Vicious Fae by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Vicious Fae

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti


Book 3 in the Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac

The King will fall.

While I continue my hunt for the Fae who killed my brother, I have to try to keep my heart away from the vicious boys who could be responsible for his death.

But as my investigation leads me down a dangerous road and answers seem closer than ever before, I'm whisked away to the elite school, Zodiac Academy, with the four Kings and my heart becomes more vulnerable than ever.


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Age Recommendation:



Urban Fantasy

Reverse Harem

Vicious Fae by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti is the third book in their Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac series, and begins right where we left off in the last book. No closer to the answers regarding her brothers murder, Elise tries to keep herself from falling in love with her suspects, while keeping them close for information. As her investigation gets more intense, and she gets closer to the information she needs, she and the kings are brought to Zodiac Academy for a week long student exchange. Zodiac Academy has some answers though, and as she gets closer to the truth, she gets closer to her kings.

Hey, this one was better! I mean, don't get me wrong - this book is seriously still too heavy on the romance/sex. And this is coming from me - a romance/sexy times obsessed book nerd. And when I say too much ... it's too much. I get there is four guys, and they all need equal time, but isn't there a murder to solve. I kinda felt that Gabriel was more focused on getting to the truth than Elise. Too much peen in the way. And that's not judging. This is my first reverse harem, and I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. I just wish that we got more story with substance in regards to Elise. Most of this book she is flirting or fucking, and I was left wondering what happened to the Elise at the beginning of the series. The one who was hell bent on the truth, and more focused. I hate that these books are ALL relationship building and sex, until the end, when the authors need to put some actual plot in there to sustain the story. I was hoping by the third book, we would be moving in the right direction. We are starting to get somewhere though. Especially now that Elise has finally admitted to herself that the kings, while guilty of a lot of things, didn't kill her brother, and she has them backing her up.

Am I going to continue the series? Of course. Zodiac Academy made me love this world, and I'm not hating this series. I just wish it was more. That cliffhanger at the end though, broke me. Like, for the first time in this series, I was crying. What the heck? What is going on? Must ... continue ... series ... damn ... you ... Caroline Peckham ... and ... Susanne Valenti.

  1. Elise biting Gabriel for the first time, and him liking it

  2. The video Leon and Elise made for Dante

  3. Gabriel telling Elise the truth, and Elise understanding

  4. Gabriel coming to watch Elise play Pitball

  5. "Just four." lol

  6. Ryder and Elise getting around the rules

  7. Dante telling Elise he loved her

  8. The Lion King

  9. Gabriel telling Elise about his tattoos (and a hint to Zodiac Academy)

  10. Dante bring Elise to Ryder because he knew he was the only one who could save her ... and them both sleeping in the same room with her

  11. Roary catching Leon, Elise and Dante

  12. Leon and Elise's "gift" for Dante

  13. Elise getting turned on by Ryder's plan to murder Nightshade, and Gabriel scolding her for it.

  14. Ryder's hallucination making Gabriel honk and look like Big Bird

  15. Ryder threatening to drop Elise in the fountain

  16. Dante and Elise's sexy phone call, and Dante accidentally electrocuting Leon when he came

  17. Leon's excitement over meeting Orion ... which by the way LANCE ORION!

  18. Gabriel helping Elise get information from Professor King

  19. Leon naming each of the harem after characters in the Lion King

  20. the guys reaction to Elise's dress

  21. Elise swiping the cigar and drink from Lionel when he was trying to freeze her out

  22. Seth hitting on Elise despite being 5 years younger than her had me laughing because its so ... Seth

  23. Elise finally telling the guys the truth

  24. Orion holding Elise down in the mud at the end of the game, to tell her she played a good game

  25. Elise teaching Ryder to dance


  27. Orion after he had a lust potion and him trying to get with Gabriel was the highlight of this book I swear

  28. Ryder killing Nightshade

Dante: “I shouldn’t have taken you there tonight, bella,”

Dante breathed, tucking a bloodstained strand of lilac hair behind my ear.

Elise: “No. Everyone knows that the best strippers perform on Thursdays.” Gabriel: “My promises aren’t empty, Elise.”

She yanked her arm free of me with a glare.

