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Idol by Kristen Callihan Book Review


by Kristen Callihan

Published by Plain Jane

Book 1 in the VIP series


I found Killian drunk and sprawled out on my lawn like some lost prince.

With the face of a god and the arrogance to match, the pest won’t leave. Sexy, charming, and just a little bit dirty, he’s slowly wearing me down, making me crave more.

He could be mine if I dare to claim him. Problem is, the world thinks he’s theirs. How do you keep an idol when everyone is intent on taking him away?


As lead singer for the biggest rock band in the world, I lived a life of dreams. It all fell apart with one fateful decision. Now everything is in shambles.

Until Liberty. She’s grouchy, a recluse—and kind of cute. Scratch that. When I get my hands on her, she is scorching hot and more addictive than all the fans who’ve screamed my name.

The world is clamoring for me to get back on stage, but I’m not willing to leave her. I’ve got to find a way to coax the hermit from her shell and keep her with me. Because, with Libby, everything has changed. Everything.


Steamy Romance Sweet & Hot


Idol by Kristen Callihan is the first book in her VIP series, and centers around the reclusive, southern Liberty Bell (yes, really), and Killian, member of one of the world's most popular bands, Kill John. They meet under ... well, not the best circumstances. But the friendship they build and respect that grows between them, it blossoms into more. Will returning to reality ruin what they have between one another?

Idol was a fun read! Not overly unique in its genre, I easily got past the similarities. How could I not? Killian and Liberty's chemistry was great from the start, their friendship was lovely, and the romance and sex? A+. The plot was fun and engaging, and kept me hooked to the very last page.

These characters are what made this book. Even the side characters, and I definitely see the potential for several books in this series. For once, we get a grouchy woman instead of a man, who has become a recluse in her parents house, struggling after their deaths a year prior. I loved her arc, from begrudgingly kind, her softening, and eventually, letting Killian in to see a side of her she hid away because her parents didn't want her in the music business, and embracing her talent. Killian's troubles being caused by his heartbreak and anger over his best friends suicide attempt, slowly get eased by Liberty's friendship with him, (not healed ... that's another story after all), and through her, and witnessing her talent and love for the music, he rediscovers his own love of it, after a year of drifting, and not feeling inspired.

The side characters are fun and intriguing to read as well. The next two books, featuring Scotty, and then Jax, I can't wait for. Especially Jax. With his attempted suicide, and the consequences of that to himself and the band, I want to hear his story, and I want a happy ending for him. There is obviously a story between Brenna and Rye which I'm sure will be full of drama ...

I will admit, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked this book. While sometimes feeling a little "A Star Is Born", I got passed that with the beautiful story about two people who truly love music, and eventually each other. The sex was hot. The interactions between characters was a mix of fun and emotional. It was great! I highly recommend, and I think I will definitely look into more of Kristen's work.

Favorite Moments

  1. Liberty spraying Killian with the hose after he passed out on her lawn

  2. Liberty bathing Killian when he was drunk

  3. Them getting to know one another while he is helping her in her garden

  4. Liberty taking Killian grocery shopping

  5. Killian hearing Liberty play and sing for the first time

  6. The first time they play together

  7. Killian running to Liberty's house when he hears her scream

  8. Libby helping Killian write a song

  9. The. Haircut. Whew.

  10. The first time they hook up

  11. Killian sending Scotty and Brenna to Liberty's house to get her

  12. The Limo .... WOAH

  13. Jax giving Liberty a pep talk before getting on stage

  14. The moth LOL

  15. Liberty finally deciding to make her relationship with Killian public

  16. "Do you see her? Right there, that's my girl."

  17. Liberty going to the concert, and Killian telling the crowd his feelings for Liberty

  18. Killian telling Liberty he loves her

  19. Th epilogue

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Favorite Quotes

Liberty: "You come any farther up my drive and I'll shoot you."

Killian: "You would have a shotgun, wouldn't you, Elly May. Talk about a cliche. All you need is a pair of overalls and a piece of straw to chew on."

Liberty: "Are you calling me a country bumpkin?"

Killian: "Are you saying you aren't Huckleberry Pie?"

On the bedside table sits a tall glass of some red drink. It's filled with fresh ice, the glass beaded with condensation as if someone just brought it in. Next to it are four clear, blue pills and a note:

For the criminally stupid.

Elly May.

