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Legacy by Hannah McBride


by Hannah McBride


Book 3 in the Blackwater Pack Series

An unexpected alliance

After the explosions that rocked the Alpha Summit, Skye wakes up separated from her mate and with a family she never knew existed. The more she learns of this new world she comes from, the more she realizes she will never outrun her own legacy.

Reality is a nightmare

Remy survived the attack at the Summit, but he lost more than he could have imagined. As the shifter world descends in chaos, he will have to find a way to hold it all together without Skye at his side.

War is coming

Together Skye and Remy will confront their enemies, old and new, as they fight for the survival of their pack. One final war. Winner take all.

LEGACY is the third book in the Blackwater Pack series and the final book in Skye & Remy's story. It contains dark and mature themes (including flashbacks of sexual assault and bullying) that may be triggering to some readers.


Steamy New Adult Action-Packed

TRIGGER Supernatural


TRIGGER WARNING: Storyline involves flashbacks of sexual assault, and bullying.


Legacy by Hannah McBride is her third full length novel in her debut Blackwater Pack series, and centers between Skye and her bonded mate, Remy, and begins immediately where we left off in Prey. The Summit has ended with an explosion, and most of the North American Alphas dead. Remy has survived, but he is left in anguish over lost friends, and discovering Skye is missing. When Skye wakes up, she is on a plane, separated from her mate, not knowing who has survived, and on her way to a family and destiny she had no idea existed. But war is coming, and Skye and Remy must reunite to take down their enemies, and save their pack.

After reading Sanctum, Broken, and Prey, I had a bit of a book hangover, and I was kicking myself for not timing reading these books so I could move on to Legacy, which was originally slated for a April 16th release. But then, Amazon released the paperback early, and Hannah McBride released it on the 10th, and I was overjoyed! Legacy continues to show Hannah's great storytelling skills, and creativity. The characters have remained consistent throughout the books, while still evolving, which is great. My only complaint this time around was the amount of typos. It takes me out of the story when I noticed them.

This felt like a good place to end Skye and Remy's story (but not the series. There is lots more to come). Skye has come full circle. She went from an abuse victim, who was scared of everything, to a young woman who turned her fear into strength, and took a leading role in her pack. Remy's character never got a true chance to grow. He was always who he was - an alpha. A man who believes in equal rights. We do get some new characters in this book I'd like to focus on - Nikolai, Dimitri, Natasha, and Lulu. I freaking loved them. All of them. Nikolai kinda has this "Eric Northman" dark sense of humor. He could be making a joke while literally rubbing blood off his hands. While he could be seen as, um, violent - his capacity of love it huge. I loved watching his and Skye's relationship develop throughout the book. I loved the brother/sister bond that Dimitri and Skye developed as well. I felt it in the last book, without knowing he was her brother, but now that the truth is out there, it's stronger. Lulu is a great addition, opening the world up to elemental magic. She is strong, but vulnerable in her loneliness. I can't wait to learn more of her story. And it would have been easy to put Natasha in the wicked stepmother role - in fact, there is a joke about that - but Natasha is great.

Legacy was a great conclusion to Skye and Remy's story, and a great introduction to others. That epilogue hinted towards lots more to come, and Hannah McBride has already announced Addie and Nikolai's story next. And I can't wait!

  1. Remy accepting Lodge's challenge

  2. Skye meeting Nikolai

  3. Dante and Ryder <3

  4. Nikolai helping Skye through a panic attack and "Little Wolf" <3

  5. Nikolai telling Skye about how they met

  6. Natasha torturing her son at dinner with sex talk

  7. Skye and Remy finally getting to talk

  8. Nikolai telling Skye he would like to know her, and her agreeing

  9. Lulu telling Tate that she will bond with both Dante and Ryder

  10. Nikolai pledging men to help in the war

  11. Gabe waking up

  12. Nikolai hugging his daughter for the first time ... EVERY FATHER DAUGHTER MOMENT

  13. Nikolai and Skye going for a run together

  14. Remy and Skye reuniting

  15. Nikolai handing over his alpha position to Skye

  16. The mating wave 2.0

  17. Zara killing Linden

  18. Nikolai killing Allan

  19. Everyone talking about Cassian's penis

  20. Shower sex

  21. Damien finding out about Skye being an Alpha

  22. Remy and Rhodes winning the challenges

  23. Skye's mom going back to Russia with Nikolai

  24. The epilogue!!!!

Dimitri: "Me?"

Dimitri pointed to his chest, his eyebrows lifting as Alexei snorted behind him.

Skye: "Yes, you. Or is that beneath the prince?"

Judging by the way he glowered, my barb landed exactly where it was aimed.

Behind him, Alexei outright laughed.

Alexei: "Oh, I like this one."

Dimitri: "You should have seen the look on your face."

