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Mischief by Tiffany Reisz

Updated: Apr 10


by Tiffany Reisz

Published by 8th Circle Press

Novella in the Original Sinners Series

When Nora's young lover Nico admits he's always wanted to celebrate a real American Halloween, she summons him to Halloween Town, USA—a.k.a. Salem, Massachusetts—for two nights of nothing but candy, sex, and mischief.

If necessary, they can skip the candy.



Intense and descriptive sex with dom/sub


Happy Halloween my favorite book nerds! No review today, as it is a short story, but it's Halloween themed!

Søren: " 'Bridges of compassion?' I remember when Jesuits were still the terrifying priests in the Church."

Nora: "Don't worry, sir. You still scare the holy living shit out of everyone you meet."

Søren: "Thank you. Coming from you that is high praise indeed."

One hiccup occurred when Søren walked into her bedroom on October third and caught her trying on a cheerleading uniform. He stared at her as if he'd never seen a thirty-seven-year-old woman wearing a New Orleans Saints cheerleader uniform, her black hair in an obnoxiously high ponytail, wearing white tennis shoes and bobby socks, standing in the middle of what was supposed to be a dominatrix's wicked red bedroom. He paused, seemed to want to say something, then clearly thought better of it.

Nora: "Don't ask. Just ... for your own good, don't ask."

Without another word, he left her all alone in the room. For about three seconds. Then he came back, pointed at the outfit and said,

Søren: "Keep that one for later."


Nora: "Happy Halloween."

Nico: "Trick or treat?"

Nora: "For you right now, all treats. No tricks."

Nora: "You'd make a terrible male stripper."

Nico: "I can't dance either."

Nora: "My poor moosh. It's okay. I didn't fall in love with you because of your stripping or dancing skills."

Nico: "Why did you fall in love with me?"

He stood up and kicked off his jeans. Nora looked at his tight, toned twenty-six-year-old naked body. Then she looked at it again.

Nora: "A few reasons."

Nico: "Ah, you drive me crazy."

Nora: "That's my job."

Nora: "Does it feel good?"

Nico: "Yes. Too good. If I come too soon what will you do to me?"

Nora: "The cruelest, most sadistic thing I can think of. I won't let you have any candy this entire trip. Not. One. Piece."

Nora: "I'm torn between riding your cock so hard I come in the next two minutes, or going very slow on you so you don't lose this little game."

Nico: "If you come, I win even if I lose."

Nora: "Then you say something like that and I want to play nice. I hate playing nice."

Nora: "Kingsley will never recover from this. If the house catches on fire, he'll save Juliette, Celeste, and this photo album."

Nico: "Not Søren?"

Nora: "Søren will save Kingsley."

Nico: "And what about you?"

Nora: "Who do you think set the fire?"

Nico: "It's whatever you want it to be. You tell me."

Nora: "I tell you?"

Nico: "You want to do something to me that I'm not ..."

Nora: "I see ... you're giving me permission to do something to you."

Nico: "That's it."

Nora: "So I can use this for ... pegging?"

Nico blinked, but recovered quickly.

Nico: "As I said, it's whatever you want."

Nora: Blood-play?"

He held up his hands in surrender.

Nora: "Making you get a cock piercing?"

He winced so hard both eyes closed. Slowly one eye inched open.

Nico: "If you want."

Nora: "Oh... Good present. But you know I could make you do any of that if I wanted to."

Nico: "You can. But I was thinking of hen you were teaching me about us, about what couples like us are supposed to be like. You said real submission isn't something taken but something freely given and freely accepted."

Nora: "I said that?"

Nico: "Last year, during, my, ah ... training."

Nora: "God damn, I'm smart."

He laughed

Nico: "Very. That's my gift. I'm giving you my submission, and I want you to accept it from me."

Nora: "Thank you. I do accept this beautiful gift of your submission, and you are going to regret ever giving it to me."

Nico: "No regrets yet."

Nora: "The night is still young."

Nico: "Good wine, but, ah ... I might have been involved with the owner's daughter."

Nora laughed

Nora: "Nico, did you have sex with the wine we're drinking?"

Nico: "Not with it ... near it."

Nico: "You are..."

Nora: "Insane?"

Nico: "Interesting. And a little insane."

Nico: "You could talk me into anything."

Nora: "Don't say things like that. Because I will."

Nora: "Be still my horny heart."

Nora: "Looks kind of spooky in there."

Nico: "It's a cemetery. What is it supposed to look like? Cheerful?"

Nico: "Do you ever think about where you're going to be buried?"

Nora: "That's such a French question."

Nico laughed softly

Nico: "I want to be buried in my vines. So my body can nourish them."

Nora: "Too bad. Kingsley already bought a family crypt in New Orleans. You have a shelf."

Nico: "I have a shelf?"

Nora: "It's under my shelf."

Nico: "You'll be on top of me for eternity?"

Nora nodded

Nico: "I can live with that. No, not live with it..."

Justine: "And over here lies Elizabeth Dunne, famous for maybe having boinked Nathaniel Hawthorne."

Nora: "She boinked Nathaniel Hawthorne?"

Nico: "What's boinking?"

Nora: "What we were doing half an hour ago."

Nico: "Ah. Boinking."

Justine: "Taking my grandma to her hair appointment. Why do old people get up so early? And really, she's ninety. Who's she trying to impress?"

Nora: "Nico."

Nico smacks her ass

Nico: "She teases me because I like older women."

Nora: "That is so disgusting."

Nico: "Eh, it's not so bad."

Nora: "The woman thought she was pregnant for two years, and it wasn't a baby. It was a tapeworm."

Nico shrugged

Nico: "In France, that's like a ... like a kid's book. You know, a secret pet."

Nora: "What happened to the French to make you all like this? Was it the Revolution? It was, wasn't it?"

Nora: "Next time you want to celebrate an American holiday, we're celebrating motherfucking Thanksgiving."

Nico: "You're so cute when you're terrified."

Nora: "I think I pissed myself."

Nico: "Maybe not so cute."

Nico: "I stalked her and seduced her."

Nora: "Stalking is such a strong word."

Nico: "I waited until you were in the bathroom, dug through your bag to see where you were staying, and I followed you there without telling you I was coming."

Nora: "Stalking might be the right word."

Nora: "Kingsley? He's happy for us now. We're one big happy weird fucking family. Emphasis on the fucking."

Nico: "A toast, then, to Halloween, candy and mischief, but most of all to beautiful wine and delicious women."

Justine: "Ah .... French. Don't know what you both said. Don't care. Whatever you tell me to do to him, I'm ready and willing to do it."

Nora: "Can't you see I'm sleeping?"

Nico: "Keep sleeping. I don't mind."

Nora: "You're wicked."

Nico: "Not wicked. Mischievous."

Nico: "You're enough for me. Even if you don't think you are, you are. More than enough sometimes."

Nora: "You ... little ... shit."

He burst into laughter

Nora: "You son of a bitch. You..."

Nico: "I asked 'trick or treat' last night and you said 'trick.' It's your own fault."

Monster. Asshole. Bastard. Motherfucker. She called him every last name in the book, and then a few more. She was going to take him back to their suite and flog him seven ways to Sunday and she didn't care if he missed his flight. He could swim back to France for all she cared.

Nora: "And you know what else?"

He was almost crying from the force of his laughter

Nico: "What?"

Nora: "I am so damn proud of you."


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