If her name really is Elly May, I'm going to laugh my ass off. But Elly May sounds more like a sexy, hay-riding chick. The kind that will milk you dry then offer up her pie. My Elly May is far from that.

Killian: "Pleased to meet you, Liberty Bell."

Liberty: "I wouldn't call our meeting a pleasure, exactly."

Killian: "Oh, now, you have to admit I have great aim."

He gives me a nudge as I roll my eyes.

Killian: "You know, I've had girls on their knees before me plenty of times. But they usually do it with a smile."

She snorts

Killian: "I'd be more impressed if you were the one used to being on your knees. I like givers, not takers."

Killian: "Top secret spy?"

Liberty: "What?"

He waggles his dark brows.

Killian: "Your job. Still trying to figure it out. You a spy?"

Liberty: "You found me out. Now come with me."

I incline my head toward the house.

Liberty: "I have someone to show you inside."

Killian: "Unless it involves spanking, I'm not going."

I snort, despite myself.

Killian: "Sex-toy tester?"

Liberty: "Ah. No."

Killian: "Erotica writer?"

Liberty: "Why are all the options suddenly sex-related?"

Killian: "Because hope springs eternal."

Liberty: "Better hope I don't accidentally, on purpose, nut you."

Liberty; "What?"

Killian: "You're pretty."

I snort

Liberty: "You sound surprised."

Killian: "Truth? I am. You've been scowling at me so much ... Ah, there it is again. Glaring hate-fire at me. But when you smile? You kind of glow."

Liberty: "You need hard labor to forge you into a better person?"

Killian: "Yeah. Yeah, I think I do."

Liberty: "And you want me to ... what? Mr. Miyagi you?"

Killian: "Liberty, don't make me toss you over my shoulder and haul your little ass there."

Liberty: "Yeah, right. I bet you're all bark too, buddy."

I step close, so quick that I neatly pin her to the side of the shed. We're not actually touching but she goes still anyway. I take advantage and lean in until our noses nearly bump.

Killian: "Oh, I bite, babe. But you'll like it."

Liberty: "Here."

I pass him another sandwich.

Liberty: "I packed your three."

His grin is quick and wide.

Killian: "I knew it. All bark."

I won't smile. I won't.

Liberty: "Eat your sandwiches."

Killian: "I see that smile, Libs."

Liberty: "I can take back the food."

Killian: "You're not gonna make me walk all that way, are you, Libby? It's got to be, what? At least a mile. Maybe two."

Liberty: "You're a fit young man. You'll survive."

Killian: "I'm new to the area. I could get lost. Next thing you know, I'm half0starved, and in my weakened condition, I could be eaten by wild, rabid bunnies."

Liberty: "Bunnies? Of all the animals, you go with bunnies?"

Killian: "Have you ever looked in a bunny's eyes, Libs? They're just waiting for their chance to dominate. Why do you think they're always so twitchy?"

Liberty: "Because they're freaked something's going to eat them for dinner?"

Killian: "Nope. They're plotting. It's just a matter of time before they make their move. Mark my words."

Liberty: "I don't want to fight with you. I just want you to be happy. And I don't think you are."

Killian: "Yeah, well, right back at you, babe."

Liberty: "Okay, now I'm pissed."

Killian: "Thanks for the update. I didn't notice."

Liberty: "Fuck you, Killian."

Killian: "You know what? Fuck it. Here's the truth: I wasn't happy - until I met you."

I think I fall a little in love with Liberty Bell in that instant.

Killian: "I will never laugh at you. Ever. I'm your safe place, Libby. You've got to know that."

Liberty: "I feel like I've run a sprint or something."

Killian: "It's the adrenaline. Happens when you make good music. And, Liberty Bell, we made some fucking good music just then."

Liberty: "It was you."

Killian: "No. It was us."

Killian: "You want me to stay, Lib?"

Liberty: "Yeah."

Killian: "Libby, babe, I gotta be honest. I'm not naked, but all I have on are boxers. I might wake up with morning wood. Hell, I might get contact wood too. I don't want you kicking me in the nuts if I do."

The corner of her cheek plumps on a grin,

Liberty: "Killian can't control his dick. So noted."

Killian: "Oh, I have excellent control. I am the master of -"

Liberty: "Your teeth are chattering. Just dry off and get in the damn bed."

Killian: "I'm in love with your pillow. Have I told you that?"

Liberty: "No. Weirdo."

