Original Sinners Extra Reads: Something Nice Novella

Something Nice

by Tiffany Reisz

Published by 8th Circle Press

Prequel novella to The Angel

It's July, a couple months after Nora returns to Søren at the end of THE SIREN, and while in bed, Søren makes a trade with Nora. He'll do something nice for her and she'll do something nice for him. Of course Nora picks something sexual. But Søren surprises her with his "something nice" request.

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Steamy Erotica Sweet


This is a beautiful novella, showcasing Søren and Nora together again, and Søren's desire to help his Little One let go a little bit, and let him help her. We get some of Nora's lingering heartbreak over Wesley, and some foreshadowing of the something nice Søren is going to give to Nora at the end of The Angel.

Top 3 Favorite Parts

1. Nora telling the girls about Søren overseeing her probation

2. Nora and Søren telling the teenage girls about his time overseeing her probation

3. The girls pestering Nora for details on Kingsley

4. (bonus) Mrs. Maywood telling Nora and Søren she knows about them, and is happy for them

5. (bonus) Søren and Nora promising their new "something nice" promises to each other

Where to Get

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Favorite Quotes

Nora: "It has to be something nice? Could it be something naughty?"

Søren: "Aren't those works synonymous in your vocabulary?"<