Skye: "That look is called panic because I thought your crazy ass pilot was going to fly us into a mountain!"

Katy: "Fine. Stay in your house by yourself. Larkin's parents offered to host a family. Dante, was it Brett who wanted to date Larkin last year? We can put him and his parents with them."

Dante: "Yup. Wanted to take her to the spring formal I think."

Rhodes: "Excuse me?"

Larkin: "Brett wanted to date me?"

Katy: "Oh, yeah. He asked Remy if he could date you last spring, but Rhodes had a hissy fit."

Larkin glared at Rhodes, hands on her hips as her tiny nose wrinkled, in annoyance. She looked like a pissed off puppy.

Rhodes: "You're mine. Then, now, and in another fifty years, baby girl. Get used to it."

Even Dante couldn't hide his smirk.

Larkin: "He still won't even say hi to me!"

Rhodes: 'Then I guess he got the message, didn't he? Fine. I'll stay with Larkin. They can have my house."

Remy: 'Actually? Why don't you guys stay here? It'd be good to have you nearby."

Larkin: "My parents would give my room to someone who needs it."

Rhodes shrugged

Rhodes: "Works for me. Now we don't have to worry about being loud at night and Lark's parents hearing."

Katy: "Rhodes!"

Katy groaned as Larkin let out a squeak and turned crimson.

Dante shook his head.

Dante: "Dude. Come on."

Rhodes: "I'm being honest."

Nikolai: "That was reckless."

Skye: "I was running low on options."

Nikolai: "I said that it was reckless; not that I didn't approve."

Nikolai: "You're magnificent. Everything I could have hoped for in a daughter."

Dimitri: "Doesn't mean a guy can't look."

I glared at him.

Dimitri: "Look respectfully."

Skye: "I'm not everyone."

Remy: "No. You're everything."

Skye: "Get Katy."

He blinked.

Remy: "What?"

Skye: "Get. Katy. If you love me, get her."

Remy moved off the bed and the camera bounced a little as he walked through his bedroom and across the hall. He opened Katy's door and turned on a light, telling her to wake up.

I smiled when she told him to go to hell.

Remy: "Skye's on the phone."

Katy: "Oh, my God!"

Skye: "I need you to do me a favor."

Katy: "Name it, girl."

Skye: "Slap Remy."

Katy: "Huh?"

Skye: "He basically told me it was okay if I decided to live in Russia forever."

I heard her hand connect solidly with his arm and then she was yelling

Katy: "Are you out of your fucking mind?"

Remy: "Jesus. Stop hitting me!"

Larkin: "Anything you guys fall behind in any of the basics, I'll tutor you or she will."

Rhodes: "I love when you tutor me."

Skye: "I killed his son."

He arched a brow.

Skye: "Allan, I mean. I killed his son. He was ... he raped another pack member. And I killed him. It's why Mom and I had to leave, among other things."

Nikolai smiled softly at me, something eerily like pride lighting his eyes.

Nikolai: "And the similarities continue as I plan to kill his father."

Tate: "Thanks, you know, for knocking me unconscious and kidnapping me."

He puffed out his cheeks in thought

Dimitri: "I feel like you're not entirely sincere."

Tate: "I'm not. Do it again and I'll rip your balls off to hang on my Christmas tree."

Lulu: "I'm well aware of who that asshole is. He thinks it's okay to fuck with the natural order of things to get his way. Also? He smells like bengay. It's gross."

Nikolai: "You're my daughter. What's your fight will always be my fight."

Paolo: "Bellezza, you must know how I feel for you."

Natasha: "I know how your dick feels. And believe me, it's not overly impressive."

Nikolai: "So not only is he here to spy on my daughter, but he can't even please my wife."

Remy: "But don't ever put me in a position of having to choose between you and our pack, Skye. It's you. Every damn time. It will always be you, babe."

Mom: "When exactly did my babies grow up?"

Dad: "Maybe this means we can take that long vacation I was talking about."

Mom: "I love that plan."

Dad grinned back, nipping at the tip of her finger.

Dad: "Some place warm so clothing is optional."

Dax made a gagging noise and Sam looked more than a little disturbed at the open display of affection between our parents.

Dax: "Is it too late to go to school?"

Rhodes: "I still don't know how you can share your girl. If Remy touched Lark, I'd rip his arms off."

Remy: "Same, fucker."

Rhodes: "You know Lark. She wants to help any way that she can. Besides, she likes cooking."

Remy: "Still, she has a fuck of a lot more value to us than just cooking. She needs to know that."

Rhodes grinned and winked at me.

Rhodes: "Oh, trust me. I remind her of her value every night. And morning. Several times a day, actually."

