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Very Merry Married by Molly O'Keefe

Very Merry Married

by Molly O'Keefe


Book 2 in the Kringle Family Christmas Trilogy


I’ve got my hands full.

Running for mayor of my home town in Colorado. Trying to save the family business—and doing my best to survive Christmas without murdering my brother. Nowhere on this list is room for Lexie to show up a year after our epic one-night stand.

Vegas show girl, owner of the meanest dog I’ve ever met, and the star of every fantasy I’ve had since I came home. And apparently… my wife? And she wants me to sign divorce papers.

Hell no.


I do not get drunk married. That’s what tourists do in Vegas, not locals. But even I am susceptible to gorgeous eyes and an excellent jaw line.

I was so sure Ethan was different from the jerks I usually fall for, until I woke up married without a groom or a way to get a hold of him. A year later, I finally see him splashed all over the internet—fighting with his brother at a Colorado airport.

So, what’s a showgirl to do? Put on my best heels, put my dog in a hand bag and go find my husband so I can end my sham marriage. But as soon as I arrive in Salt Springs, that plan goes out the window.

Ethan hasn’t forgotten me and the chemistry between us is real and explosive.

Now that I’ve found him he doesn’t want to let me go.

Was our wedding a Vegas mistake? Or a Christmas miracle?


Holiday Rom-Com


I won't lie, I was excited to read this story after meeting Lexie in The Grump Who Stole Christmas. A drunken, blackout Vegas wedding between two of the most opposite characters I have ever read? The drama! The tension! I couldn't wait. While we do get some drama and tension, it wasn't anywhere near what I thought it could be. In fact, the romance comes about rather easily. While I am all for a man who know what he wants, I would think there would be a little apprehension on his part considering he is running for mayor. With his political career on this horizon, and the event that sends Lexie running, it all just felt too ... relaxed. And I won't lie - the multiple typos and errors that should have been picked up in editing took me out of the story. At one point, the POV is messed up. Despite this, I did enjoy it. Ethan and Lexie are so different from one another, making their interactions were entertaining.

Very Merry Married is a short romantic comedy that has enough steam to satisfy, and albeit fast paced and easy, is entertaining. So far this series has been a hit for me - as far as holiday romance goes.

Lexie: “You want me to stay to save Christmas? For your family?”

Ethan: “No. I want you to stay for me. Saving Christmas is just a benefit.” This was his truth and if there was one thing I’d learned in my life was that you didn’t mess with someone’s truth. Especially if that someone’s truth was aliens. Because those people would cut you. Ethan:“ I’m…I’m running for mayor.”

Lexie: “Mayors don’t get their freak on?”

Ethan: “If those videos or photos got out into the press…”

She blinked at me.

Lexie: “You think I’m going to sell them or something?”

Ethan: “No. I mean. I would hope not.”

She looked impossibly hurt.

Ethan: “I’m sorry. But…we don’t actually know each other.”

Lexie: “I would never sell the photos, Ethan.”

Ethan: “Well, can you delete them?”

She looked aghast.

Ethan: “I’m serious, Lexie. If anyone sees the pictures or the video I could lose the election.”

Lexie: “I’m not selling them or deleting them. They’re from my wedding night. They’re safe with me. I’ll make sure no one sees them.”

She was a romantic. That much was obvious and a little startling. We ate in silence for a few minutes, though I noticed she mostly pushed the pasta around in her bowl.

Ethan: “Is it hot? The video? Or do we have weird glow-in-the-dark eyes and butt zits?”

Lexie: “It’s hot. Especially me.”

She grinned.

Lexie: “It’s solid porn, great lighting, strange camera angles. No butt zits, and you can’t see your face but you do some real good thrust work.”

My dick liked this. Liked all of it. The words coming out of her mouth, the sexy smile on her lips. The idea that I’d done some good thrust work. It killed me I had no memory.

Ethan: “Can I see it?”

Lexie: “I don’t think that’s wise.”

Ethan: “Why?”

Ethan: “Because you’re going to be mayor.” Jasmine walked away toward the front door and Matt stood there staring at me.

Lexie: “What?”

