The Prenup by Lauren Layne Book Review

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

The Prenup

By Lauren Layne

Published by LL Book Co

Stand Alone Novel

"Ten years ago, I married my brother’s best friend. I haven’t seen him since. Until now ..."

Charlotte Spencer grew up on the blue-blooded Upper East Side of Manhattan but she never wanted the sit-still-look-pretty future her parents dictated for her. Enter Colin Walsh, her brother’s quiet, brooding best friend, and with him a chance to pursue her dreams. One courthouse wedding later, Charlotte’s inheritance is hers to start a business in San Francisco and Irish-born Colin has a Green Card.

Ten years later, they're happily married. On different coasts. With separate lives. In fact, she hasn't even seen Colin in a decade, and that's just fine by her. But fate throws her a curve-ball when her husband calls her back to New York, and she realizes the boy she's married is long gone. In his place is a shockingly appealing man ... who wants a divorce. The problem? The terms of their prenup arrangement state that before either can file for separation, they have to live under the same roof for three months.

Now, in order to get divorced, they have to pretend to be married. For real ...


Foul Language Rom-Com Feel Good

Some Steaminess

If you don't want to know what happens in The Prenup, Stop reading! Seriously!

So I am just going to come right out and say it ... I. Loved. This. Book.

Loved it so much I finished it in a day.

The Prenup is a stand alone romance novel by Lauren Layne. I will admit, I love most of Lauren Layne's novels, but the Prenup is up there on the top of the list, along with her Sex, Love & Stiletto series, and Oxford series.

The Prenup is centered around Charlotte, a thirty-one year old successful entrepreneur, who lives life to the beat of her own drum, which has caused a rift between her and her parents. The last straw was when Charlotte, at twenty years old, agrees to marry her brothers best friend Colin, so she would have access to her trust fund to escape her parents, and so Colin could get a green card, as he was born in Ireland. This was all arranged by her brother, who, as well as Colin, just graduated law school, and he wrote up the prenup, that neither Charlotte or Colin read, because ... brother ... best friend ... trust.

See, Justin(the best friend and brother) had good intentions, but also hoped that the marriage would stick if they got to know each other. He put a stipulation in the prenup that they needed to live together for 3 months before divorcing. Which leads to Charlotte moving back to New York, to live with the husband she doesn't really know, and facing her past with her parents.

Colin and Charlotte's chemistry was on fire. Their whole opposite personalities, and sarcastic banter with one another made me not miss the lack of sexual detail. This is another one of Lauren Layne's more PG-13 romances, where you know they have sex, but its behind closed doors. Usually, this bothers me. I know I said in another post I must be secretly a perv, but maybe its because sometimes, writers don't convey the intimacy between their characters well enough without the sex. I would imagine its very hard to do, but Lauren Layne does it PERFECTLY in the Prenup. I didn't need the sex. There was enough chemistry, and intimacy between these characters without it.