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Pucked Over by Helena Hunting

Pucked Over

by Helena Hunting


Book 3 in the Pucked series

Lily LeBlanc isn’t versed in the art of casual sex, but after seven years in an on-again, off-again relationship, she’s definitely willing to give it a shot.

And who better to try it with than her best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend? What could possibly go wrong? Nothing at all.

NHL player, Randy Ballistic, lives up to his last name on the ice and in the bedroom. His best friend and teammate has recently given up the puck bunnies and traded them in for a real girlfriend. And she just happens to have a seriously feisty, extra-hot best friend on the rebound. Randy’s more than happy to be Lily’s spring board back into the dating scene.

Casual sex is only casual until those pesky things called emotions get involved. Once that happens, someone’s bound to gets pucked over.


Contemporary Romance


Pucked Over is the third book in Helena Hunting's Pucked series, and centers around Randy Ballistic (Buck/Miller's best friend from the last book) and Lily LeBlanc (Summer's best friend from Pucked Up). When everything was going down between Miller and Summer in Pucked Up, Randy was going down as well - on Lily. Casual sex isn't her thing, but after 7 years in a terrible relationship, Lily is looking for fun - and while she can't believe it, she has fun with Randy. When the two of them decide on a friends-with-benefits relationship, neither of them expect that feelings will develop. But they both have baggage they need to sort through. Question is, can they get over their pasts, and have a future together?

I honestly think this is my favorite of the series so far. Surprising, I know. Usually its the first couple in these types of series' that forever wedge themselves in my book loving heart, but nope. For the Pucked series, so far, its Lily and Randy. These two have INSANE chemistry. Not just sexually, but with everything. Helen, where was this chemistry for Miller and Summer? You couldn't spare them any? Because holy shit, these two ... whew. Lily and Randy have a lot of sex. Like, a lot. And it's insanely hot. Helena Hunting writes GOOD sex. And because Lily and Randy have intense chemistry, its so much hotter. You can feel the addiction these two characters have leap off the page and I loved it. But seriously, aside from that, I liked the baggage they were both bringing to the table. Randy's issues stemming from his fathers inability to keep it in his pants felt very realistic. Perhaps you were raised in a family where your parent(s) were not the most reliable role models when it came to a stable, loving relationship. I was. And it messed me up for YEARS. So I felt Randy's troubles were incredibly relatable. I got it. I got him. I think Helen obviously made it more extreme for the sake of a story, but it worked for me. And Lily was also relatable. A young adult, struggling financially, and didn't get to live her dreams because of money - I mean, that is most people I know - including me. So two main characters who the reader can relate to, have interesting stories, and have hot, insane chemistry? It's a fun, great read.

Helen Harding almost lost me after Pucked Up, but I am so glad I continued with the series. I had a feeling Randy and Lily would be a great read, and I couldn't put this book down.

*by purchasing this book through a link below, I will earn a small commission, at no cost to you.*

Lily: “Fuck you very much for the orgasms.”

Lily slaps a hand over her mouth, like she can’t believe she just said that.

Randy: “That was next on my to-do list.”

I’m such an antagonistic ass. Lily: “So I’m guessing you didn’t find a bunny to ride your dick?

Randy chuckles.

Randy: “Nope. My dick told me he didn’t want a bunny. He’s holding out for you.”

I roll my eyes, even though he can’t see me.

Lily: “Does that line work?”

Randy: “It’s not a line. Me and my dick are tight. We had a very serious conversation.”

I laugh.

Lily: “Well, you should tell him not to hold his breath. He’ll turn blue.” Violet swims over to take a pool noodle. Except she stops right in front of me and grabs my knees.

Violet: “Holy shit!”

She wrenches them apart.

Violet: “Is that a hickey?”

High up on the inside of my thigh is a large reddish-purple mark. I totally would have brought my bathing suit with the skirt if I’d been thinking.

Violet: “It’s a bruise.”

Made by Randy’s mouth.

Violet: “Liar!”

Violet sticks her head between my legs and pokes at it.

Violet: “That’s totally a hickey! Did Balls lick your beaver? Did you let Balls ball you?” Alex: “Is there anything you feel you need to tell me?”

Violet: “About what?”

Alex: “I don’t know; maybe you did some experimenting in college?”

Violet: “Oh my God, you’re as bad as Buck! Lily has a hickey! Near her beaver!”

Lily: “It’s a bruise!”

Violet looks over her shoulder at me.

Violet: “Fine. It’s a bruise. Made by Balls’ balls slapping on your thighs!”

