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Worth the Risk by Bella Matthews

Worth The Risk

by Bella Matthews


Book 1 in the Risks We Take Duet

Not all love stories have happy endings. Some are destined to crash and burn.

As the youngest, I’ve been sheltered and protected by my older brother and . . . him. The one man I’ve always loved but could never have. Cooper Sinclair. A Navy SEAL who owns my heart and has since the day we met.

But he’s never really seen me.

Just when I’ve finally accepted we can never be more, he storms back into my life, commanding my attention with a single, forbidden touch. Loving him is easy. But time is never on our side, and stolen moments only last so long.

I always thought we were worth the risk. But now, I’m terrified we’ll go down in flames.



Trigger Warning: Scenes of war

Oh my god guys.

This was a hard read for me.

Not because it was bad.

It was angsty. Good. Emotional.

I cried a lot.

The headache made it a hard read for me.

I don't know what it is about a brothers best friend trope, but I fucking gobble it up every time. Kinda funny, because personally, I have a little brother, and all his friends annoyed the hell out of me. haha. Worth The Risk was a great read, and if I had any complaint, it would be the cover.

I just don't love it.

But whoever the model on the cover is - good work.

I just don't love it for this book.

Worth the Risk was everything you want in a brother's best friend, forbidden romance. And when I say forbidden, it's not just because her brother would be pissed. Something that you don't learn in the synopsis - Cooper and Carys are step-siblings. Now, I love a good taboo romance every now and then, so this isn't terrible shocking to me, but I know for some this is trigger, so of course, I feel I should let you know. If you are on the fence - its done very well. They didn't grow up together as "siblings". Their parents got together when they were adults - and the brothers best friend crush was well in place.

Another thing I discovered - this duology has characters in it, and has related content to Hannah McBride's Mad World series. A collaboration I had NO IDEA about. As I was reading, I kept thinking this is SUPER similar, and after some research, I discovered it was a collaboration. Pretty cool, considering I love Hannah McBride's Mad World series.

Worth The Risk is an action-packed romance with interesting characters, and a storyline you can't help but get sucked into. The tension. The steam! Holy! I appreciated the unpredictable nature of this story as well. The surprise that its a collaboration of sorts with Hannah McBride was an unexpected perk. If you don't mind a slightly taboo romance, I think you will love Worth The Risk.

Carys: "And D . . . when he hugged me. My God. It was like that scene in the Wizard of Oz when everything goes from black-and-white to technicolor.” Fuck love. She’s a nasty bitch. Because only a woman could be this cruel. He’s all I want. All I need. He’s everything to me . . . and he’ll never know it. Carys: “Love?”

She reaches her hands into the air and measures something longer than a loaf of bread.

Emerson: “It’s amazing, CC. His dick is utter perfection.”

She sits up and squeezes her pillow.

Emerson: “And. It. Curves.”

Then she squeals,

Emerson: “Curves,”

before she screams into the pillow.

Emerson: “And that man has stamina with a capital S.”

Her navy-blue eyes glitter as she turns her head toward me.

Emerson: “Oh. Oh. Oh. And his tongue . . . I’ve never met a guy who likes oral as much as Linc.”

She stands up as dramatically as she threw herself down and strips out of last night’s clothes while she rummages through a drawer.

Emerson: “I legitimately lost track of how many orgasms I’ve had in the last twenty-four hours.”

I have to force myself to close my mouth that’s come completely unhinged at her declaration.

Carys: “Is it okay if I hate you a little bit right now?”

Emerson: “Yup,”

she sighs.

Emerson: “I’d hate me too. Coop bends down and scratches behind Wanda’s ears.

Cooper: “Good girl.”

Seriously? Am I jealous of a dog now? Trick and I come to a stop fifty feet away, and I run my hand down the dog’s dark fur.

Cooper: “Hey, Wanda,”

I say, then point down the beach.

Cooper: “Go save Carys.”

Wanda takes off like the missile she is, and Trick groans.

Trick: “Using a military weapon to interrupt her date? Doesn’t seem fair.”

Cooper: “Fuck fair.” I’ve never been this guy.

The one who wants what he can’t have.