Natasha: "Tell me you don't feel bonded to her, even if by nothing but pain. There's a reason you kept me as your wife even after you bonded. You wanted to protect your heart, and I understand that. It's why I married you after Marcus died. It's why I try to lose myself in the touch of a different person most nights. But they're all poor substitutions for what I'll never have again, and I've accepted that. I won't let you accept the same miserable fate when you can have better."

Skye: "I'm not most girls."

Dimitri: "No, you aren't, little sister."

I groaned, rolling my eyes.

Skye: "I'm barely your sister."

He wrapped a strong arm around my shoulders, pulling me against his side.

Dimitri: "You love it."

I hid a smile. I didn't hate it.

Nikolai: "These men will fight for me, and I will fight for you. My war is theirs. And your war is mine, little wolf. Never forget that."

Skye: "I'm not worried about them. I'm more worried I might kill them before we land."

Nikolai tipped his head back and laughed, the sound warm and inviting.

Nikolai: "You are most assuredly my daughter."

Skye: "But why me? I'm no one."

Nikolai bristled.

Nikolai: "You're my daughter."

Nikolai: "Bonding wave?"

Natasha: "That sounds fun."

Natasha smirked and winked at me.

Dimitri: "Mama, please."

Dimitri winced. He rubbed his temple with a groan.

Natasha sighed dramatically.

Natasha: "How are you even my child?"

Lulu: "The Conclave usually turns into a freaking orgy because the second gen bonds are so strong."

Natasha grinned.

Natasha: "It is always a fun night."

Nikolai: "Tasha, maybe we can curtail the commentary until a time when our son isn't ready to crawl under a seat from embarrassment?"

Dimitri: "More like jump out of the plane."

Skye: "I want my friends and family safe."

I gave him a pointed look.

Skye: "All of my family."

His lips pulled up into a soft smile that reached his eyes.

Dimitri: 'So, you admit we're family?"

I glared at my sort-of brother

Skye: "I admit that Nikolai and Natasha are my family."

Tate snorted beside me and Lulu started laughing.

Dimitri: "I'm the one who saved you, little sister."

Skye: "Kidnapped. You kidnapped me."

Dimitri: "You're seriously deluded."

Nikolai: "Well, they fight like siblings."

Skye: "I'm yours, Remy."

I murmured against his lip, kissing him again on his cheek before I whispered in his ear.

Skye: "Stop treating me like I'm made of glass, and fuck me like I belong to you."

Skye was outs from the second those mossy green eyes locked on mine. She sealed her fate when she lifted her chin a notch, likely not even aware of the challenge she inadvertently threw off.

Or that my wolf fucking loved it.

Larkin: "We missed you."

Katy: "Yeah, can you retire from the whole being kidnapped thing? It's really stressful on the rest of us."

Skye: "Sure. I'll make sure to stop being kidnapped. For you."

Nikolai: "I don't know if you're worthy of my daughter."

Remy: "I can assure you that I'm not. But she's mine and I'm hers, so you'll have to deal with it."

Nikolai: "You are my daughter. You are a descendant of the first Alpha our world has ever known. You were born to be an alpha, little wolf. You now have the command of all the European and Asian packs. How you and your mate choose to use them is up to the both of you."

Skye: "Thank you. For your support."

Nikolai: "You will always have my support."

Skye: "Thanks. Dad."

Nikolai: "Skye."

Skye: "Was that weird? I didn't mean to make things weird. Or weirder."

Nikolai: "It was eighteen years in the making. And right on time."

Lulu: "Just a heads up, but even I can scent the pheromones in the air right now. You might want to either try to wrangle things or resolve yourself to a massive mating orgy outside the tent."

I rubbed my temples

Skye: "This isn't happening."

Ainsley: "If I just landed a mate, cool, but someone tell me which one it is."

Lulu: "Both of them?"

Skye: "What you said before - twins can bond with the same person."

Lulu nodded quickly

Lulu: "Exactly. They've shared a soul since conception. It's not uncommon at all for the twins to bond to the same mate."

Ainsley: "So, I get two guys because they share a damn soul?"

Larkin: "They're nice guys."

Ainsley's eyes narrowed

Ainsley: "You have your own mate, Larkin. Lay off mine."

My eyes went big as Ainsley slapped a hand over her mouth.

Ainsley: "Why did I just get so mad about that?"

Lulu: "Because they're your mates. You're naturally possessive of them."

Katy: "You did say you were high maintenance. Clearly fate knew you needed two guys to satisfy all your needs."

Remy: "I hate the idea of you going back to that hell-hole. I know what happened to you there. If it was up to me, I'd kill Linden and burn the whole place to the ground."

Skye: "Fine. Kill Linden. But I get to throw the match that burns that shit down."

Nikolai: "So, Alpha, are we still thinking we need to bring him with us? Or will just his head in a box suffice?"

Remy: "Babe, this is more about me than you. Damien's pushing. He thinks I'm too young for this."

Nikolai: "And are you?"

