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Naughty or Nice by Alexis Winter

Naughty or Nice

by Alexis Winter

Self Published

Dear Santa,

I know I’m supposed to be nice, but this year, I need to be really naughty.

Oh, and I need a BIG favor—Carson Wells, in nothing but a big pretty bow under my Christmas tree.



Look, I’m desperate okay.

I’ve been the kid sister, sidekick, and friend zone queen since I was seven years old,

But this year, that all changes.

Growing up next door to my best friend was pure, wonderful…torture.

From the moment my seven-year-old eyes landed on Carson,

I was head over heels in love.

I tried to wish him to fall in love with me but all it got me was rejection.

Forget feelings and romance this year,

I’m going in for the kill—pure seduction.

After all, Christmas is the time of year to let it all out, right?

I know Santa won’t approve but, I’m done being nice.

It’s time for Carson Wells to see my naughty side once and for all.

Age Recommendation:



Contemporary Romance



Naughty or Nice by Alexis Winter is a standalone, friends to lovers holiday romance. It centers on Felicity, recent college graduate who moves back home for Christmas, and her childhood best friend, Carson. Felicity has loved Carson since she was seven years old. But after confessing her feelings in the past, it became clear to her that those feelings were not returned. But there is attraction, and Felicity is determined to use that attraction, and seduce Carson for one night of passion. One night, and hopefully get Carson out of her heart forever.

This is my second read from Alexis Winter (both being short, holiday romances), and I gotta say, out of the two, I liked this one more. The characters were likeable. and the conflicts seemed realistic. My only complaint is the main conflict. Specifically, -----------spoiler---------> with Felicity freaking the fuck out when Carson told her he loved her. Like ... what? Isn't that what she wanted? And the problem with timing, and thinking it was about sex? No. Her putting it out there that she likes sex, that she WANTS to have sex with him, is not a mask, or a character she creates. That's her. Why does a female character owning her sexuality need to be a mask to entice a male? Why can't we just get a character who seduces her childhood best friend who she has loved her whole life, and be thrilled he feels the same? Why the dramatics? Ugh. Rant over. <----------------------. Other than that, I actually enjoyed the story.

If you love a short and sweet friends to lovers story, with some great sexy scenes, you will enjoy Alexis Winter's Naughty or Nice. Despite the synopsis, I promise you its not what it sounds like. There is a story with the sex, I swear.

  1. Carson turning Felicity on through text, then saying goodnight

  2. Skating

  3. Their first time

  4. Carson telling Felicity he loved her (finally)

  5. Felicity figuring out what she wants, and going for Carson


Felicity: Ugh, YES!

Carson: Laughing face emoji. Now you know how it feels. Good night, sweetheart.

Ugh. Fuck you, Carson. Carson: “Are you mad at me?”

Felicity: “Hmmmm, why would I be mad at you? It couldn’t be because you promised me a good time and ended up bringing me home at ten thirty, could it? It couldn’t be because you got my hopes up and then brought me home, right? Or it couldn’t be those texts you sent last night?”

I lean down to the phone and whisper,

Felicity: “That isn’t cool, Carson. I can’t take care of business with my mother sleeping across the hall.”

He busts out laughing.

Carson: “What do you mean, take care of business?”

Felicity: “Let’s just say that there is a wet spot on my sheet that I’m hoping dries soon or this will be a weird topic on laundry day.” Carson: “Why me? Why do you want this so much? I mean, I’m nothing special. In fact, I’m the opposite of special.”

I shake my head as our eyes meet.

Felicity: “Carson, I’ve known since I was seven years old that you were the boy I was meant to love. You don’t see what I see when I look at you. You see a kid who got into too much trouble growing up. You see a boy who was basically left behind by his parents, forgotten about because their troubles seemed more important than yours. I see a friend who has been by my side through thick and thin.”

I start putting on my skates.

Felicity: “I see someone who has put my happiness above your own. Someone who has always taken care of me, protected me, even when I didn’t make it easy for you. And you know what?”

I look at him and he looks at me.

Felicity: “I’m perfect for you too. I’ve been the one by your side. I’ve kept you out of trouble. I’ve kept you grounded. And I’ve been patient. I’ve waited for you. I waited while you explored your options with every other girl. I waited while you went off and did what you needed to do to get you to where you wanted to be. But if you’re not ready, I’ll keep waiting until you are. How many other people can you say that about?” Carson: “Maybe I want more than one night. Maybe I want two.”

She smiles.

Felicity: “Okay,”

Carson: “You’re not even going to fight with me?”

She seems taken aback. She always fights with me. Don’t give up now.

Felicity: “Do you want me to fight with you?’

I nod.

Carson: “That’s our thing. Me and you, I tell you one thing and you don’t like it and we fight.”

She nods.

Felicity: “Okay, we agreed on one night, Carson. Not two. Don’t get greedy.”

Carson: “Greedy? I’m greedy, little Ms. I’ve wanted you since I was seven. Now you got a piece and you’re done?”

She laughs and shakes her head at me.

Felicity: “Shut up, you idiot.” Felicity: “Seriously, you beat him up?”

He jumps to tell his side of the story, leaning over the table the same way I am.

Carson: “He left me no choice. I was just going to scare the little asshole, but he called me out.”

Felicity: “He said I didn’t belong to you,”

I remind him. His face pinches.

Carson: “Yeah, that’s why I beat him up. You’ve always belonged to me.”

I smile.

Felicity: “You know, I’m not sure if this relationship we have is sweet or scary.”

He laughs.

Carson: “A little of both, probably.”

Felicity: “Probably,” Felicity: “What do you want, Carson?”

My mouth opens but no words come out.

What do I want? I want her.

Felicity: “Just take it,”

Carson: “I can’t take anything from you, Felicity.”

Felicity: “Then I’ll give it. Again and again and again until you have this whole thing figured out.” Mom: “The point is, honey, that you two will fight and argue a million times through this life, but you love one another and forgiveness always comes. You just have to be patient with one another, forgive one another, and love one another just like you’ve always done. Whatever you’re going through right now, you’ll overcome it, just like you did when you were kids.” Felicity: “I love you, Carson. I’ve loved you since I met you and I will love you until the day I die. I don’t want to take it all back. All I want is you.”

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