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Reckless Love : A Wife for Hire Novella by Hannah McBride

Reckless Love

by Hannah McBride


A Wife for Hire Novella

I’ve always been the good girl.

The one who put her family above all else. But now my family is gone, and I’m alone. Penniless and on the verge of utter ruin, I make a reckless choice and decide to hand my fate over to an agency known as Wife for Hire.

It’s not like marrying a stranger can make my life any worse, right?


Because the man waiting for me at the end of the aisle is Warwick Forrester–the man who took everything from my family.

But the more I’m with Wick, the less he seems like a monster. He’s kind, caring, and more than a little obsessed with me in all the right ways.

Maybe this man isn’t my ruin. Maybe he’s my salvation.



Grief from death of family, Anxiety, OCD


Before I begin, I would like to thank Hannah McBride and her team for sending me an arc of Reckless Love in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I'm not a huge fan of novellas.

Unless they are connected to a complete story, and it's just a side plot that can be covered in a novella, novella romances rarely hit the mark.

I like the whole story. The small details that make romance believable. Novella's tend to skip that.

Which Reckless Love fell prey to.

I love Hannah McBride's work. I'm a big fan, and I've been reading her work since her first release in Blackwater Pack. I just didn't love Reckless Love.

Did I hate it? No. It was fine. I did enjoy that the characters represented different disorders (anxiety, and OCD). For readers who like quick romances that don't dive in the deep end of the characters or story, its good. I'm just not one of those readers.

Technically speaking, it's well written. No one can deny that Hannah is a great writer.

If you enjoy short, sweet, and a little bit spicy novellas, give Reckless Love a shot. While you are at it, check out Hannah's other work, like Blackwater Pack and Mad World.



Coming soon after release on May 30th, 2024!

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