole is what I do,” Orion: “No. You think I’m gonna share breathing space with the guy who’s been cozying up to my girl while I was gone?”

Darcy: “Firstly, I wasn’t your girl while you were gone. Because you were gone, duh.”

I prodded Orion in the side.

Darcy: “And secondly, if you suggest one more time that I hooked up with Seth, I’ll unleash Tory’s fist on your dick again.” Darcy: “Goodnight, Lance,”

I said breathlessly and he pressed his lips to the soft place behind my ear as his fingers ran over the bite to heal it.

Orion: “Goodnight, Blue.”

Seth: “Goodnight, roomies,”

Tory: “If you kiss me now, I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to let you go again. So if this isn’t it for you, if you can’t handle my stubborn, selfish ass then please just walk away. Because I can’t have you for this moment if I don’t have you for every moment after it-”

Darius: “I’m yours, Roxy. For every single second I have in this world, I’m all yours. And after that I’ll still be yours, wherever I end up after I’m gone, I’ll belong right here with you.” Darius: “You’re more than I deserve, Roxy, but I’m not selfless enough to give you up. So I’m going to take my time with you tonight. I’m going to mark each and every inch of your flesh with my touch so that you can’t even wash the feeling of me from your body.”

Tory: “You are better than him, Darius. And you might be a monster, but you’re my monster now and I want you just the way you are.” Seth: “It was cold over there.”

Seth pointed at his own bed.

Seth: “And there was a chilly breeze blowing in under the door.”

Orion: “You’re an air Elemental,”

I spat, stalking back and forth in front of his shield as I heaved breaths in and out, hungry for a fight.

Seth: “Yeah and I’m a Werewolf!”

He got to his feet, wiping away the blood from his now healed nose on the back of his hand.

Seth: “I need snuggles. Without snuggles, I get cold and lonely. And Darcy went to get breakfast, so your bear arms were going to waste, and I snuck in for a little hug time. I don’t see what the big deal is.”

He grabbed some sweatpants from the floor, yanking them on.

Orion: “I don’t snuggle,”

I snapped.

Seth: “Liar. You snuggle with Darcy and Darius all the time. But where’s my snuggles, Lance? Where’s. My. Snuggles?” Gabriel: “He’s been with Tory all night,”

Orion: “All night? Why didn’t you come to me sooner?”

Gabriel: “Trust me, you did not want to go and interrupt them. I had to keep myself busy all night just so I wasn’t plagued by visions of my sister being railed by a fucking Acrux.”

Orion: “By the moon, why would the stars show you that?”

I grimaced.

Gabriel: “Because they’re assholes who have a sick sense of humour, Orio. Darcy: “How many times do I have to tell you I don’t need protecting?”

Orion: “And how many times do I have to tell you, that I will protect you regardless?”

he tossed back in his stern professor tone which just angered me even more.

Darcy: “You’re infuriating,”

I huffed.

Orion: “And you’re cute when you’re angry. Shall we air more facts about each other, Blue, or go and kill some Nymphs?” Darcy: “I’m angry because I’m scared,”

I admitted in a rush of words.

Darcy: “Because if you keep trying to save me, maybe one day you’ll put yourself between me and death and it will claim you from me.”

Terror coated the admission of my worst fear.

Darcy: “Or maybe you’ll end up in Darkmore again because you make choices for us without consulting me and I’ll lose you all over again.”

Orion: “That’s love, Blue,” Caleb: “Hey,”

I barked at him, shooting forward and gripping his hair in my fist, jerking on it to make him look up at me.

Caleb: “No pouting. We can figure this out.”

Seth’s eyes widened and he nodded slowly, his tongue wetting his lips and drawing my attention for a moment.

Seth: “Alright,”

he agreed, a smirk lifting the corner of his mouth.

Seth: “But you didn’t have to go all Dom on me.”

Caleb: “Oh please, you’d love it if I went all Dom on you,” Seth: “Oh so all we have to do to earn our way onto the tasty table is give a Vega a bunch of orgasms then, is it?”

Seth demanded, like that was some kind of challenge.

Caleb: “Well technically I have given a Vega a load of-”

I began but Darius cut me off with a snarl.

Darius: “Do not finish that sentence, Caleb. Or I swear to fuck, I’ll cut your dick off and toss it in the tray with those chipolatas over there.”

