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The Score by Elle Kennedy

The Score

by Elle Kennedy


Book 3 in the Off-Campus series

He knows how to score, on and off the ice

Allie Hayes is in crisis mode. With graduation looming, she still doesn’t have the first clue about what she’s going to do after college. To make matters worse, she’s nursing a broken heart thanks to the end of her longtime relationship. Wild rebound sex is definitely not the solution to her problems, but gorgeous hockey star Dean Di Laurentis is impossible to resist. Just once, though, because even if her future is uncertain, it sure as heck won’t include the king of one-night stands.

It’ll take more than flashy moves to win her over

Dean always gets what he wants. Girls, grades, girls, recognition, girls…he’s a ladies man, all right, and he’s yet to meet a woman who’s immune to his charms. Until Allie. For one night, the feisty blonde rocked his entire world—and now she wants to be friends? Nope. It’s not over until he says it’s over. Dean is in full-on pursuit, but when life-rocking changes strike, he starts to wonder if maybe it’s time to stop focusing on scoring…and shoot for love.


Steamy New Adult HOT HOT HOT


The Score by Elle Kennedy is her third book in the Off-Campus series, and this time centers around Dean Di Laurentus, Garrett (The Deal) and Logan's (The Mistake) roommate, defenseman on the Briar U hockey team, and the biggest "manwhore" in Briar U, as well as Allie Hayes, Hannah's (The Deal) roommate and best friend, who finds herself heartbroken and lost after ending her three year relationship with her boyfriend, Simon. When Allie drunkenly decides to have rebound sex, why not go for it with the infamous Dean? It's only once. Except one time with Allie is not enough for Dean. Never has a woman blown his mind the way Allie did that night. Allie wants to be friends, but Dean is determined to change her mind.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! Is it original? No, but I don't care. Truly. The story is fun as fuck, and the chemistry between Dean and Allie is off the charts. And the sex is oh-my-god-i-am-going-to-explode hot. On top of that - this book is funny. No spoilers, but the unexpected character of Winston had be in fucking tears from laughing so hard. CRYING. Don't get me wrong - there are serious moments in this book too. Sad in a brutal, realistic way. -------------> Beau's death was a tough one to swallow. I mean, he isn't a huge character in the series, but how many of us look back to our high school and college days and not have a death that loomed over us. Four. Four classmates have passed away (two of them after graduation, but equally heartbreaking. It's jarring that people you know, who are the same age as you, just one day are gone. Dean's reaction to his best friends death was understandable and relatable. <-------------.

In all honesty, I had no idea how Elle was going to pull off a romance with Dean's character. The guy who loved getting watched having sex. But it worked! Allie is his sexual equal, with her being into kinkier sex. They each brought something new to the table, which made their interactions fun. Dear Lord, I still giggle about Winston. I highly recommend this book. The whole series!

  1. Allie interrupting Dean's threesome

  2. Dean and Beau's Twilight conversation

  3. Dean with Robbie's little sister

  4. Dean and Allie's song war

  5. Dean going down on Allie while Hannah is asking Allie questions on the other side of the door

  6. Dick names


  8. Dean and Allie hooking up in the alley

  9. Allie and Dead spending Thanksgiving together

  10. Dean coming when Allie needed him after Sean confronts her about Dean.

  11. Allie accidently attacking Dean with a Wayne Gretzky paper weight when she thought he was an intruder

  12. How Dean accidently tells Allie he loves her

  13. Dean apologizing to everyone

  14. Dean spending the night with Allie's father because Allie was worried about him

  15. Dean deciding to be a gym teacher/coach instead of going to law school

Hannah: "They are too soft. It's like sleeping on a soggy marshmallow."

Garrett: "It's like sleeping on a fluffy cloud."

Allie: "Ugh. You even have perfect nipples."

His lips twitch

Dean: "Do you wanna touch 'em?"

Allie: "Ew. Never. I'm just commenting that they're frickin' perfect. Like, totally proportioned to your chest."

He peers down at his pecs and considers for a moment.

Dean: "Yeah. I am perfect. I need to remind myself of that more often."

I frown at him,

Allie: "Why is your arm around me?"

Dean: "This is how I watch movies."

Allie: "Really? So you put our arm around Garrett when you watch movies with him?"

