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Operation Bailey Wedding by Piper Rayne

Operation Baily Wedding

by Piper Rayne


Book 3.5 in The Bailey's Series

No one could have guessed a marriage could sprout from a one-night stand, but Holly Radcliffe and Austin Bailey appear to be written in the stars.

From the backseat of Austin's Jeep to the altar they come. The town of Lake Starlight along with the Bailey's are prepping for the event of the year, but as usual things never go smoothly with these nine siblings and let's not forget Grandma Dori!



This is a cute little novella.

Not much else I can say. haha.

I adore Austin and Holly, and I'm glad we get to go back to their points of views for their wedding. Actually, I love that we get to go back into the POV of couples that have already had their story, as well as future characters.

And there is a rather hilarious chapter from the dogs POV, which made me snort.

But we also get some hints of stories to come. Like Savannah and Liam.

And of course, because it's the Bailey family, we get lots of shenanigans, which is one of my favorite parts of this series. Not only do the couples have sizzling chemistry, but the bond between the siblings is perfection.

Dori bribing Callista with candy to force Liam and Savannah to dance was adorable and hilarious, and a bit of a hint of what's to come.

While this book doesn't add a lot of the series, it's fun, and if you like The Bailey's, you will love this little add on!

Phoenix: “Jeez, seriously, you two. Aren’t you supposed to be over this by now and be like an old married couple?”

Austin: “Phoenix!”

Austin yells, positioning me away from her, but there’s no hiding anything.

Phoenix: “I’m home.”

Her laugh trails off inside the house when she leaves the sliding glass door.

Phoenix: “Myles, get off Daisy. You’re as bad as your owners.” Denver: “Chickens, huh?”

Denver says, standing from the couch.

Kingston: “Get used to it, man, she’s got a soft heart. I mean look, she took you in.”

Kingston pats my back, jumping down from the truck. Rome: “How much longer until her place is all fixed?”

Liam: “Insurance is still dicking her around.”

Rome: “As long as that’s the only thing dicking her.”

I level my gaze on him and he tries to give me a look of complete disgust, like ‘as if’ but then his gaze drops to the bar top and I can tell it’s an act. I cringe.

They’re either going to kill each other or fuck each other before this is over and either way, I lose my best friend. Rome: “My fiancée has been pregnant, I’m a chef who has to taste his dishes and I can’t fuck to expel any calories for six damn weeks. So piss off!”

His face is all red and angry. We all just laugh harder.

Wyatt: “Six weeks?”

We all turn and look at him because of the surprise in his voice, which makes us all wonder. When our gaze turns his way, he rolls his eyes.

Wyatt: “She’s not pregnant.”

We all sigh in unison.

Jack: “It goes by fast,”

Rome: “You don’t understand, I like sex. A lot. So does Harley. Now I’m restricted to my hand like I’m back in high school.”

He holds it out and stares at it.

Rome: “I’m getting calluses.”

Denver: “Join Liam’s club,” Harley: “I swear after-pregnancy sucks more than when you’re pregnant. At least when you’re pregnant, you have a reason to not drink. I can’t have sex, I can’t drink, I’m being used like a world fair’s champion cow for milk supply.” Harley pokes Denver in the chest.

Harley: “Listen. Rome has gained weight, I’ll give you that, but you want to know why?”

Denver says nothing and neither do any of us.

Harley: “See those kids. Your niece and your nephew?”

Denver actually turns and we all sigh.

Harley: “He’s too busy being a rock star dad to get to the gym much. He’s too busy running out and making sure every craving I had during pregnancy was met because guess what? I was growing a human being inside my body. A human being that was half his. He did the stand-up thing and took care of his girlfriend. He’s not at the gym doing “curls for the girls” and out partying every night. He’s being a true man and taking care of his family and if he’s gained a few pounds because of it, I don’t care. He’s a shit-ton sexier than you.”

She pokes him in the chest one more time and he holds up his hands. Dori: “So you like my granddaughter?”

I ask before we fully circle around.

Liam: “Excuse me?”

Oh, Liam is so polite. Something you’d never expect from a man covered in tattoos.

Dori: “My granddaughter.”

He does the box step, but he’s got some swagger like my husband did. If I was younger, he might be able to swing me around the dance floor.

Liam: “You have a lot of granddaughters.”

The humor that’s lit in his eyes tells me he’s playing a game with me. But I’m the master. Juno might call herself the matchmaker, but she gets those skills from my side of the family.

Dori: “There’s one in particular that you’ve enamored from afar for many years. Am I wrong?”

Liam: “Do you like to be dipped?”

Dori: “Too old for dipping, but Savannah isn’t.”

I take charge and shift us, so he faces her.

Dori: “Ask her to dance.”

Liam: “I wouldn’t get yourself in the middle, Dori, it will only end badly.”

He twirls me so that I’m facing Savannah. She’s actively trying to pretend she doesn’t care what we’re talking about. My poor girl.

Dori: “I like the middle. It’s my favorite place to be.”

I smile up to him.

Liam: “Be careful who you say that to.”

Liam’s a hard nut and I guess I have no option but to put him in an uncomfortable situation.

Dori: “Savannah,”

I call out. She glances up from her phone.

Liam: “Don’t do it, Dori,”

Liam says but with no real conviction because he knows as do I, that he wants this to happen, he’s just not going to admit it to himself.

Dori: “I’m old, this is how I enjoy my last years. You’re not going to take that away from me, are you?”

His lips fall to a straight line.

Dori: “Come here, Savannah.”

I wave her over. She stands and walks over like the good granddaughter she is. I feel half bad that she’s falling for my trick.

Savannah: “What?”

Dori: “Here.”

I leave Liam and hand him over to her. Our arms fall and the two stand there on the edge of the dance floor while I walk away.

Savannah: “Grandma?”

Dori: “Don’t lose my spot. I’ll be right back,”

I yell back. Going to get my purse, Ethel is still talking to Midge, but everyone thinks she’s delusional and talking to herself since it’s through her new Bluetooth hearing aide.

Dori: “Let’s go,”

I whisper. Calista walks by with Sedona. I dig into my purse and hand her the child safety pops I’ve been instructed only to give her. Cue rolling my eyes.

Dori: “Go get Aunt Savannah and Uncle Liam to dance together,”

I say to Calista. She looks to the dance floor.

Sedona: “What are you doing, Grandma?”

Sedona asks. I wave her off.

Callista: “He’s not my uncle,”

Calista, my brilliant great-granddaughter, says. Seriously, like genius IQ level this one.

Dori: “Not yet, he’s not. Not yet. Now scoot.”

I hand her the lollipop and she skips down the open path taking both their hands and putting them together. When they still don’t dance, she pushes on their butts until they start moving.

Sedona: “You’re dangerous,”

Dori: “Best to remember that.” Myles: “They’re doing it again.”

Daisy: “I have ears.”

Myles: “You wanna do it?”

Daisy: “No. I’m not having any more of your puppies. I can barely hold my pee now.”

Daisy yawns and rolls her head along the blanket.

Myles: “They’re trying for a baby.”

Daisy: “What are you, the writer of the Lake Starlight Buzzwheel?”


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