Seth: “Oooh, there’s chipolatas?” Orion: “Wait here,”

Orion growled before shooting off out of the bathhouse and barely a few seconds passed before he returned with everyone’s Phoenix weapons in hand, handing them out as well as slapping a pair of sweatpants into Seth’s chest for him to cover up with.

Seth: “Oh wow, thanks friend,”

he said before pulling them on.

Orion: “I’m doing everyone else a favor, not you,”

Seth: “So I’ve had a really good idea of how to make my next move. I’m gonna play gay chicken with him.” Darcy: “Gay chicken?”

I frowned.

Seth: “Yeah, because Cal is competitive, see? He can’t ever bear to lose. So I’ll just dare him to go gay for me and he won’t be able to back down on the dare because he’d have to admit defeat by doing so. Then he’ll go full gay and we’ll get gayer and gayer together until one day we’re married and it’s ten years down the line and he’s still so committed to the dare with our fourteen children who often ask why Daddy C always goes to those strip bars at the weekends with the booby ladies and-”

Darcy: “That’s a terrible idea,”

I cut over him and he looked crestfallen, like he’d really thought he’d cracked it this time. I took pity on him, resting a hand on his shoulder with a sigh.

Darcy: “Just tell him the truth, Seth.” The cold sensation of a bucket of ice being dumped on my libido fell over me and I cut Max a glare as he shrugged innocently.

Max: “You need to stay calm for a bit. No eye fucking the Dragon.” Darcy: “I think your boyfriend needs reminding of his place on your favourite person list,”

Tory: “Oh he knows. A couple more orgasms and he might even make the top ten.”

Geraldine banged her fist on the table.

Geraldine: “We have a murderer in our midst, and the game is afoot. We must solve this mystery before one of our own is found butchered in the night. Or would you rather we have this discussion while picking up the pieces of our beloved Xavier, because let us be unduly honest, he is quite the target with his sweet innocence and gentle soul.”

Xavier: “Hey,”

Xavier protested around a mouthful of lasagna.

Xavier: “I’m not innocent.”

Orion: “On a completely unrelated side note, I need the blood of a virgin for the Zodiac Guild elixir, do you mind if I grab some from you after dinner?”

Xavier spluttered his way through swallowing, his cheeks turning bright red.

Xavier: “I’m not a virgin.”

Darius boomed a laugh and Tory smacked him while the rest of the Heirs cracked up and Geraldine doubled over, wheezing as she held her side.

Geraldine: “Oh my great aunt Gwyneth on a merry-go-round, I needed that laugh during this somber eve, dear Xavier. Thank you,”

Geraldine said, wiping tears from under her eyes.

Xavier: “I’m not joking,”

Xavier balked.

Xavier: “I’ve had plenty of…sex.”

Darius: “With who?”

Darius demanded, leaning back in his seat and folding his arms.

Xavier: “Girls. Lots of girls. I’ve had girls on their knees while I rut my…horn on their swollen…parts.”

Caleb: “Oh dude, please go fuck someone, it’s painful to hear you talk about something you’ve never done.” Tory was gazing up at me, sucking her lip as she clapped to try and get the crowd started, but they didn’t follow her lead even when she elbowed Darius and he gave a couple of pitying slow claps too.

Tory: “Not a fucking slow clap, asshole,”

Darius: “Either kind of clap is awkward as fuck,” Geraldine: “I see you Lance Azriel Orion. My eyes are wide open and there you are like a crisp apple balancing upon the bosoms of the stars.”

Orion: “Thanks. I mean, not about me being a tit apple, but the other part.”

Orion: “So you played me, huh?”

I elbowed Darius as he rolled onto his side to look at me.

Darius: “Seth played you. I just let him. So are you gonna thank his ass or spank it?”

Orion: “I’ll ram a fucking pineapple up it,” Darcy: “Ohmagod,”

Darcy’s voice carried to me, but I couldn’t quite stir out of sleep to find her.

Darcy: “This is too cute.”

Tory: “Shh, you’ll wake them and I need to get a photo so that I can mock them tirelessly with it,”

Tory whispered.

Darcy: “They’re cuddling,”

Darcy whisper-squealed and Tory shushed her again but started suppressing a laugh.

Orion: “It’s called a man hug,” Tory: “Do you need another dick punch, Lance?”