Dean: "Absolutely. And if he's nice to me, sometimes I slide my hand down his pants."

Dean's other hand skims down to the waistband of my leggings.

Dean: "Be nice to me, and I promise I'll be even nicer in return."

Allie: "Ha. Not happening."

Argh. Stupid Dean and his stupid awesome dick.


Allie: Srsly, stop worrying about me. I'm reading on the couch. Under a blanket. Snug as a bug in a mug.

Dean: In a rug.

Allie: ??

Dean: "Snug as a bug in a RUG. That's how u say it.

There's five who seconds of radio silence, and then my phone rings in my hand. I'm grinning as I answer the call.

Allie: "Why would the bug be in a rug?"

I snort.

Dean: "Why would it be in a mug?"

Allie: "Because that's a cozy place for it to be! If it's in a rug, someone might step on it."

Dean: "If it's in a mug, someone might drink it."

Allie: "Are we writing a bad Dr. Seuss book right now?"

Dean: "Sure fucking sounds like it."

Logan: "Awww, look at him, G, he's so precious when he's sleeping."

Garrett: "Like an angel."

Logan: "A really slutty angel."

Garrett: "Wait - do angels even get laid? And if so, are heaven orgasms a million times better than earth orgasms I bet yes."

Logan: "Uh-doy. Where do you think rainbows come from? Whenever you see a rainbow, that means an angel just came."

Garrett: "Ah. Makes sense. Sort of like how whenever a bell rings, an angel gets its wings."

Logan: "Exactly like that."

I crank one eye open and direct it toward the doorway.

Dean: "I can hear you, you know."

Logan: "Oh good, you're up."

Dean: "Of course I'm up. How am I supposed to sleep when you two fucktards are standing at the foot of my bed talking about angels blowing their loads?"

Garrett snickers

Garrett: "Like I'm the first one to ever wonder about that."

Dean: "Trust me, you are."

Dean: "I was a perfect gentleman."

Logan snorts

Logan: "Well, that's a first."

Dean: "Fuck you very much. I happen to be skilled in the art of gentlemanry."

Logan: "That's not an art. Or a word."

Dean: "Hey. You know Twilight?"

He blinks.

Beau: "Excuse me?"

Dean: "Twilight. The vampire book."

His wary eyes study my face.

Beau: "What about it?"

Dean: "Okay, so you know how Bella's blood is extra special? Like how it gives Edward a raging boner every time he's around her?"

Beau: "Are you fucking with me right now?"

Dean: "Do you think it happens in real like? Pheromones and all that crap. Is it a bullshit theory some horndog dreamed up so he could justify why he's attracted to his mother or some shit? Or is there actually a biological reason why we're drawn to certain people? Like goddamn Twilight. Edward wants her on a biological level, right?"

Beau: "Are you seriously dissecting Twilight right now?"

Beau: "This place is full of women who'd sell their firstborn to go home with you. Pick one and sex this other chick right out of your head.

Dean: "My dick won't let me."

Beau snickers

Beau: "Can you repeat that, lease?"

Dean: "My dick is being difficult. I tried to jerk off to porn last night, and swear to God, damn thing wouldn't get hard. Then I thought of All - this girl - and bam."

I snap my fingers

Dean: "Hard as a rock."

Beau: "You know, I don't think we're dealing with a Bella's-magical-blood situation here."

Dean: "No?"

Beau: "No. I think you've imprinted on this girl's pussy."

A choked laugh sounds from behind me, and I turn in time to see our waitress walking by. Her cheeks are red, lips twitching as if she's trying not to bust a gut.

Dean: "What do you mean?"

Beau: "I mean you're facing a Jacob quandary. You imprinted on her pussy, and now it's the only pussy you can think about. You exist solely for this pussy. Like Jacob and that weird mutant baby."

Dean: "You fucking asshole. You've totally read those books."

Beau: "Nuh-uh."

He gives a sheepish grin

Beau: "I've seen the movies."

Dean: "You sitting or what?"

Allie: "I'll stand, thanks."

Dean: "Aw, come on. I don't bite."

Allie: "Yes, you do."

Those green eyes twinkle.

Dean: "You're right. I do."


Dean: Anyway. Thx. Thought u might know.

Fitzy: Why the fuck would *I* know?

