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Sex Drive by Susan Fox

Sex Drive

by Susan Lyons

Published by Aphrodisia

Book 1 in the Wild Ride to Love Series

(Books 2-4 are published under the Susan Fox pen name)

When Dr. Theresa Fallon meets a long, lean stranger in business class, she's suddenly ready for anything.

There's something about Damien Black that makes her want to surrender immediately...Which is why she accepts Damien's spontaneous offer of a sizzling getaway. All in the name of research, of course. And once the pretty professor slips between the sheets with this hard-bodied man of mystery, she discovers the meaning of the term erotic pleasure...

Age Recommendation:



Contemporary Romance


Sex Drive by Susan Lyons (Fox) is the first book in her Wild Ride to Love series, and centers around Dr. Theresa Fallon, a world renown sociologist, and Damien Black, a famous Australian author to a popular mystery series. When Theresa finds herself seated next to the sexy Damien Black, it doesn't take much for her to succumb to his charm. She finds herself unable to say no when he suggests extending her trip for a sexy getaway with him. Once she gets a taste of Damien - and he of her - they both discover their short and sexy getaway may not be enough.

This book has been on my TBR for a while now, but I honestly would have never picked it up, if it hadn't been for my best friend. Now, truth be told - she didn't recommend this one to me. Actually, she was very clear and said the other books were "meh", except for the second one - Love, Unexpectedly. She did tell me I could just read Love, Unexpectedly. I wasn't missing anything by skipping the first one. But my brain is weird, and I can't knowingly skip a book. I just can't. It physically hurts. So because I really wanted to read my BFF's recommendation - her first ever romance read - I read Sex Drive. And it was ... painful.

Now don't get me wrong, Susan Lyons - Fox ... whatever her name is - isn't a bad author. Her writing is good, and I had no qualms with her writing style, grammar ... nothing like that. My problem was everything else. The plot was not original - This is my third read that starts out on a plane, with a genius MC. And I am reading the romance for - shocker, I know - the romance. But we get WAY too much story involving Theresa's sisters and the wedding she is going to. Yes, its why Theresa is on the plane, but WHYYYYY SO MUCH PAGE TIME is dedicated to it is beyond me. I might have been able to get over these things, if everything else was up to par, but sadly, it wasn't. I didn't feel the chemistry between the MC's, and while the sex was hot, I was just bored.

If the second book in this series not a recommendation by my friend, I would DNF this series. But because I respect her opinion, I will continue with the second book. Crossing fingers I won't disappoint her by hating it, but after this one, I admit I am nervous.

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