Tory asked and I opened my eyes again, scuffing her hair and messing it up royally as Darius held her down so she couldn’t escape.

Darcy: “Nooo, don’t dick punch him. You’ll break it and I need it,”

Darcy complained, making me chuckle darkly.

Tory: “How about if I break it, you can break Darius’s in return,”

Tory offered conversationally and I swear my cock tried to run and take shelter from this heartless dick hunter.

Darius: “Hey,”

Darius barked as the two of them hooked their little fingers together to make the deal. I grabbed Blue’s arm as Darius grabbed Tory’s, yanking their hands apart before they could doom our dicks for all the stars to see. Orion: “Nice?”

I laughed, showing enough teeth that she knew I was nothing but an animal right now.

Orion: “Am I nice to you, Blue? Do I kiss you nicely? Do I fuck you nicely? Do I spank you nicely?”

I slowed to a halt behind her, clasping a handful of her ass in my hand and leaning down to speak in her ear.

Orion: “Or do I kiss you like our tongues are made of fire and ice? Do I fuck you like the world is ending and you’re the goddess of my salvation? Do I spank you hard enough for you to feel it everywhere? So you know exactly who owns you.” Orion: “I can be owned and shackled and made into a slave for you, beautiful. But I’m not the kind who does as he’s told. I’m the kind who seeks out the secret desires in your eyes and feeds them to you piece by piece. I’m your most corrupt wants brought to life and it’s my fucking calling to sate you, Blue.” Seth: “I know how protective assholes work. Lance was getting all gives-upsy because he thought it was the right thing to do. He’s a noble assbag, you see? So I had to give him a nudge by making him think I’d spread you out in my bed and fucked you raw like a good little Beta.” Seth: “You’re so dramatic, Lance.”

Orion: “Oh I’m dramatic? Everything about your ridiculous plan was dramatic.”

Seth: “Which is why we’ll make such good friends when you stop holding onto these silly grudges. You know what people say about grudges? It’s like taking killblaze and expecting your enemy to get high and kill themselves. But I’m never going to get high and kill myself, Lance. I’m going to be here always, as your friend. Just give into it, bro. It’s inevitable. Like you and Darcy were inevitable.”

Darcy: “That’s kinda cute,” Seth: "She’s your moon flower. Rare, with muscular petals and curly golden hair you just wanna grip in your fist while you make him - her smile-”

Orion: “What are you talking about?”

Seth: “The point is, she’s special.”

He looked at Darcy with a doggish grin.

Seth: “She and Tory are something else. And all the shit we did to them? Well, call me an asshole, but I think it made them bloom.”

Darcy: “I mean, I’m never gonna thank you for that, but I think you fucked yourselves over.”

Darcy shrugged.

Darcy: “We told you we never wanted the throne, but then you pushed and pushed us and made us want it more than you can even imagine.”

Seth: “You would’ve wanted it anyway eventually,”

he said, a challenge in his eyes now.

Seth: “But I like a little competition, babe, I’ll be more than happy to beat your ass when it comes to it.”

Darcy: “We’ll see,”

Darius: “Give them to me,”

he commanded, but the Heirs caught hold of his shoulders to keep him back, his fist still locked tight around the diamond.

Tory; “These aren’t yours, they belong to the Guild,”

Tory said with a grin.

Tory: “So unless you wanna sign up, you can’t play with them.” Tory: “Bad Dragon,” Darcy: “I will kneel for you as you would kneel for me. You’re my king and I’ll rub my knees raw for you until you’re sated,” Darcy: “You are meant for the sunlight, Lance Orion. So you’ll stand with me in it or else we’ll stay in the dark together.” Orion: “Right, that’s enough!”

I barked and they all stilled. I hadn’t wanted to do this. I’d been trying to teach them without going full professor, that part of my life well and truly in the past. But this was getting ridiculous.

Orion: “Miss Vega, get your ass in your own seat.”

I sent a blast of air at Tory, sending her flying down into the chair beside Darius, making her lips pop open in surprise.

Orion: “Rigel, Acrux and Altair, if you throw one more fucking ice ball in my classroom, I will blast you through the wall and you can forget about coming back here to learn a single thing.” I caught their ice ball with a whip of air, sending it flying into the door so it smashed into a thousand pieces, and the three of them slowly sank down into their seats in shock.