Alex glances in my direction, his brow furrowed. I take the opportunity to slip into the water and avoid looking at him. I don’t need him to know anything about what did or didn’t happen with Randy’s balls. Charlene comes to my rescue.

Charlene: “Don’t listen to her, Alex. She’s giving Lily the gears. And she likes to say balls, although I’m sure you’re familiar with her mouth. On yours.”

Violet: “Nice, Char.”

Violet turns back to Alex.

Violet: “Gimme kisses and then go hit some balls with sticks with fat heads.” She leans into him and clutches his shirt, pulling him down. He gives us an apologetic look, and that’s before she says, louder than she probably means to,

Violet: “Tonight I’m gonna ride your dick like we’re at the Calgary Stampede.”

Alex: “Shh. We can talk about that later.”

Violet: “Right. Shh!”

She puts her finger to her lips.

Violet: “Speaking of riding things…”

She lets go of Alex’s shirt and points at me.

Violet: “You might want to find Lily. She is a hot tamale tonight. If I wasn’t marrying this sexy piece of ass, and I didn’t love his monster cock as much as I do, I might be interested in her. Except she’s a girl. So I’m not. But there are a bunch of horny guys who are.”

She turns to Alex and cringes.

Violet: “That was too far, wasn’t it?”

Alex: “Yeah, baby. You saw the line and bulldozed right over it.” Randy: “Did you get them for me?”

Lily: “No. I needed new ones.”

Randy: “I don’t think I believe you.”

I suck on her skin as I go lower.

Lily: “That’s because your ego is as big as your dick.”

The words come out a little breathless.

Randy: “So now you admit I’ve got a big dick?”

Lily: “I’d be stupid not to stroke your massive ego with your face where it is.” Dear God, It’s me, Lily. I’ve probably done this three times total in my life, and you never seem to be online when I am, but it’d be super awesome if you clubbed Randy over the head so he doesn’t remember this whole episode. Thanks. Randy: “We should go say hi.”

Lily: “I’m so sorry.”

Randy: “It’s cool. Just don’t moan my name or anything when you introduce me.”

Lily: “Your ego is its own country.” Violet: “Horny Nut Sac, why are you calling my fiancé’s phone at this hour?”

It’s Violet. I’m not sure whether I should be relieved.

Randy: “I’m sorry.”

Violet: “You’ve been inside a Canadian haven’t you?”

Randy: “What?”

Violet: “You’re apologizing, and you don’t even know for what. You’ve definitely been inside a Canadian.” I eye the belt. He’s still holding it.

Lily: “I don’t do spankings.”

Randy: “What if I do?”

He slides it ominously along his palm.

Lily: “Then you can pass that over, and I’ll do my best not to feel bad about smacking you around with it.” Randy: “I’m savoring, Lily. It’s been thirty fucking four days. Thirty-four days since I’ve licked that pretty pussy of yours. Been inside you. Made you come. Don’t rush me.”

Lily: “That’s the unfortunate thing about words, Mom. Once you put them out there, you can’t take them back.”

She tries to grab my wrist as I push past her, but I yank it free.

Mom: “I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did.”

Lily: “Which mistake is that? The one where you got pregnant, or the one when you decided to keep me?”

Mom: “You’re the best mistake I ever made, Lily.”

Lily: “But I’m still a mistake.” Violet: “You especially need to make him wait.”

Lily: “I don’t see why.”

Violet: “Because you need to make sure he gets that you’re not at his whim, that your beaver is a snowflake and should be treated as such.”

Charlene: “What are you doing?”

Violet: “Calling Alex.”

Lily: “What? Why?”

I rush to stop her, but she rolls over the back of the couch. It’d be graceful if she didn’t land on her ass. She pops back up, grinning.

Violet: “Hey, baby!”

She has him on video, so we can all hear and see him.

Alex: “Are you drunk?”

Violet: “You bet your Super MC I am. When you guys get back from your fun night, my beaver’s gonna devour your wood, like whoa.”

Alex: “I don’t think my sister needs to know that.”

Violet: “She doesn’t care. Anyway, I have a question.”

Alex: “Fire away.”

Violet: “Do you like blow jobs?”

Alex: “Uhhh…”

Violet: “It’s not a trick question. Answer yes or no. Do you like blow jobs?”

Alex: “Of course I like blow jobs.”

Violet: “Great. Thanks. Give the phone to Buck.”

Alex: “But—”

Violet: “Do it and I’ll lollipop your dick later.”

There’s some chatter in the background, then Buck’s face appears on the screen.

Violet: “Buck. Quick question. Do you like blow jobs?”

Miller: “Fuck, yeah. Sunny’s mouth is the best.”

There’s a loud noise.

Miller: “Fuck! Waters, get off me!”