Elise: “Words don’t mean anything. Anyone can promise me the moon, but I’ve never seen anyone pull it from the sky.” Elise: “Why do you do shit like that?”

Gabriel shrugged and I rolled my eyes at him.

Elise: “Of course you can’t just be honest with me,”

I muttered as I flipped through my textbook, searching for the page on engorgement potions. I could feel his eyes on me but I ignored him as I continued my hunt.

Gabriel: “Because it feels natural to look after you. So natural that sometimes I forget you don’t want me to.” Leon: “Whoops, you’ve only got one swelling stone there, Dipper,”

Leon said loudly as he moved to join our conversation, tossing four extra stones into Eugene’s cauldron.

Leon: “You need more help engorging than the rest of us, so better add a few more.”

Eugene: “I don’t need extra help engorging,”

Leon: “Are you trying to say you’ve got a swollen dipper in your pants already?”

Leon asked, slapping an arm around Eugene’s shoulders.

Leon: “Because I know you’re hot for my girl but I really don’t think you can handle her.”

Elise: “Leon, don’t be an ass,”

I warned as Eugene’s blush spread right up to his white hairline.

Leon: “I’m not judging, little monster. It’s been suggested that I spilled engorging potion on my lap too, due to the unbelievably enormous size of my dick. Do you wanna help me check?”

I snorted a laugh, pushing his arm off of Eugene so that the poor boy could escape.

Elise: “I have been wondering why the hell it was so hard all the time. I just assumed you were really into learning.”

Leon: “Nah, little monster. I’m really into you. But if you wanna play with this potion when it’s done then maybe we could find out what happens when it gets poured over a pair of perfect tits?” Elise: “If they’re so perfect then why would you want them to be bigger?”

Leon: “You can never have too much of a good thing,” Leon replied with a grin. Ryder: “Don’t cry for me, Elise. I’m not worth your tears.” Elise: “You’re worth every one of them,” Dante: “Eating alone, carina?”

Elise: “I happen to like my own company. But I won’t complain about my favourite Dragon joining me.”

Dante: “Do you know any other Dragons?”

Elise: “No. But I hear they’re all assholes…besides, I bet none of them can dance as well as you.” Text: Gabriel: I’m not afraid of the big bad Wolf leader. Sticks and stones can break my bones but Storm Dragons don’t scare me ;)

I snorted a laugh, a smile tugging at my lips as I sent him another reply.

Elise: Okay. Shall I just tell him it was you then? Save him the effort of the hunt? Gabriel: I wouldn’t mind the excuse to kick his ass for putting you in danger the other night, so go ahead. Elise: I’m not a princess in a tower who needs protecting, I can look after myself, thanks. X

Gabriel: Did you just send me a kiss?

My heart leapt at that suggestion and I was about to reply with a firm no when I glanced back at my last message and realized I had.

Great, now I’m back to flirting with the Harpy. But now that I’ve started it, I guess I can’t really back down…

Elise: Well I told you I like to kiss all of my friends…

Gabriel: Are we friends now then?

Elise: I’m still deciding. So for now you only get kisses via text.

Gabriel: I’ll have to work harder at being a better friend then so I can claim the real deal.

Elise: Good luck with that. X

Leon: “I did a fucking awesome impression of you, admit it.”

Dante: “Yeah. But my dick’s bigger than yours,”

Dante teased and Leon scoffed in return.

Leon: “You wish.” A snort of laughter drew my attention and I looked up to find Ryder biting down on a smirk. Leon noticed too and his smile widened.

Leon: “Do you think I’m funny, ssssnake boy?”

Ryder: “Maybe funny looking, Simba,”

Leon: “You really do love The Lion King, don’t you? Maybe we should watch it together some time.”

Ryder: “In your dreams, Mufasshole,” Her hands began to shake and I reached out, lacing my fingers with hers. I didn’t care what she’d done, I was here for her. In her corner. Always. Gabriel: “Be angry with me,”

I demanded. She wrenched her fangs free and slapped me hard across the face.

Elise: “I am fucking angry.”

She rolled her hips and pleasure resounded through my dick.