I asked, wiping my nose.

Lexie: “Do I have a booger—”

Matt: “Ethan’s a lucky son of a bitch,” Ethan: “Lunches are on me,”

Lexie: “Nope. No way.”

Ethan: “Then the company, because it’s research for your job.”

Lexie: “That I will accept.”

Ethan: “But they’re not free.”

She sat back her eyes wide.

Lexie: “That sounds pretty suspect, Mr. Mayor.”

Ethan: “No, not like that. Every lunch, you need to tell me something about that night that you remember.”

Lexie: “Anything I remember that you don’t?”

I nodded.

Lexie; “You snore,”

she said and stood up. Ethan: “New information?”

I nodded and then waved those fingers at me, beckoning me closer. She leaned forward and we were nearly kissing over what was left of the pie. She tilted my chin away so she could whisper in my ear.

Lexie: “You made me come four times. Once in the booth of a steakhouse.”

She stood up and walked toward the door, telling the girl at the cash that I was paying for it. But I and my suddenly raging erection needed a second to calm down. Ethan: “How are you getting on with my sister? I know she can be…prickly.”

Paul “I like prickly women,”

he said, and something in his voice made me look over at him.

Ethan: “Are you and my sister…?”

I shook my head.

Ethan: “Never mind. I don’t want to know. But just maybe, watch your nipples.”

Paul: “She can do whatever she wants to my nipples.” When she came, her thighs contracted against me and her hands held me tight and I couldn’t breathe, but it didn’t matter. I mean, my brother would laugh at my funeral, but this wasn’t a bad way to go. Ethan: “My mom said something to me when she was dying and it never made sense to me until you walked into my life. Again. Well, walked into the inn.”

Lexie: “What did she say?”

Ethan: “She said ‘Ethan, you could easily marry a woman who fits into your life. But you need to marry a woman who is your life.’” Ethan: “What if I said I loved you?”

Lexie: “I wouldn’t believe you,”

I told him emphatically.

Ethan: “What if I told you that you were all I needed to be happy?”

Lexie: “I’d tell you to fuck off.”

He smiled at me and leaned down for a kiss.

Ethan: “Then I’ll keep it to myself a little bit longer.” Jane: “I just heard the craziest rumor and I thought I’d come to you to get it all cleared up.”

Chris: “Well, you know me. King of the gossip.”

Jane: “Ethan’s married?”

Jane asked, eyes wide and bopping from Chris to me and back to Chris. Chris looked at me and I smiled with all my teeth.

Lexie: “He sure is. I’m Lexie, his wife. It’s real nice to meet you.”

I held out my hand and got the limpest shake that was ever shaken and the poor woman tried to hide her shock, but just couldn’t. I let her take a look at me and I knew whatever she thought was going to be all over town in about ten minutes. And that it wasn’t going to be great. I used to dance with a girl like this, we used to call her The News. Anything you wanted to know about what was going on with any of the girls, you went and asked The News.

Jane: “It’s nice to meet you too. I just…what a shock.”

Lexie: “I know, right? We got drunk and got married in Vegas. It’s amazing I didn’t show up here with a three-month-old baby.”

The woman about swallowed her tongue, but Chris next to me was laughing.

Jane: “Is this real?”

poor Jane asked Chris, and for a second I did feel bad for the crime of sweeping an extremely eligible Salt Springs bachelor off his feet. But the feeling passed real quick.

Lexie: “Sure is. That’s the power of tequila and blow jobs.”

Jane made a noise in her throat and I just kept smiling until she mumbled goodbye and walked away, fishing her phone out of her pocket.

Chris: “Well,”

he said, watching Jane go.

Chris: “That will be all over town in about five minutes.” Lexie: “What can I do for you?”

I asked her, catching her in my arms.

Jasmine: “Kill a hockey player.”

Lexie: “Okay. I can do that. We’ll need a very big grave.” Ethan: “It’s not as important as you are. Nothing is. When I said my mom would like you that first night we met, it’s because I knew you were going to be the most important thing in my life. You are the sun, Lexie. And I’m just trying to stay in your orbit.”


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