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Magic Bound by G.K DeRosa

Magic Bound

by G.K. Derosa

Self Published

Book 1 in the Hybrid Trilogy

Dying isn’t the worst thing that could happen at seventeen, right?

Growing up on the streets of New York City, I imagined my death probably about a thousand times. Getting hit by a stray bullet, ticking off an angry drunk, or even stepping off the sidewalk too quickly and getting run over by a yellow cab. But this… this was something I would never have imagined, not in a million years.

I’m Aria Negrescu, and my name is pretty much the only thing in my life that turned out to be true. I was the poor little orphan girl who grew up bouncing around from foster home to foster home, each worse than the one before.

But all of that changed one night when I met him.

Now an unstoppable hunter wants to kill me, and if I’m going to survive I have to discover who I really am. And that means trusting a mysterious stranger I know nothing about. A whole supernatural world exists right under my nose, and I’m about to become a part of it. Whether I like it or not.


Violence Young Adult Meh.

Urban Fantasy


Magic Bound is the first book in G.K. Derosa's Hybrid trilogy, and it features seventeen year old Aria, who after a series of unlikely good luck, finds herself in college, and in a new town. But in the blink of an eye, she is in danger. Hunted by a powerful hunter, she is forced to accept help from a mysterious stranger - one she admits meeting right around the time all these weird things started happening. But if she wants to find out the truth about who and what she is, she will need to trust him, and the supernatural community she had no idea lived right under her nose.

Magic Bound has been on my TBR for a while now, and I chose to try it out as part of a reading challenge. Unfortunately, I ended up DNF'ing it. There wasn't anything overly terrible about it. It wasn't even bad. The writing was good, it had a good premise, but it was just a bit chaotic and boring. Not two words I ever thought I would use together before, but there it is. A lot of things were happening, a lot of weird, ginormous, red flags, that were just "Oh that's weird" and passed over. Yet, with all of these things happening, I found myself bored. Picking up my Kindle did not spark joy. The characters felt recycled from other YA's I have read, and bland. And it was a little weird for me to read about a 17 year old flirting with a 21 year old ... AND I'M SAYING THAT as someone who, at seventeen, was dating my now husband, who was 21 at the time. As a woman in my thirties, with two almost fifteen year old daughters, it hits differently I guess.

I got eight chapters in, and didn't feel invested in the story or these characters at all. Which has led me to decide to DNF it. Time to find some joy in my kindle again.

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