Seth: “What would happen if a Fae with a big Order form swallowed three people then shifted back into their Fae form? Do you think they’d die? I think they might die,”

Seth mused aloud.

(unknown) : “Actually, I know some annoying people we could send as bait to Lionel, then when he eats them, we could shoot an Order Suppressant dart up his ass and bang. Dead Dragon. Annoying people eaten. Win – win.”

Orion: “Capella, if you ask another pointless question this lesson, I will force feed you three people in your Werewolf form and we’ll put your theory to the test,”

I snarled, stealing the air from his lungs as he opened his mouth to respond.

Darcy: “So hot,”

Darcy said under her breath as she watched me, shifting in her seat as desire filled her eyes.

Orion: “Miss Vega, if you keep looking at me like that, I will bring you up here, bend you over my desk and spank you in front of everyone. Is that what you want?”

I demanded, trying to ignore the way my cock was twitching for her. She considered that for a second then glanced at her sister and shook her head, her cheeks pinking as she sat back in her seat and withdrew the pencil from her lips. Silence fell and I looked around the quiet classroom with my eyebrows arching. Well holy fucking shit, I guess that did it. Darius: “Dragons are all about treasure,”

I explained and she tilted her head to the side as she looked at me, her dark hair falling to brush against my arm and revealing the teeth marks I’d left on her shoulder when I’d gone full animal and bitten her.

Tory: “Yeah, I noticed the huge chest of it taking up half of our room. Not to mention the fact that I wake up with gold coins stuck to my ass every other day.”

She reached over and plucked a coin from the mattress behind me to prove my point and I smirked at her.

Darius: “The most important thing to my kind is finding the most valuable treasure you can imagine and then hoarding it away to protect and keep safe away from any and every threat to it. And you, Roxanya Vega, are more important to me than all the gold and jewels in the entire world combined. I’d go without them for the rest of my days if it meant I got to steal a moment in your arms with you looking at me the way you are right now. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to keep you safe and to make sure you stay mine. I want to possess you with all the greed and wrath of the monster in me and I want to own you with the desire of a thousand Dragons guarding a priceless treasure, but more than all of that, I just want to love you like this. Endlessly and brutally and possessively. Now that you’re mine, I won’t give you up for anything.”

Tory: “Not even the throne?”

she teased, the one remaining point of tension between us raising its head while I shook mine.

Darius: “You’ll make a stunning Councilor's wife,”

I teased and she punched me in the pec hard enough to bruise.

Darius: “Ow,”

I complained as she gave me a look that warned the next one would be harder.

Tory: “You’ll make a gorgeous king consort. You know, pretty, good in the sack…silent.”

Xavier: “I’m afraid Highspell had some of your other ones burned,”

I said with a frown and I immediately regretted saying that as Orion looked like I’d just told him I’d murdered his puppy.

Orion: “Burned them?”

he rasped and I nodded, offering him an apologetic look as he hugged the bag of books to his chest like he didn’t want them to hear what had happened to their friends.

Darius: “Sorry, man.”

Darius rested a hand to Orion’s shoulder and he growled.

Orion: “I’ll murder that fake-faced witch,”

he snarled, his fangs on show as he held onto his books even tighter and I was pretty sure he was making that promise to them. Dude would definitely kill in revenge for those books. Tory: “I just want him dead at my feet. Is that too much to ask? For my boyfriend’s father to just bleed out painfully at my goddamn feet?”

Darcy: “Wow, you get really bloodthirsty when you’re worried,”

Darius: “I wish we could just stay here like this forever,”

he murmured, his voice low and rough like he was trying not to tarnish the silence with his words.

Darius: “Make time stand still beyond that door and live in this moment eternally.”

Tory: “That’s not living,”

I replied, the corner of my lips lifting as I shifted over his hips, feeling the hard length of his cock pressing against me in a demand.

Darius: “So what is?”

he asked, like a starving man begging for scraps and my heart hurt as I looked down at him, hating the scars which Lionel had placed upon him inside and out.

Tory: “Taking hold of every moment and making it count. A life well lived should be full of adventure and danger and passion.”

Tory: “You like?”

Tory asked, giving her devilish Dragon a smile worthy of launching a thousand vessels as he looked her up and down.

Darius: “Fuck me, Roxy, I know I really am in love if I can see you in that gown and still want you just as fiercely as ever,”

Darius muttered as he helped her into her seat, and I practically glowed at seeing him swoon over her in her finery.

