I Think I Love You by Lauren Layne Book Review

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

I Think I Love You

by Lauren Layne

Published by Loveswept

Book #5 in the Oxford Series

Brit Robbins knows that dating in New York City is hard—

she just hoped to have it mastered by age thirty. But after yet another promising suitor says they have no sparks, Brit decides it’s time to torch her dating game and try a new plan. And who better to coach Brit through the art of seduction than the guy who first gave her the “let’s be friends” card? Hunter Cross has always figured there’s nothing his best friend Brit can do to surprise him. But Brit’s request is a surprise he doesn’t see coming—and one he’s definitely not prepared for. Hunter and Brit have always been careful to keep things perfectly platonic, but the fake dates and faux flirting are starting to feel like the real deal. And soon Hunter realizes he has taught Brit too well. Not only has she become an expert at seduction, the man becoming thoroughly seduced is him.


Steamy Rom-Com Feel Good

Uh Oh ... turn back if you don't want spoilers ...

I Think I Love You is the fifth and final (insert sobbing emoji here) of the Oxford series, and centers around Hunter Cross, and Brit Robbins, both Oxford employees, and best friends for the past six years. Their friendship is innocent and platonic, despite their friends and families pestering them. Until, of course, Brit starts to feel lonely, especially when she is surrounded by her friends being in love, and having babies. She decides the problem is with her, and asks her best friend for seduction lessons, which of course, ends up forcing Hunter to see Brit as a female, and one rather perfect for him.

As per usual, Lauren Layne does great work with her characters. You can't possibly not like them. Brit is girly, but not in that high-maintenance way that comes off as snobby. Just like in the book, where she is the go-to person to make people feel comfortable, she is a comfortable read. She is fun and kind, and kind of reminds of a lot of people I know in my day to day life. Hunter is also very likable. Funny, considerate, and kind. They are just ... nice. Which sometimes, can be a little boring. As for other characters, we get some glimpses of the editorial crew from Oxford and our love and sex gals from Stiletto, which is always nice.

As good as the characters are, I Think I Love You is not unique in the insane abundance of best friends turned lovers stories. And believe me, I have no issues with those stories. In my youth, I had a best friends turned lovers story myself, and while mine didn't turn out with a happily ever after, I have a fondness for romance stories about best friends. But I do like a little twist thrown in, just to keep it from feeling too dull. Sadly, I Think I Love You doesn't deliver. While the story was good, and their relationship flowed nicely from page to page, I found myself happy to get to the end ... which is not typical of me, especially when its the end of a series.

I Think I Love You is a cute love story, with great characters, and a nice goodbye to our Stiletto/Oxford crew. I remain convinced that the series could have ended with Someone Like You, and it seemed fitting that the epilogue of the final book had the whole Stiletto/Oxford crew at Lincoln and Daisy's wedding. I insist you read the whole Stiletto series, and Oxford series. They truly are a delight!