Gabriel: “Oh fuck…be more angry,” Her arms closed around me and she brushed her fingers tenderly across my feathers. I shivered as pleasure chased everywhere she touched. Then I kissed her neck, her jaw, her mouth. She was my gift from the stars. My one good thing in this world.

Gabriel: “So you’re not mad?”

I asked with a smirk when I’d caught my breath. She laughed, the sound lighter than air.

Elise: “No Gabriel.”

She caressed my wings again and the sensation seemed to fix some deeply broken thing inside me.

Elise: “I’m not mad.” I scoffed at his blatant flattery and smacked his arm playfully.

Elise: “What are you after?”

Gabriel: “You,” Elise: “I’m not going to let the three of you get into a fight because of my choices. I’ve always been upfront with you about the fact that I don’t want to be tied to one man. This really shouldn’t be surprising anyone!”

Leon" “Fuck, little monster, how many of us are there?”

Leon asked, almost sounding amused though he mainly looked shocked.

Elise: “Just four” Leon: “Did you have something to say?”

Cindy Lou: “I just don’t know why you’re so obsessed with that purple haired bloodsucker,”

she said, flipping a dark lock of hair over her shoulder.

Leon: “Well you just named two of the reasons I’m hot for her so…” I grabbed Dante’s notepad, tearing a page from it and snatching up a pen. I couldn’t draw that well, but what I had in mind didn’t need much artistic skill. The dirty picture I sketched featured a Dragon, a Lion and one very naked Elise with a speech bubble saying Oh my stars! Twelve orgasms?? You guys are the best I’ve ever had! Dante grabbed the page from me, stifling his laughter as he read the words. Then he took the pen from my hand and added to the end of the speech with, and your dicks are HUGE!

Leon: “Nice touch.” I could have grilled their star player, Lance Orion, over brunch. Brunch dammit! We didn’t do brunch in Alestria, unless you counted a hobo licking an old breakfast burrito wrapper at eleven thirty in the morning on the corner of Altair Street. And let’s be honest, no one fucking did count that. Gareth: “I wanna do something big tonight. Something seriously big. Something no one’s ever done.”

Leon: “Well you could take my whole cock in your mouth? That’s big and something no one’s ever managed to do before. But like I said, you’re not really my type.” Ryder: “I still don’t understand the point of this,”

Elise: “When people like each other, they do shit like this,”

Ryder: “Well I might have admitted to liking you, but the Lion is a different matter.”

Leon: “The Lion has exceptionally good hearing. And if you care about our girl as much as you should then you should want to make her happy. Which means becoming the Nala to my Simba.”

Ryder: “Nala ends up married to Simba. I don’t know what kind of fantasies you’ve been having about me, but I can assure you that outcome is not in your future,” Gabriel: “I don’t want to argue with you anymore, Elise,”

Elise: “So don’t. Just accept who I am and what I need and then we can just carry on…”

I trailed my fingertips down his chest and he groaned as he knocked his head back against his pillow.

Gabriel: “Who you need, you mean,”

he muttered and the tone of his voice let me know that he still didn’t accept it at all. I sighed, stilling my movements as I looked down at him.

Elise: “Are we arguing again then?”

Gabriel: “No. We’re just…not not arguing.” Ryder: “You think your tiny cock could satisfy a girl like her?”

Dante: “You just saw it, stronzo, so let’s not play dumb.”

He sneered and I blew out a breath of laughter.

Ryder: “As if I’d bother to look at your midget dick.”

Dante: “You really wanna play who’s got the bigger cock?”

Dante asked in a challenge, reaching for his waistband.

Dante: “Because I don’t think you can handle it.” Ryder: “Handle it? I once got my dick out in front of a girl and she thought I’d shifted.” Leon: “Can’t you just go and tell whoever is looking that Dante will be there in like twenty minutes?”

Roary: “I’d have guessed more like five at the pace you were all going at. But as his mamma just told the pups to hunt him down, I’m guessing I’ve actually saved you a touch more embarrassment. I mean, I know what I just found you guys doing but imagine what little Fabrizio would say.”

He dipped his voice to imitate a small child as he continued.