Dean: Ur into all those fantasy role-play games. U know magic.

Fitsy: I'm not Harry Potter, ffs.

Dean: HP is a nerd. Ur a nerd. Ergo, ur a boy wizard.


Dean: "Aw, who's this little fella?"

I wave the dildo up and down, and it's flexible enough that it flops around like a real dick.

Allie snatches it from my hand.

Allie: "Little? You better take that back or else you'll give Winston a complex."

Dean: "Winston? Are you kidding me?"

Allie: "Oh come on, you're telling me he doesn't look like a Winston?"

I study the pink sex toy. For something that's shaped like a cock, it's actually ridiculously girly. And Winston is a girly name if I've ever heard one.

Dean: "Huh. I guess he does."

Allie: "I have a talent for picking suitable dick names."

Dean: "Don't get any ideas about naming mine, you hear me?"

Allie: "Why? Are you scared I'll come up with something better than what you've already got?"

Dean: "Who says I named my dick?"

Allie slants her head in challenge.

Allie: "Are you saying you didn't?"

I shrug in response.

Allie: "Ha! I knew it! What's his name?"

My scowl deepens

Allie: "Come on, tell me. I promise I won't make fun of you."

Dean: "It's Little Dean."

That makes her howl in laughter.

Allie: "Oh my God. Of course it is. You are such a dork."


Dean: Btw - totally gonna think of u when I'm jerking off 2nite.

Allie: That's cool. I just fingered myself and pretended it was u.

I groan out loud.

Tucker swivels his head toward me. He looks at my face, then my phone, then rolls his eyes.

Tuck: "Seriously, man? You're sexting right beside me? Get a room."

Allie: "I'll make you a deal. If you tell me about your gay experience ... I'll tell you about my lesbian one."

Just like that, I'm harder than steel.

Dean: "Deal."

Her laughter bounces off the shower tiles.

Allie: "Men. You're so easy to manipulate."

Dean: "Of course we are. It's our fatal flaw - we're ruled by our cocks."

Logan skids to a stop, cartoon-character style. I'm surprised his head doesn't spin and his eyeballs don't bug out.

Logan: "Um."

His gaze bounces around the bathroom like a rubber ball.

He looks at the towel rack, where his cargo pants are hanging.

He looks at the bathtub, where I'm lounging like Cleo-fucking-patra.

He looks at the bubbles surrounding my body like a fluffy white cloud.

And then he looks at Winston.

Dean: "Dude. It's not what it looks like."

Logan: "Nope, nope, nope, I don't want to know!"

Logan throws his hands in the air and starts backing toward the door as if he accidently walked into a lion's den. He halts. Snatches his pants off the rack. Continues backing away. His eyes once again focus on the pink dildo two inches from my hand.

I try again.

Dean: "I promise you, it's not -"

Logan: "I don't want to know."

He lunges out the door and slams it shut. I hear his footsteps thump toward the stairs. Then they thump back to the bathroom.

Logan: "Hey, listen, I'm gonna stay with Gracie tonight. That way you can ... uh ... finish up whatever it is you're ... uh ... doing."

Fucking hell.

I wait until I hear the front door shut before I address Allie.

Dean: "You hid behind the door? Really?"

Allie: "I'm sorry."

Dean: "You can shove your sorries in a sack, baby doll. You realize what you've done, right? You've officially allowed my best friend to believe I like to shove dildos up my ass."

Allie: "Aw, that's not true. If anything, Logan is enlightened now. We opened his mind to the delightful possibilities of anal play."

Dean: "I've been getting shit for two days thanks to your Houdini act in the bathtub. I found a bottle of lube under my pillow last night with a note from Garrett saying 'For your ass'. Logan bought a carton of pink lemonade and keeps giving me a thumbs up every time he drinks a glass. Grace can't look me in the eye without giggling."

It was damn hard pretending to be unaffected by her, and I'm damn tired of furtively texting her for quickies and lying to my friends about where I'm going.

Friends, who, by the way, now think I incorporate dildos in my jerk-off routine. When Tucker handed me a plate of bacon and eggs this morning, he innocently asked if my "little pink buddy" would be joining us for breakfast. Garrett almost broke a rib laughing. Poor Grace still can't look at me without blushing.

Dean: "Why can't I go first?"

Allie: "Because I'm playing the vagina card."

