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Scars by Hannah McBride


by Hannah McBride


Book 4 in the Blackwater Pack Series


Addie Markham escaped her brutal past but is struggling to find her place now that she's free. With her daughter finally safe, she has the chance to find her own love. But the horrors she endured are anything but forgotten. Maybe she's simply too damaged for love.


Nikolai Dashkov is the Alpha of the first pack. He was given a second chance with his mate, and he intends to keep her by his side. He failed to protect her once. He won't fail again.


Addie and Nik will have to navigate eighteen years of betrayal and heartache before they can reclaim what was stolen.

SCARS is the fourth full-length book in the Blackwater Pack series. It can be read as a standalone. The book deals with surviving sexual assault and domestic abuse, which may be upsetting to some readers.

Age Recommendation:



Supernatural Romance


This book deals with trauma after years of confinement, rape, physical and mental abuse. Please be advised.


Scars is the fourth full length novel in Hannah McBride's Blackwater Pack series. It centers around Addie Markham and Nikolai Dashkov - Skye's parents. With Skye now mated to Remy, who is alpha to the Blackwater pack, and safe - Addie knows it's time for her to heal. When Nikolai offers her the opportunity to come back to Russia with him - to start over with him - she decides to take the chance. But years of horrific abuse cannot be forgotten, and Addie thinks she is just too broken to ever find love. But Nikolai won't give up on his mate. He failed her once - he won't do so again. As Addie begins the journey to healing, and loving herself, Nikolai is by her side - while also securing his status in the pack, and keeping them safe from outside threats. But can they get past 18 years of terrible abuse?

First, I would like to thank Hannah McBride and her team, for sending me an ARC of this novel, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I would like to start out by saying I really enjoyed this book. I loved being back in Russia, and the dynamics of their crazy little family. I forgot how much I loved Nikolai's no shame violence to those who deserve it. And how much I adore Natasha's fiery - and yeah, violent - temperament, and her complete lack of disclosure on her very active sex life. Oh, and of course, Dimitri and Lulu, and the very obvious tension between them. I was so happy to be back in this world. I think my only issue with the story, was the memories of the abuse. So, nothing to do with Hannah's writing, or the story. That's on me. Because I went into this book knowing Addie went through A LOT. I just didn't prepare myself properly for the detailed memories. And let me make this clear: this material is not triggering for me. If it was, I wouldn't have picked up this book. That being said, it's been a week since I finished the book, and after reflection, I think those memories serve a purpose. It's not written to shock the reader, or to further prove Addie has been through hell. We know she has been. What it does is make the journey that Addie goes through to heal that much richer. As for Nikolai, Hannah did an amazing job rekindling a romance between the two, while being respectful of Addie's history. It was very well done, and I gotta say - Nikolai might have my heart in this series.

While Scars is an admittedly tough read, that is not for everyone, I think that if the material isn't triggering, you will enjoy this book just as much as the other Blackwater Pack books. And it does set up what is sure to be some exciting future books. But yes - if you love the Blackwater Pack series like I do, you will love this story. You will love this crazy family unit. But if rape and abuse is triggering for you, I would suggest you avoid it, as it isn't for the faint of heart.

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Coming Soon!


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