Remy smirked and glanced over his shoulder.

Remy: "Want to stop the car and find out?"

Nikolai: "Perhaps another day."

Nikolai: "He's the Alpha?"

Remy: "Apparently."

Nikolai grinned, spreading his arms wide like he welcomed the news.

Nikolai: "Wonderful."

He lunged forward, kicking Allan's knee with a crack. Allan staggered and went down with a bellow, but Nikolai's hands were there to cradle his head a brief second before they twisted, wrenching his head to the side.

The second crack that split the air was met with silence.

Allan fell forward limply, his neck broken. He was dead before his cheek hit the dirt.

Nikolai: "Sorry."

Nikolai apologized, almost congenial, before stepping back and away from the two Alphas. He gestured to the space separating them.

Nikolai: "Carry on as you were."

Nikolai: "If your friends are throwing you a party, I would like to as well. Are there any other heads you would like? I could post them on spikes around the fence of the house for when you return to visit."

Skye stared at him.

Skye: "I probably won't be back to Russia for a while."

He waved a dismissive hand.

Nikolai: "It's cold there more often than not. The cold will preserve the heads well. Simply point them out, and we'll take care of it."

Skye: "No heads. I don't want heads as a gift. In any context."

Nikolai turned to Addie

Nikolai: "Sometimes she truly is more your child than mine."

Lulu: "He might be kind of hot if he wasn't such a complete douche canoe. And I'm assuming he's a grower, not a shower because yeesh."

Skye choked beside me, twisted her face away with red cheeks.

Skye: "Lulu!"

Lulu: "What?"

Tate cackled beside her

Tate: "Right? He's like -"

Dante: "Are you actually staring at his dick right now? You realize we're standing right here."

Tate grinned up at him.

Tate: "Babe, come on. Even you have to admit you looked."

Ryder: "I did. And I'm also not impressed."

Dante: "I swear, I'm tying both of you to the bed when we get home."

Ryder's eyes lit up.

Ryder: "Promise?"

I sagged against Remy, burying my face against his chest as I cried for the girl I used to be and she had endured.

After a second, he lifted me up, swinging me easily into his arms as he carried me away from my past.

Skye: "Being carried around doesn't exactly scream 'badass Alpha female,'."

Remy: "No, but it does scream princess."

I groaned, letting my eyes fall shut as I buried my head against his chest.

Skye: "I'm the farthest thing from a princess."

Remy: "On that, we can agree.. You are no princess, Skye Markham. You are my queen."

Damien: "You said that you would marry me if your mate lost."

Skye: "I did. But I never said I wouldn't stab you in your sleep before you could touch me, steal your pack and free all those people you've stolen."

Trace: "Bitch."

Remy: "Watch yourself."

Skye smirked at him, her lips pulled back to reveal her teeth.

Skye: "That's Alpha bitch to you, bitch."

Skye: "I can see that if anything happens to my true mate that I'll rip your heart out the first chance I get."

Nikolai: "She gets the bloodthirsty side from me. Her eyes she gets from her mother."

Skye: "Dad?"

Nikolai: "Yes, little wolf?"

Skye: "Thank you. For ... everything. I don't think we could have done this without you."

Nikolai: "Of course you could have. But I'll admit I'm enjoying watching you own your power. Anything of mine you desire, you need only ask."

Remy: "I'll always come back to you."

Larkin: "You can't lose."

Remy: 'You're not going anywhere except home with Rhodes. Trace won't touch you."

She sniffled and pulled away with a deep frown.

Larkin: "No, dumbass. You can't lose because we need you. Fuck Trace. I'll claw his eyes out myself."

Lulu: "So, me just standing here and making his brains liquify is also off the table?"

Ryder stared at her

Ryder: "You can do that?"

Dimitri snorted

Dimitri: "Yeah. Don't piss off the tiny magic wielder."

Skye: "Wait a second. Are you two, like, together?"

Mom exhaled slowly

Mom: "No."

At the same time, my father said

Nikolai: "Not yet."

Skye: "Alexei. Make sure those two don't kill each other."

I jerked my head to where Dimitri and Lulu were already arguing as they boarded the plane.

Alexei grimaced.

Alexei: "Must you give me such a difficult task?"

Skye: "I love you, Dad."

He smiled and kissed my forehead.

Nikolai: "And I love you, little wolf."

Remy: "I love it when you go all Mama Wolf. It's hot."

Skye: "I'm like, a million pounds. There's a planet between us when you hug me."

Remy: "I don't care if there's a universe between us, you're still mine and the sexiest woman I've ever met."

Sawyer: "Uncle Ryder is making it his next tattoo! He's the best uncle ever."

Rhodes: "I could be the best uncle ever."

Remy: "Are you seriously jealous?"

Rhodes: "You realize he's buying their love with tattoos. He lets each kid design one."


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