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The Brass Queen by Elizabeth Chatsworth Book Review

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The Brass Queen

by Elizabeth Chatsworth

Published by CamCat Books

In 1897, a fiery British aristocrat and an inept US spy search for a stolen invisibility serum that could spark a global war.

Miss Constance Haltwhistle is the last in a line of blue-blooded rogue inventors. Selling exotic firearms under her alias, the ‘Brass Queen,’ has kept her baronial estate’s coffers full. But when US spy, Trusdale, saves her from assassins, she’s pulled into a search for a scientist with an invisibility serum. As royal foes create an invisible army to start a global war, Constance and Trusdale must learn to trust each other. If they don’t, the world they know will literally disappear before their eyes.



I would like to thank #CamCatBooks for sending me an #ARC of #TheBrassQueen by Elizabeth Chatsworth via #NetGalley, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The Brass Queen by Elizabeth Chatsworth centers around two protagonists, Miss Constance Haltwhistle, the last in a line of quirky scientist (but also a lady, and don't you forget it!) and J. F. Trusdale, an American spy, with a deep love for his Stetson hat. When Constance's coming-out party is ruined by a kidnapping of three brilliant scientists, Trusdale doesn't see a way to complete his mission. Before he can follow through with his plans of heading back home, he somehow finds himself allying with Miss Constance Haltwhistle herself to find and rescue the scientist. Can these two natural leaders actually work together without killing one another though? Well, you need to read to find out!

The Brass Queen was an unexpected delight. It is an original, fun story, that is non-stop action and funny banter between our two protagonist. The characters are charming in their own ways, with Constance being an intelligent, resourceful woman ahead of her time, with a delightfully quirky outlook on life, whereas Trusdale is a wonderful balance with his cool logic and stealth. This book, admittedly, is more mystery and action than romance, but despite the lack of what I look forward the most to in most books, I was very quickly immersed. If you are a fan of clean romances, you will definitely enjoy this book.

The Brass Queen was delightfully whimsical in it's plot and setting, it's characters were fun and intriguing, and quite a few times I found myself smiling at the banter between Constance and Trusdale. If you like steampunk settings, clean romance, and strong female protagonists, you will for sure enjoy The Brass Queen!

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