Killian; "Today, we shall eat from the trough. Later we shall play Fun with Water Hoses. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to payback."

Liberty: "Yeah, I bet. Never mind the fact that I was performing a community service."

Killian: "Don't worry, Elly May. I'll be kind. Ish."

Killian: "Playing with you, I remembered. Music is real."

Liberty: "Always will be."

Liberty: "What style would you like?"

Killian: "Style?"

Liberty: "Ah, yeah. That's kind of important, since it affects how you look."

He shrugs

Killian: "Do what you want."

I lift my scissors

Liberty: "So ... mullet."

I nod

Liberty: "You'll look hot. Very nineteen-eighty-five. Maybe I can persuade you into a mustache as well."

Killian: "It's all I think about lately, touching you. Can't seem to talk myself out of it any more. Don't want to."

Killian: "I knew it would be so good. I shouldn't have held back the first time I wanted to kiss you."

Liberty: "When was that?"

Killian: "When you threatened to shoot me."

Killian: "Tell me you want this too, baby doll."

Liberty: "Want what?"

His dark eyes meet mine.

Killian: "Everything."

Liberty: "Only with you."

Liberty: "Killian ... God."

Killian: "For you, I'll answer to both."

Killian: "Look at you, all open and wet for me. And so fucking beautiful it makes my heart hurt."

Her breasts tremble as she giggles. Giggles. I made my reclusive girl giggle.

Liberty: "Just your heart?"

Killian: "Oh, my dick hurts too. It needs a hug."

Liberty: "Come here."

Killian: "Just give me a minute. Or sixty. Or kill me. That might be better."

Liberty: "I'm torn between demanding you go get those condoms and keeping you right here."

My hands roam lower, filling themselves with her plump ass.

Killian: "If it wasn't for my blue balls shouting at me, I'd be all for staying right here."

Liberty: "Talk to you a lot, do they?"

Killian: "Yes. Right now, they're saying, 'If we don't get acquainted with Libby's pretty pussy, we're going on strike, and we're taking the dick with us."

She laughs

Liberty: "That doesn't sound good."

Killian: "It's a bluff. They'll cave in a heartbeat. Besides, my dick has decided never to leave your side."

Liberty: "Goof."

Killian: "Only for you."

Liberty: "What do we have, Killian?"

His eyes meet mine

Killian: "I don't know. But it's real. It's the only real thing I have right now."

Liberty: "You have the music -"

Killian: "I don't want to walk out that door feeling like the second it closes it's the end of us. Because I won't do it, Liberty. As far as I'm concerned, we just started."

Killian: "We aren't done. Do you hear me? Not even close to done."

Liberty: "I don't want to be done."

Killian: "Then stop being a coward and get your ass to New York."

Jax: "You feel better?"

Killian: "No. My hand fucking hurts."

Jax: "Yeah, sorry my face got in the way."

Brenna: "Fucking hell. If I have to keep coming back here, you'd better start making cookies!"

Killian: "I've never been anyone's babe. Kind of love being yours."

Killian: "Damn it. Our first time is not going to be in the back of a limo."

I struggle to catch a breath,

Liberty: "Then why did you take my top down?"

Killian: "Couldn't resist. Needed to see the girls again."

He kisses one nipple then the other, greeting them.

Killian: "Ladies."

Killian: "This is just the beginning."

Liberty: "I can't wait."

Jax: "You know why I have these things?"

Liberty: "You've got magic wizard pants on? Is there a tent in that pocket too?"

Jax: "Not now, but maybe later when a couple of eager female fans drop on my lap."

I wrinkle my nose

Liberty: "Gah. I set myself up for that. Unclean!"

Killian: "Baby doll, I could assert my manly dominance, thump my chest, and declare you're mine. But it wouldn't mean a damn thing if I'm not yours in return."

Liberty: "What I wouldn't give for a broom. I'm trying to get this moth -"

My yelp effectively cuts her off. I scramble back to the edge of the door.

Killian: "Moth? Where is the fucking moth!"

Liberty: "What on Earth?"

Killian: "Kill it, woman! Kill. It!"

Libby sputters out a laugh then does a double-take when I fall onto the arm chair.

Liberty: "you're serious."

Killian: "Are you going to kill it, or am I calling security?"

Liberty: "What's with the moths?"

Killian: "I hate them."

Libby makes a soft sound

Liberty: "I got that. Why?"