Roary: “Mamma, mamma, I just found Dolce Drago by the stables playing with his friends. They were catching snakes and Elise won because she caught two!” Ryder: “Well if it isn’t Big Bird on a day out from Sesame Street. What’s the matter? Do you need to talk to someone about how Elmo’s been touching you inappropriately?” Gabriel: “Hold the fuck on, we aren’t going to kill a member of faculty,”

I said in disbelief, looking to Elise. She was gazing at Ryder with her lips parted and her cheeks flushed. Was she actually turned on by this fucking psycho??

Gabriel: Elise,”

I snarled and she snapped around to look at me, her blush deepening.

Elise: “Yeah, right. Of course we’re not going to murder Nightshade.”

She mock saluted me and I narrowed my eyes on her. Elise: “We might as well interrogate her. Maybe she’ll tell me who killed Gareth once and for all. And if the FIB come for me, then at least I’ll have a chance to get to his killer first.”

Ryder: “I’m really fucking hard for you right now,”

Ryder commented and I glowered at him.

Gabriel: “She needs our help, asshole, so maybe keep your dick in your pants, yeah?” Leon: “Twenty six minute warning! Don’t spend too much time putting your make-up on, Ryder! You look beautiful as you are.”

Ryder: “Go fuck yourself, Mufasa,” A woman stood waiting for us with soft features and dark hair pulled up into a tight bun. But I didn’t give one single shit about her. I gave all my shits to the guy beside her.

He towered over her, his muscles stretching out the white T-shirt and jeans he wore. His raven hair was swept back and his cut-from-glass face made me shriek like a fucking school girl. I ran forward and his eyes widened in alarm as I crashed into him, dragging him into a bone-crushing hug.

Lance Orion was the best fucking Airsentry in all of the academies. He was tipped to be picked up by the Solarian Pitball League after he graduated. He might play for the fucking Skylarks one day. And I’d met him. I ran my tongue up one side of his face. And I’d licked him too. Which made him mine.

Orion: “By the stars.”

He tried to shove me off, but I held on tight, swiveling around and holding my camera up high to snap a picture of us together. His Vampire fangs had popped out and I almost considered letting him take a bite out of me so I could get a picture of that too. I dropped my boxers and stepped out of them.

Orion: “No shifting on the pitch!”

Orion commanded as he shot up behind me, but I wasn’t about to shift. I dropped to the ground, rolling across the grass and feeling its perfect little stalks rubbing against every inch of my naked skin. I pushed my fingers into its silky strands and tugged with delight before rolling across it once more.

Orion: “Not cool, asshole!”

Orion called as I rolled all the way across the pitch.

Orion: “Do you really have to – oh for fuck’s sake.” Someone caught me by the arm before I licked it and Orion yanked me back a step. Amusement sparkled in his gaze, but his features were stern.

Orion: “Stop molesting my pitch,”

he demanded and I nodded, moving forward and wrapping my arms around him.

Leon: “Thank you for the best day of my life. And I’m sorry about my hard on.” Elise: “I don’t need your help,”

I replied stubbornly, though in all honesty I wouldn’t mind having him there for backup.

Gabriel: “Well you’re getting it. Besides, I can fly us there and you won’t even have to try and escape via the front door.”

Elise: “Why would I need to escape?”

I asked in confusion. A fist suddenly started hammering at my door and I looked around in concern as Ryder started shouting.

Ryder: “Open this fucking door, Elise! I know what you’re doing!”

he bellowed. I looked back to Gabriel and found a smile tugging at his lips as he offered me his hand. Gabriel: “I can’t wait until we’re bonded by the stars, Elise. When they bring us together, I just know that everything will be alright somehow.” Elise: “Can you taste cherries?”

Ryder: “No.”

I brushed a lock of hair behind her ear.

Ryder: “I can taste my own soul, because it’s the exact same flavour as yours.” Elise: “Are you saying my room isn’t tidy?”

Leon: “It’s…fine. It’s just not Lance Orion fine,”

he replied, narrowing his eyes at a towel I’d tossed over the sink for when I got out.

Elise: “You invited him?”

Leon: “Yeah I asked him. Twenty four times. Until he agreed. Which he just did.”

Leon pulled his Atlas from his pocket and waved a message from Orion at me with the biggest grin on his face. It was one word. Fine. Orion: “What’s the deal with you guys?”