Tory: “Well try to control yourself. It would be a crying shame if it was burnt to cinders by your fire magic while you were trying to get me out of it.” Seth: “Everyone’s having fun,”

Orion: “Great,”

Seth: “But you’re here all alone like a lonely llama.”

I moved to the bed, crawling onto it as I kept the bourbon behind me and his eyes narrowed.

Orion: “I was, but now a dog has come to annoy me,” Seth: “I’m in love with my best friend,”

I breathed my most terrifying secret.

Orion: “Darius?”

Seth: “No.”

I swatted him.

Orion: “Max?”

Seth: “No!”

Orion: “Darcy?”

he growled dangerously.

Seth: “No,”

I snarled through my teeth.

Seth: “Forget it.”

I shoved off of the bed, but I paused as he said the name that unraveled me like he was pulling on a thread of my soul.

Orion: “Caleb?”

he asked, his voice softening ever so slightly.

Seth: “Yeah,”

I rasped, wheeling around again with a whimper in my throat.

Seth: “I love him and he’ll never love me back because he’s not – because he doesn’t like – because I have a massive – and he has an equally big – and – oh.” Seth: “Wait - you have fangs! So you must have the answer I’ve been looking for. Does drinking blood turn you on? Like, say you drank from an ugly leprechaun but he tasted like a rainbow, would you get a hard on? Or do you have to find your blood bags hot to get hard? You have to tell me, Lance, how do you get hard?!”

A movement in my periphery made my head snap sideways and I spotted Justin Masters looking in at us with wide eyes through the open door with his lips parted in shock.

Seth: “How much did you hear?!”

I bellowed, ready to slice his ears off and make threats to every single member of his family so he never spoke a word of this. He backed up several steps, fear crossing his features.

Justin: “J-just you asking Professor Orion how he gets hard,”

he spluttered and I breathed a sigh of relief, hurrying to the door and slamming it in his face.

Seth: “Thank the stars,”

I said heavily.

Orion: “Oh yes,”

Orion said sarcastically as he glowered at me.

Orion: “Thank the stars.” Orion: “Yes, I’ve gotten hard from powerful blood before.”

Seth: “Before Darcy?”

I asked and he nodded, not meeting my eye as he clearly didn’t want to discuss this. But discuss this he would.

Seth: “Whose blood was it? Did you fuck them? Or was it an uggo? Or did you fuck an uggo?”

Orion: “It was Darius, alright?”

he snapped and my lips parted.

Seth: “Oh my stars…you fucked Darius. That explains everything.”

Orion: “No I didn’t! His blood turned me on, that’s all.”

Seth: “Right.”

I winked.

Seth: “It’s okay, Lance. We’re in a sharing circle here. You can tell me the truth. Did you do the downward Werewolf with him? Or did you let him ride your Milky Way?”

Orion: “We did not fuck,”

he snarled and I sighed.

Seth: “So why are you telling me you did?” Orion: “I didn’t,” Seth: “Alright, I dare everyone to sink a bottle of beer. The last one to finish has to kiss me.”

I grinned widely, looking Caleb right in the eye as his lips parted for a second then he shrugged like it meant nothing. And maybe it did, but also, maybe it didn’t.

Darius: “Roxy isn’t playing,”

Darius announced with a growl in the back of his Dragony throat.

Orion: “Or Darcy,”

Orion chimed in and I looked over at them with a chuckle.

Seth: “You guys just want me all to yourselves, huh?” Xavier: “I can’t believe you bit me, man. Is that how you always kiss people?”

Xavier dabbed at his swollen bottom lip.

Seth: “Ah shit, did I just steal your rough kiss V-card? Or was it your first kiss V-card?”

I gasped in horror.

Darius: “Dude,”

Darius growled at me and I shrugged innocently.

Seth: “What? He shouldn’t have cheated if he didn’t wanna be mouth fucked. I can’t help it if it was his first time.”

Darius: “Seth, I’ve already had to watch you kiss my fucking brother like he was one of your little Wolf pack Betas, can we stop talking about it now?”

Tory: “Are we telling secrets? Do you have a secret, Lance?”

He considered that then nodded.

Orion: “Actually, I do. I have a secret about Gabriel, but I can’t ever tell anyone. It’s so fucki