Killian: "It's stupid. I was nine. At summer camp. A moth flew in my ear, started fluttering around ..."

A full body shudder threatens to dislodge Libby from my lap. and I squeeze her tight, pressing my face into her hair.

Killian: "Let's not talk about it."

Liberty: "Poor Killian. Don't worry; you're safe now."

Killian: "I'm not convinced. Kiss it and make it better, Libs."

I can almost feel her smile.

Liberty: "Where does it hurt, baby?"

Killian: "The tip of my dick."

Liberty: "Hmm ... So a moth crawled up your -"

With a yell, I leap up, sending her butt to the floor, where she cracks up as I jump away. I glare as my chest lifts and falls.

Killian: "You are fucking evil. Evil."

Killian: "Fear will only hold you back. You can have the world. Just reach for it."

Liberty: "I don't need the world."

Killian: "What do you need?"

Liberty: "You."

Rye: "What's shakin', bacon?"

Liberty: "Nothin', stuffin'."

Killian: "Elly May?"

Liberty: "Lawn bum."

Liberty: "I adore you, Killian James. Whatever may come of it, I'm no longer willing to hide you away like you're something to be ashamed of. Everyone should know that."

Killian: "And I loved seeing you jealous."

Liberty: "I was not."

Killian: "Was too."

Liberty: "Not even."

Killian: "So much. Your skin had a green tint. Pretty, but not as pretty as it is now, all sex flushed and wanting more. It's okay, you know. I'll give it to you. I'm easy that way."

Killian: "You and me, Libby. We stick together, and everything will be okay."

Whip: "See? She thinks I'm hot."

Killian: "She thinks I'm hotter. Don't you, babe?"

Liberty: "Scottie's really the hottest of you all."

Scottie: "There are no guarantees in life. I cannot promise you the world won't try to chew Liberty up and spit her out. But the woman gives me shit on a continuous basis. And I've made grown men cry."

Liberty: "I had a guitar in my hands before I learned to write. I never tell anyone that. But it's true. Music was our family's way of communicating. My parents died, and I just let it go. Until Killian."

Killian: "Do you see her? Right there, that's my girl. Isn't she fucking luminous?"

Whip: "That she is, man."

Killian: "I met my best friend on the lawn of a farmhouse. I'd lost my way, my music. She helped me find it again. Back then, she asked me to sing one of my songs for her. I wouldn't do it. Truth is, I wanted her to ike me more than she liked my music."

The crowd awws, and he gives them his cheeky smile.

Killian: "I know. I'm pathetic, aren't I?"

Woman: "I love you Killian! Have my babies!"

Man: "No have mine!"

Killian chuckles low in the mic.

Killian: "Sorry guys. I'm taken. Thing is, I still want her to like me. So I'm not gonna play a Kill John song right now. I'm gonna play an old favorite of mine. And maybe I'll get the message right this time."

There's a wolf whistle in the crowd.

Jax: "You'd better, or we're benching you for the rest of the game."

Killian: "Libby. You're here."

If anything, he holds me tighter. It's okay. I don't need air. Just him.

I turn my head and find his jaw with my lips.

Liberty: "You asked me to come. In the song. You asked me to come back to you."

He bursts out in a broken laugh that makes his chest hitch.

Killian: "You got that? No one else did."

Liberty: "No one else matters."

Killian: "Only you, Libs."

Killian: "I made a career off writing songs. They've given me awards for my lyrics. And never can I get the message right with you."

Liberty: "I don't need you to -"

Killian: "I love you."

I'm sitting in a rocker, drinking coffee and inhaling a heaping plate of the best damn biscuits in the world. Looking back on it, I probably fell in love with Libby the first time I ate one of her biscuits.

I tell her this now, and she gives me a look. The kind that says she finds me amusing but doesn't want to admit it.

Liberty: "Mama always said a man was led by his stomach and his cock. It was just a matter of figuring out which one needs the most appeasing at the moment."

I take another bite of heavenly baked goodness

Killian: "After we eat, you can appease my cock."

She hums

Liberty: "Good thing it's so cute, or I'd take exception to that."

Killian: "Cute? My cock is no longer appeased."

Killian: "I'll love you my whole life, and it won't feel like enough. So what do you say, Libs? Want to go get married?"

Her smile is my sun. She wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me.

Liberty: "Where's my ring, lawn bum?"

I smile against her lips

Killian: "Look in my pocket, Elly May."


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