If I want it, I earn it.

Then I claim what’s mine. She silently laughs.

Carys: “You gonna tell me I’m a good girl too?”

I lean in close.

Cooper: “You’ve got to earn it first, baby.” This woman is my endgame. And fuck anyone else who tries to tell me I’m wrong. Carys: “Guys . . . Wow! I can see how you can get addicted to that high.”

Jack hauls me in for a quick hug.

Jack: “Told you so. Give me a few weeks, and you’re never gonna give us up.”

If I’m not careful, I could totally see him being right, and I really don’t want to fall into that trap.

Jack: “We’re like an STD you can’t get rid of, CC.”

Carys: “Ew, gross.”

I shove him away.

Carys: “Not winning yourself any points there, Madden.” Carys: “Do you want to kiss me, Cooper?”

Cooper: “More than my next fucking breath, Carys.” Is it possible to be in love with a woman you’ve only kissed once? Carys: “Promise you’re coming back?”

Cooper: “Nothing in this world would stop me from coming back to you. Not now that I have you.” Carys: "We’re walking through a mine field of family issues if we do this. And what if it doesn’t work out? What are we supposed to do then? What does that look like during holidays? Hey, can you pass the potatoes and act like you haven’t made me come?

I can’t help the laugh that slips past my lips or the glare it earns me.

Cooper: “I don’t know that my dad would appreciate hearing about sex over potatoes.”

I wrap my arms around her, holding her tightly against my chest.

Cooper: “We might want to save that for dessert. Hey, can you pass the cake and pretend you haven’t licked icing off my body? Carys: “I’m yours, Cooper.”

She runs her hands under my tee and shoves it up my body, then drops it to the floor with hers and pops the button on my shorts.

Carys: “I’ve been yours for years.”

Her nails scrape down inside my boxers before she wraps them around my dick and squeezes, sending chills over my skin before she shimmies out from under my arms and drops to her knees in front of me. She’s tiny, barely coming up to my waist. But when she looks up at me through those dark fucking lashes, I can’t think. I gather the length of her hair in my hand and wrap it around my fist with slow deliberation as she drags her tongue from the base of my cock all the way up to the tip, my blood thickening as my spine pulls tight.

Carys: “The question is, are you mine?”

The question drags a visceral reaction from me.

Cooper: “You’re fucking right, I’m yours. Now show me.” Carys: “No one has mono. I spent all last week with Chloe, and she’s still fine,”

I protest. Chloe’s hands wave around animatedly.

Chloe: “Wait a minute. We were together,”

she points between the two of us.

Chloe: “But we weren’t together, together. You know what I mean?”

She thinks about that for a moment.

Chloe: “I mean, I love you, but I’ve seen you naked, and there were no sparks.” Carys: “We’re never going to be easy, you know that, right?”

I push the damp pieces of hair that have fallen down away from her face.

Cooper: “You’re wrong, baby. You and I . . . We’re going to be the easiest thing we’ve ever done. Loving you has come so naturally, I’m not even sure when it happened. I love you, and everyone else can fuck right off if they want to get in the way or have their say about it.” Cooper: “You’re the only person I’ve ever said that to, Carys. You’re the love of my life. The only one. The only one there will ever be.” Carys moves away and presses her fingers to her soft lips.

Carys: “You’re mine today?”

My hand runs up her bare leg and under the tee until it’s splayed against the soft skin of her back.

Cooper: “I’m yours, period.”

Carys; “But you won’t be here.”

Her pointer finger runs along my lower lip as she bites down on her own.

Cooper: “It doesn’t matter where we are. I’m yours, Carys. You were made for me.”

She leans her forehead against mine.

Carys: “Really good answer, Coop.” Carys: “How much longer, Cooper? When are you coming home?”

Cooper: “You are my home, Carys.” Chloe: "She should be back there soon. But I swear to God, if you tell her I told you any of this, I’ll tell the world you have a micropenis, Sinclair.” Cooper: "Don’t doubt me. Don’t doubt us. We’re worth it, Carys. We’re worth the risks. We’re worth the hell. Together. You and Me. We’re worth it all.”


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