Original Sinners Extra Read Everything They Wanted Short Story

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Everything They Wanted

by Tiffany Reisz

Available for free on her website

Short Story in the Original Sinners Series


Steamy Erotica Sweet


Enjoy another Christmas short story, part of the Original Sinner's Series that I reviewed a few months back! Check out the reviews below if you like. If you want to read "Everything They Wanted", a Christmas story featuring fan favorites Griffin and Michael. You can read it for free on her website here.

Favorite Quotes

Michael: "Nora? I'm in trouble."

Nora: "Knocked up? I should have seen this coming. Do you need me to make the doctor's appointment?"

 With three quick snips of the scissors, Charlie hacked his ponytail off. She handed eight inches of hair to Nora who took, eyed it, and stuffed it in a bag.

Nora: "You can give this to Griffin for Christmas. This is eight inches of proof that you love him."

Nora: "Ladies. I have a crisp one-hundred-dollar bill that I will give to the person who can correctly guess my nephew's age."

Michael: "Nephew?"

Nora: "I fucked you. I can't pretend you're my son. That's gross."

Michael: "I know I should have asked your permission before getting my hair cut but I was afraid you'd say no, and Nora says it's the best way to make me look older. And I don't want your family freaking out when I meet them so she did all this with my hair and the glasses and the clothes. Nora says I look twenty-two now so if your family dislikes me it'll be because we're 'godless sodomites' and not because I'm underage."

Range Rover. He still couldn't believe Griffin had bought a new car just for the Christmas trip.

Griffin: "What? You ever try to fit presents for fourteen people in the back of a Porsche?"