I smirk at her.

Dean: "Fine. Then I trump it with the penis card."

Allie: "That's not how it works."

Dean: "Then how does it work? Because last I checked, genitals don't decide who gets to listen to their music first."

Allie: "Oh yes, they do. See, if you take away my dick privileges, I'll be fine for months. Years, even. But if I take away your pussy privileges? You'll be utterly lost. Like a drowning man at sea, desperately grabbing for the vagina preserver. Therefore, vagina trumps penis."

My smirk fades, because she's right.

Dean: "Oh thank Jesus. Hopefully whoever this is will save me before you break my dick."


Logan: Just found the perfect xmas present for you in Boston.

A photo promptly appears, summoning a loud groan from my throat. The asshole sent me a pic of a novelty My Little Pony dildo. Damn thing is bright pink, with rainbow sparkles on the handle.

Logan: And it's rechargeable! U don't have to buy batteries. THAT'S handy!

Dean: Hardy-har-har. You = comedian.

Then I message Grace:

Dean: "Tell your BF to stop being mean to me.

She texts back a smiley face. Traitor.

Beau: "You guys know I'm awake, right?"

Beau's wry voice triggers a rush of horror mingled with the burn of embarrassment. I bury my face against Dean's chest, too mortified to look over at the armchair.

Beau: "And now I'm hard as a rock. So I'm just gonna go ahead and ask - any chance of a threesome?"

My head lifts in indignation, but I can't help but laugh when I see the intrigued gleam in Dean's eyes.

Allie: "Don't even think about it. Erase that idea from your pretty head, Maxwell. Because it's not happening."

Beau: "Tonight, or ever?"

Allie: "Ever."

Beau: "Give me one good reason why not."

Allie: "Because a) I don't want to, and b) picture this - it's ten years from now. I'm a Hollywood A-lister, a three-time Academy Award winner, the most sought-after actress ever to grace the silver screen ... and then the latest issue of People magazine hits the stands. And you know what the headline reads? Celebrity debauchery exposed. Allie Hayes, college threesome queen."

Beau: "Super Bowl champ Beau Maxwell quoted as saying, 'best night of my life.'"

I sigh and turn to Dean, who's clearly trying not to laugh.

Allie: "And now it's time for bed. Say goodnight to your friend Beau, sweetie."

Dean: "Good night, Beau."

Garrett: "I specifically told you to keep your dick away from her, man."

Summer: "Who was that?"

Allie: "You mean Logan? He lives here. But don't get any ideas. He has a girlfriend."

Summer: "No, not him. The big guy with the tats. I didn't catch his name."

Allie: "Oh. Fitzy. Colin Fitzgerald. One of your brother's teammates."

Summer: "I want him."

Dean: "Summer!"

Summer: "What? I'm just being honest."

Dean: "I'm taking a shower. And when I get out, you and I are going to have a little talk about how fucking crazy you are."

Allie: "I'm sorry, okay? I already admitted I overreacted."

Dean: "You think? I'm serious. I'm not done being angry at you, so you better be waiting for me in my room when I'm out of the shower."

Allie: "What are you going to do, spank me?"

I growl.

Dean: "Don't fucking tempt me, babe."

Summer: "Gross. Please don't discuss your BDSM sex games in front of your sister."

Dean: "I love your daughter, sir."

Mr. Hayes: "I know you do, pretty boy."

Mr. Hayes: "Eva spent a lot of time in France. Spoke French fluently too. She always wanted AJ to learn it, but AJ wasn't interested."

Dean: "She's interested in it now."

Mr. Hayes: "Yeah?"

Dean: "She's trying to teach it to herself by watching a French soap opera."

Mr Hayes grins.

Dean: "I've watched two seasons with her. It ain't half bad."

That gets me a full blown laugh. It comes from deep in his throat, lighting up his blue eyes.

Mr. Hayes: "You ain't half bad, pretty boy."

Allie: "Dean."

Dean: "Mmm?"

Allie: "I love you."

Dean: "I love you too."

Allie: "But I don't want you right now."

His head jerks up, his expression beyond insulted.

Dean: "Can you repeat that please?"

Allie: "I don't want you. I want little Dean."

My boyfriend throws his head back and laughs. Then he unzips his pants and gives me exactly what I want.


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