Violet: “Put Lance on the phone.”

There’s some more clattering and loud noise before the phone is finally passed to Lance. Violet has to calm Alex down by pointing out he’s a hypocrite to get mad at Miller for liking BJs. Lance’s strawberry-blond hair pops into view.

Lance: “You don’t even need to repeat the question. The answer is definitely yes. I’d give up pizza for the rest of my life if I could get a daily blow job.”

Violet: “Good luck finding a mail-order bride to fulfill that dream. Put Darren on the phone.”

Darren shows up next. Violet asks the same question. Darren’s wearing that dark, secret smile again.

Darren: “Charlene can answer that.”

Violet: “Awesome. We already know you love to pearl-necklace my bestie.”

I glance at Charlene, who’s blushing.

Violet: “What is it about the quiet ones?”

Charlene: “You have no idea,”

she says with a similar devious grin. Violet rolls her eyes.

Violet: “Pass the phone to Balls, Mr. Grey.”

There’s a round of snickers. I don’t even want to know if that’s a joke. I step out of view so Randy can’t see me, but I can still see him.

Violet: “Balls.”

Violet punctuates his name with a single hip thrust.

Violet: “Do you like blow jobs?”

His hand comes up to run through his hair, his forearm and biceps flexing.

Randy: “They’re all right, I guess.”

Violet: “They’re all right? All right? Are you telling me that having a woman’s lips wrapped around your cock while you fuck her mouth doesn’t do it for you?”

Randy goes sideways for a second before Alex’s face appears on the screen.

Alex: “Violet, baby, you can’t say things like that to other guys. Ever. Not ever. ’Kay?”

We hear Buck laughing in the background. Violet: “So he’s packing, and I’m assuming it works fine.”

Lily: “We used an entire box of condoms the last time he came to Guelph.”

I might be a little braggy about this.

Violet: “Holy shit. Over how many days?”

Lily: “One.”

Violet puts her hands on my shoulders.

Violet: “Does your beaver have super powers? Is it made out of titanium?”

Lily: “Um, no.”

Violet: “That’s insane. How’d you manage walking the next day?”

Lily: “Carefully.”

Violet: “Okay, so let’s line up the facts and see what we know.”

Sunny: “This is like the game of Clue, but about Randy’s penis,” Miller: “I’m sending Waters over here to get you if you’re not on the ice in two. He’s being super patient, Vi. You’re probably hurting his feelings.”

Violet: “Whatever. Nothing a BJ won’t solve.”

Miller points a finger at her face.

Miller: “That’s your overshare for today. No more freebies.”

Violet: “You won the overshare contest today when you told me your dick is chafed from too much Sunshine cookie.” Violet: “My mom raised me on her own.”

Sunny: “Just like Sidney raised Miller,”

Sunny says. She gets this wistful look in her eyes.

Sunny: “It’s like fate brought your parents together.”

Violet: “Actually, I think he accidentally stole her coffee one day, and that’s how they met, but yeah, they love each other,” Lily: “Bye, Randy. Thanks for the ride.”

Randy: “All of them, or this one in particular?”

It’s a shot. My heart feels like it’s made of sandstone, and it’s crumbling into dust inside my chest. None of my breakups with Benji ever felt like this.

Lily: “All of them, except for this one,” I slide a hand between our faces so he gets my knuckles instead of my lips.

Lily: “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

Randy: “I don’t really care.”

Lily: “My mouth tastes like cheese dick.”

Randy: “How do you know what cheese dick tastes like?”

Lily: “You’ve seen Benji. His beard matches his balls.”

I’m pretty sure I ruined what’s supposed to be our first official couple kiss by talking about my ex’s ungroomed ball sac. Randy pulls a face.

Randy: “That’s fuckin’ nasty.”

Lily: “Sorry, pretend I didn’t say that.”

Randy: “Too late.” Randy shrugs out of his jacket and takes off his hoodie and T-shirt. I shove his pants and underwear down his thighs and drop to my knees.

Lily: “Look at him! He’s so happy to see me, grinning like a fool.” Randy: “Do you know what makes away games bearable?”

Lily: “Video phone sex?”

Randy smiles.

Randy: “That’s number two on the list. Number one is knowing you’re going to be here when I get back.”

Lily: “It’s super awesome when I answer the door naked, isn’t it?”

Randy: “So awesome. Except that one time Lance was with me.”

I cringe.

Lily: “He got an eyeful.”

All I was wearing was a ribbon around my throat, tied in a little bow. After Lance left, Randy made me put the ribbon back on, and we had intense bathroom-vanity sex. He does not like that Lance has seen me naked, at all.


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