Naughty or Nice by Alexis Winter

Naughty or Nice

by Alexis Winter

Self Published

Dear Santa,

I know I’m supposed to be nice, but this year, I need to be really naughty.

Oh, and I need a BIG favor—Carson Wells, in nothing but a big pretty bow under my Christmas tree.



Look, I’m desperate okay.

I’ve been the kid sister, sidekick, and friend zone queen since I was seven years old,

But this year, that all changes.

Growing up next door to my best friend was pure, wonderful…torture.

From the moment my seven-year-old eyes landed on Carson,

I was head over heels in love.

I tried to wish him to fall in love with me but all it got me was rejection.

Forget feelings and romance this year,

I’m going in for the kill—pure seduction.

After all, Christmas is the time of year to let it all out, right?

I know Santa won’t approve but, I’m done being nice.

It’s time for Carson Wells to see my naughty side once and for all.


Age Recommendation:



Contemporary Romance


Naughty or Nice by Alexis Winter is a standalone, friends to lovers holiday romance. It centers on Felicity, recent college graduate who moves back home for Christmas, and her childhood best friend, Carson. Felicity has loved Carson since she was seven years old. But after confessing her feelings in the past, it became clear to her that those feelings were not returned. But there is attraction, and Felicity is determined to use that attraction, and seduce Carson for one night of passion. One night, and hopefully get Carson out of her heart forever.

This is my second read from Alexis Winter (both being short, holiday romances), and I gotta say, out of the two, I liked this one more. The characters were likeable. and the conflicts seemed realistic. My on