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Everything They Wanted by Tiffany Reisz

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Everything They Wanted

by Tiffany Reisz

Available for free on her website

Short Story in the Original Sinners Series



Descriptive sex with BDSM


Enjoy another Christmas short story, part of the Original Sinner's Series that I reviewed a few months back! Check out the reviews below if you like. If you want to read "Everything They Wanted", a Christmas story featuring fan favorites Griffin and Michael. You can read it for free on her website here.


Michael: "Nora? I'm in trouble."

Nora: "Knocked up? I should have seen this coming. Do you need me to make the doctor's appointment?"

 With three quick snips of the scissors, Charlie hacked his ponytail off. She handed eight inches of hair to Nora who took, eyed it, and stuffed it in a bag.

Nora: "You can give this to Griffin for Christmas. This is eight inches of proof that you love him."

Nora: "Ladies. I have a crisp one-hundred-dollar bill that I will give to the person who can correctly guess my nephew's age."

Michael: "Nephew?"

Nora: "I fucked you. I can't pretend you're my son. That's gross."

Michael: "I know I should have asked your permission before getting my hair cut but I was afraid you'd say no, and Nora says it's the best way to make me look older. And I don't want your family freaking out when I meet them so she did all this with my hair and the glasses and the clothes. Nora says I look twenty-two now so if your family dislikes me it'll be because we're 'godless sodomites' and not because I'm underage."

Range Rover. He still couldn't believe Griffin had bought a new car just for the Christmas trip.

Griffin: "What? You ever try to fit presents for fourteen people in the back of a Porsche?"

Michael: "I love you, Sir, but you are the living breathing definition of First World Problems."

Griffin: "I can't believe you called me a hashtag."

Michael: "Are you going to punish me for it?"

Griffin: "Not now. I'll beat you at the lodge. Trust me, it's worth waiting for. Sadism by firelight is crazy romantic."

Griffin: "You're gonna have to drop the 'Sir.' I don't want to play the 'Uncle Griffin, why does your boyfriend call you Sir?’ game with my niece. Or my cousins. Or my brothers. Or anybody really."

Michael: "Okay. So you're my boyfriend this week?"

Griffin: "I'm just your boyfriend this week. Except when we're alone together."

Michael: "Then what are you?"

Griffin cupped the sides of Michael's neck.

Griffin: "Your master, you owner, your dominant, your lover, your 'Sir,' and anything else I want to be, whether you like it or not."

Griffin pressed his thumb into the hollow of Michael's throat.

Michael: "I like it."

Griffin: "Good. Now getting in the car before I molest you in the Range Rover, and we're late for dinner."

Michael: "Yes, Sir."

Griffin raised his eyebrow.

Michael: "Yes, Boyfriend."

Griffin: "Time to make the Yuletide gay." 

Michael: "Gay like merry?"

Griffin: "Gay like I'm going to fuck your ass in a ski lodge."

Michael: "Sounds merry to me." 

Michael: "I don't want to stay somewhere I'm not, you know, wanted."

Griffin moved closer and tilted Michael's face up. He opened his eyes to see Griffin staring down at him.

Griffin: "Wherever I am, you are wanted."

Griffin: "I'm in love with you. You belong to me and you always will. Your body is mine, your pain is mine, your pleasure is mine. No one touches you without my permission. No one hurts you unless I allow it. Nod if you understand.”

Michael nodded.

Griffin: “Good boy.”

Skylar: "You're a boy."

Griffin: "Yes, he's a boy, Piper."

Skylar: "And you're a boy."

Griffin: "I am. This is Michael. He's my boyfriend."

Both girls seemed to mull this over.

Skylar: "He's pretty."

Griffin: "Tell me about it."

Griffin: "Don't stress. Everyone else likes you already."

Michael: "Everyone? Are you sure?"

Griffin: "Well."

Michael: "Well what?"

Griffin: "Well, everyone except my dad. But don't worry. He doesn't really like anybody."

Michael: “Nora said he liked her.”

Griffin: “Nora has tits.”

