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The Better to See You by Kate SeRine

The Better to See You

by Kate SeRine

Published by Kensington Books

Book 2 in the Transplanted Tales series

Once upon a time, a spell went awry and Make Believe characters were cast into the ordinary world. And the results aren’t always happily ever after…

Everyone thinks fairy godmothers can do no wrong. But if not for a certain spell mis-cast by Lavender Seelie, Cinderella’s former fairy godmother, the Tales would not be stuck in the Here and Now. Fortunately for Lavender, she’s about to get a second chance at a happy ending…

The Refuge, a sanctuary for wayward Tales, seems like the perfect place for Lavender to start a new life—especially when she discovers an unexpected ally in Seth, the brooding werewolf who’s been typecast as a villain ever since his run in with Little Red Riding Hood. But when humans from nearby towns start turning up dead, their bodies mutilated with archaic Tale symbols, Lavender wonders if Seth’s deep sensuality has blinded her to the truth. And that distraction could put innocent lives in danger. Including her own…


Urban Fantasy Retelling - Romance


The Better to See You is the second book in Kate SeRine's Transplanted Tales series, and this time centers on Lavender Seelie, Cinderella's former fairy god-mother. A bit of a social pariah, being the fairy who cast the spell that went haywire, and transplanted Tales to the Here and Now, Lavender doesn't know where to go when things fall out with Cinderella. Needing to go into hiding from the Prince, Red directs her to The Refuge - or more specifically, Seth Wolf, the misunderstood "Big Bad" Wolf. As the broody Seth tries to acclimate Lavender to Refuge life, they find an unlikely friend in one another. But when brutal murders, and Tales going missing, Lavender finds herself mixed up in it all, and she can't help but wonder, if there any truth to the stories of the Big Bad Wolf?

I was already familiar with Lavender and Seth because I read the novella in Shifters & Mistletoe, so I already knew where their story was heading, but I didn't mind going back and seeing how the perky fairy godmother ended up our favorite brooding wolf. For the most part, I really enjoyed this book. Once again, we get an incredibly unique, adult twist on a few different tales. We also get an entirely new setting from Red, going from Chicago, to a small, secluded town in the middle of the woods. The characters are just as interesting, and the plot is just as entertaining, and is a continuation of the story in Red (and yes, we get to see Red and Nate a couple of times as well). Honestly, despite some dark content, The Better to See You is a fun read. If I had to pick one thing that bothered me, it was how fast Lavender and Seth got together. I would have liked a slower burn.

I'm really enjoying this series so far, and I honestly think you will too. If you enjoy a grump/sunshine, fairytale retelling, you will enjoy The Better to See You.

Lavender: “Charges? For what? That little shit attacked me!”

Trish gave me a knowing look.

Trish: “He claims you used your magic to, uh, significantly reduce the size of his manhood.”

Red’s head snapped toward me, her eyes wide.

Red: “Did you really shrink his dink?”

I didn’t flinch.

Lavender: “He had it coming.” Seth: “Besides, how was I supposed to know who you were? You don’t look like a fairy.”

I crossed my arms in a huff.

Lavender: “Well you don’t look like a dickhead. Guess looks can be deceiving.” Lavender: “You have nothing to say?”

I asked, not bothering to keep the exasperation out of my voice. He blinked at me.

Seth: “About what?”

Lavender: “About my apology for biting your head off.”

He shrugged.

Seth: “I don’t mind a little biting now and then. As long as it’s in the right places.” Lavender: “You’ll come with me, won’t you?”

I asked, my fingers tightening around his.

Seth: “Absolutely,”

he assured me, giving me that smile of his that made my knees weak.

Seth: “Then when we get home, I’ll make you a dinner you’ll never forget.”

Lavender: “With dessert?”

I breathed. He leaned in a little toward me.

Seth: “Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.” Nate: “I’ve missed you, Tess,”

he started out in a harsh whisper as he stepped closer to her.

Nate: “Everything I am, everything I have—none of it means anything without you.”

She rolled her eyes.

Red: “So help me God, Nate, if you say, ‘You complete me,’ I’m shoving my fist down your throat.”

Nate’s mouth lifted at one corner.

Nate: “I wouldn’t dare,”

he drawled, taking another cautious step toward her. Nate: “Marry me, Tess,”

Nate said. When her eyes went wide, he grinned up at her.

Nate: “You know if you don’t say yes, I’ll just keep asking, so you might as well give in now.”

A slow smile spread across Red’s face and then she gave a choked little laugh.

Tess: “Well, if you’re just going to annoy the hell out of me about it . . .”

Nate: “Is that a yes?”

Nate asked. She rolled her eyes.

Tess: “Yeah, I guess.” And I knew he’d be coming for me. My knight in shining armor. My slayer of monsters. My Big Bad Wolf. Sebille’s roar of rage made the ground tremble. Her arms shot out to the nearest follower and shoved him toward the bier.

Sebille: “Help me! We don’t have much time—the Reaper will be here any moment!”

But the follower shoved back his hood and offered her a cocky wink.

Nate: “He already is.”

My eyes went wide.

Fuck. Me. My brother was walking casually through the melee, randomly snapping his fingers and grinning at the resulting transformations. As I watched, Ted Walsh suddenly brayed like a donkey, his head now that of an ass. Puck shook his head with a laugh and turned to Seth and me.

Puck: “No matter how many times I do it, that one never gets old!” Seth: “You sure you don’t mind about the wolf thing?”

I slipped my arm around his waist and shook my head.

Lavender: “Nah. I think it’s wicked sexy. Werewolves are the new vampire, you know.” Seth: “It’s been quite a while since I’ve ridden a horse,”

Seth complained, his face twisting into such an adorable grimace, I was tempted to throw him up on the back of the damned thing myself. Instead, I grabbed the horse’s mane and swung up on onto its back. Then with the sweetest smile I could muster, I batted my eyes at Seth and extended my hand.

Lavender: “Now, Sir Knight, I suggest you get your seriously sexy ass up here or you won’t be riding anything—or anyone—anytime soon, if you catch my meaning.” He pressed a line of sultry kisses along the curve of my throat and nipped playfully at the sensitive spot where neck and shoulder met, making me laugh.

Lavender: “Why, Mr. Wolf,”

I murmured as he nipped again,

Lavender: “what big teeth you have.”

He chuckled.

Seth: “Come back to the kitchen with me,”

he drawled, his voice going dark with promise,

Seth: “and I’ll show you what else is big. . . .”

Grinning, I slid my hand down the front of his jeans.

Lavender: “Oh, I know what’s—”

A polite cough behind me cut off my words and brought Seth’s head up.


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