The Traitor Queen by Danielle L. Jensen

The Traitor Queen

by Danielle L Jensen

Published by CLA

Book 2 in the Bridge Kingdom series

A queen now in exile as a traitor, Lara has watched Ithicana be conquered by her own father, helpless to do anything to stop the destruction.

But when she learns her husband, Aren, has been captured in battle, Lara knows there is only one reason her father is keeping him alive: as bait for his traitorous daughter.

And it is bait she fully intends to take.

Risking her life to the Tempest Seas, Lara returns to Ithicana with a plan not only to free its king, but for liberating the Bridge Kingdom from her father’s clutches using his own weapons: the sisters whose lives she spared. But not only is the palace inescapable, there are more players in the game than Lara ever realized, enemies and allies switching sides in the fight for crowns, kingdoms, and bridges. But her greatest adversary of all might be the very man she’s trying to free – the husband she betrayed.

With everything she loves in jeopardy, Lara must decide who – and what – she is fighting for: her kingdom, her husband, or herself.





Fantasy, Romance

The Traitor Queen by Danielle L. Jensen is the second book in her Bridge Kingdom series, and finishes off the story between the King and Queen of Ithicana - Aren and Lara. The Traitor Queen picks up shortly where The Bridge Kingdom ends off, with Lara being held in the dungeons, while her sister-in-law, Ahnna, decides what to do with her. After losing many good soldiers to trying to rescue Aren, Ahnna decides to have Lara help. While Ithicana's citizens despise her, Lara does everything in her power to rescue Aren from her father, and free Ithicana from her father. They can feed her to the sharks if they want to, Lara will not stop till Ithicana, and Aren are free.

This book was as good as the first. Truly. It was filled with action right away, and it didn't slow down to the very last page. There is not a page wasted here, and I love it. The story felt fresh, and despite KNOWING that it had to have a happy ending, I was still filled with all the emotions of not knowing what was going to happen next. Aside from Danielle's wonderful plot, her characters are what truly make this book so much richer. You feel Aren's anguish over his country and Lara. You feel Lara's guilt and determination. And while wanting them to work out their issues, you understand why Aren is so angry and heartbroken. While rooting for Lara, you totally get why Ithicana's people hate her. So everything standing in their way makes sense. And while the romance was light in this book - I mean, hard to get romantic with everything going on - the moments there is romance, makes it much more meaningful. Once again, not as steamy as those on #booktok says it is, but I honestly didn't miss it. The story was amazing enough without it.

The Traitor Queen totally lived up to it's predecessor. It was a thrilling adventure from page one to the end, and while I am bummed that Aren and Lara's story is done, I am excited for where the rest of the series is headed. Danielle L. Jensen has wrote a story worth reading.