Mr. Fiske: "So Michael, how did you meet our Griffin?"

The entire table fell silent.

Griffin reached under the table and squeezed Michael's knee in reassurance.

Michael: "Um, A friend introduced us."

Mr. Fiske: "A friend? Who?"

Michael coughed.

Michael: "Nora Sutherlin."

Lily: "The Nora Sutherlin? That crazy sex writer Griffin's friends with?"

Michael nodded.

Michael: "Yeah. We go to the same church."

Mr. Fiske: "Church?"

Griffin: "Nora and Michael are both Catholic."

Mrs. Fiske: "Catholic? Nora Sutherlin is Catholic? You are Catholic?"

Even the babies in the room didn't utter a single sound.

Michael: "Yeah, we're Catholics. Really bad Catholics."

The silence lasted one more second before Griffin's father's face cracked open into a smile. And the smile became laughter, and the laughter rippled through the entire room.

Lily: “Hope you have an open-minded priest.”

Griffin: “Very. He’s banging Nora.”

Alexis: "Can I tell you a story? Just a quick one."

Michael: "Tell me anything you want, Mrs...I mean, Alexis."

Alexis: "Like I said earlier, I was fourteen years old when I was on the cover of French Vogue. I lost my virginity to the photographer. Don't tell that to my son. He thinks I'm a virgin."

Michael laughed.

Michael: "No. I won't say anything."

Alexis: "Lovely tattoos. Angel wings?"

Michael: "Yes. Touch them. I know that sound weird, but trust me."

She placed her fingertips on the wings. Her eyes widened in surprise.

Alexis: "What is-"

Michael: "Scars. From when I slit my wrists at age fourteen. I almost died. My priest saved my life."

Alexis: "Scars..." She took Michael's hands in hers. "Why?"

Michael shrugged.

Michael: "My father hated me. Hates me. He wanted a son like him, and he got me instead. Until yesterday afternoon I had hair down to my shoulders. Dad liked to call me 'Princess' or his 'other daughter.'"

Alexis: "Why did you cut all your hair off?"

Michael: "To look older so no one would give Griffin a hard time about dating me."

Alexis: "You'll have to forgive me. I'm too well-trained. I was thirteen made up to look like I was twenty-five. I know the tricks. You fooled everyone else, though. My husband thinks you're twenty-one, twenty-two."

He pulled his arms back and buttoned his cuffs again.

Michael: "I think it's really nice of you that you're worried about me giving up my youth or innocence or whatever for Griffin. But I almost died at fourteen, I lost my virginity—not to Griffin—when I was fifteen. And a few months ago, me and Griff kicked my father out of my life forever. I don't have any innocence left to lose. And I know I'm young, and I know Griffin's almost thirty, but I also know he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I know we're good together. He gives me everything I need and more. And I love him so much it's crazy. The good kind of crazy."

Michael: "Handshake?"

Alexis: "It's from my husband. We've known for years that Griffin was...well, that women weren't his only interest. It's taking my husband a little time to get used to the idea. He said he was sorry he didn't shake your hand at dinner."

Michael: "Tell him thanks. And I'm still getting used to me and Griffin being together too."

Alexis: “My husband’s company was one of the first to give benefits to same-sex partners. That was his doing. It's just...when it's your own son...”

Michael: "It's okay. He was nicer to me than my own father."

Griffin: "Where did you disappear to?"

Michael: "Santa made me blow him before he'd give up the presents. He's too old. Took him forever to come."

Griffin: "Well, as long as you got the presents."

Michael: "Oh my God. I think that's the best sex we've ever had."

Griffin: "Merry Fucking Christmas. Literally.”

Griffin: "Tomorrow's a busy day. Presents, skiing, napping, drinking cocoa, freaking out the straights in the family..."

Michael: "Very busy. But we can skip the presents."

Griffin: "Skip the presents? Why?"

Michael pushed his back into Griffin's chest as Griffin gathered him close again.

Michael: "I already got everything I wanted."

Griffin kissed Michael's shoulder blade.

Griffin: "You and me both, Mick."

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